19th May 2018

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All Players MUST confirm they are playing by ticking the sheet on the Club Noticeboard.

County League Teams

Position A Team (AWAY) V’s Bath ‘A’ Date 19th May 2018
1 Tony Brown Brian Aston Alan Birch
2 Ian Gallop Dave Collins David Wederell
3 Ray Newell  Colin Moss Keith Pettit
Skip Roger Hughes Dave Nicholls (Capt) Eddie Payne


Position B Team  (HOME) V’ Portishead ‘B’ Date 19th May 2018
1 Mike Batchelor  Clive Wheller  Vic Matthews
2 John Runciman  (Capt) Mike Green Dave Barnett
3 Stuart Fisher Clive Panchaurd  Richard Grant
Skip Kevin Phillimore Greg Annuik Roy Thurkettle


Position C Team (AWAY) V’s Burnham ‘B’ Date 19th May 2018
1 Steve Wilkinson Tony Collingwood Derek Skelton
2  David Luke Ian Faulkner Tony Council
3 Nigel Fowler Steve Young
Skip   Dennis Stansfield Terry Simpson