Mark Moor (Mark Moor Cup)

Date Sunday 16th May 2021 – 2:30pm

Please confirm your availability by notifying Mike Batchelore on 01934 863266 or email

Opponents:- Mark Moor (Mark Moor Cup)

Venue – HOME

Dress Code – Club Shirt / Greys

Captain – Mike Batchelor

R1Tony CollingwoodTrish NewellTerry HoltbyAnn-Marie Wilkinson
R2Pat JenkinsMike BatchelorSue HoltbyRon Barron
R3Nigel FowlerCaroline LaddJenny CollingwoodRay Newell

Match fee £1.00

Refreshments Tea/Coffee – 50p

Rink Duty –  Terry Holtby

Wyrral Park – 22nd April

Ladies Friendly Triples match against Wyrral Park @ Wyrral Park Thursday 22nd April

Please make your own way to Wyrral Park.  Dress will be greys.  Match fee £1.  Not sure about Teas do please bring £1 to cover cost.

Rink 1Duty
Teresa AldenLead
Sue Holtby2
Ann-Marie Wilkinson (Capt)Skip
Rink 2 
Mary RyderLead
Joan Hunt2
Julie CollinsSkip
Rink 3 
Anne NewmanLead
Pat Jenkins2
Trish NewellSkip

Non-Travelling Reserve:

Please inform the captain of the match if you find you cannot play

City of Wells – 23rd April

Ladies HOME Friendly match against City of Wells @ Wedmore Friday 23rd April at 2:30 pm

Dress will be greys.  Match fee £1.  Teas 50p.

Rink 1Duty
Julie CollinsLead
Sue Hewitt2
Pam Beard3
Ann-Marie Wilkinson (Capt)Skip
Rink 2 
Trish NewellLead
Emily White2
Pat Jenkins3
Liz HamblinSkip
Rink 3 
Sue HoltbyLead
Marion Fisher2
Marie Trow3
Caroline LaddSkip


Rink Duties: Trish Newell and Sue Hewitt

Please inform the captain of the match if you find you cannot play