PRESS REPORT 1st July 2018

The Ladies had two good away wins, the first, a close match against Clarence in the Weston Ladies League, when the score was two-one on rinks and 49-46 on overall shots.  The clubs agreed to a 15 end match due to the intense heat.  Trish Newell’s ladies led from end two to end 15, although their lead was cut to two shots with two ends to go but prevailed 17-11.  Elaine Deverill’s women also led from end two, had a lead of ten shots at end nine and held off a finishing challenge from Clarence to win 21-16.  Pam Beard’s rink lost their early lead  on end seven, pulled back to 11 all on end 11 but were defeated by Clarence scoring eight over the last four ends – 11-19.

Scores: FD Rees, J Wheller, T Newell, 17-11; B Disbrey, M Hordle, E Deverill, 21-16; B Clark, J Hunt, P Beard, 11-19; overall 49-46.

Away to Victoria White in the Triples League, in another 15 end match, Wedmore won by two rinks to one and 43-37 on overall shots.  Shirley Wederell’s side looked comfortable, leading throughout and winning convincingly 18-7.  Jenny Collingwood and co. had a very close game, taking the lead via a five on end three, the score was levelled on end seven but Victoria were held off until end 13 when they took the lead 10-11.  Wedmore showed some fortitude, winning the last two ends and taking the game 14-11. Marie Trow’s team conceded a five on end two and never really recovered, winning their share of ends in the middle of the game but not by enough to catch up and eventually went down 11-19.

Scores:  FD Rees, J Hunt, S Wederell, 18-7; AM Wilkinson, T Newell, J Collingwood, 14-11; M Davies, M Barron, M Trow, 11-19;  overall 43-37.

Wedmore B played Victoria C away in the men’s County League N3 and took all the points, winning all three rinks and overall by 78 shots to 39.  Greg Annuik’s men took the lead on end three and just kept scoring to win 14 of 21 ends and the game 25-8. Consistency also paid off for Roy Thurkettle’s chaps, taking the lead on end seven, winning nine of the remaining ends with a flourish of a five score to triumph 29-14.  Kevin Phillimore and fellows took the lead for the second time on end seven and went on to rattle up a score of 24 shots to the opposing 17.

Scores: R Bull, T Simpson, C Panchaud, G Annuik, 25-8; V Matthews, M Green, D Trow, R Thurkettle, 29-14; C Wheller, J Runciman, S Fisher, K Phillimore 24-17; overall 78-39.

In the County Premier 1 the men’s A team celebrated an away win at Portishead RBL A, one to two on rinks and 62 shots to 54 overall.  Roger Hughes and his men laid the foundation, taking the lead on end three, collecting a six on end six and finishing with a five, fending off a challenge that came within two points along the way, to triumph 27-17.  Dave Collins lads took the lead for the second time on end nine, lost it at 16 and were then hanging on, helped by winning the last three ends and scoring five shots to keep the loss down to one shot at 19-20.  Ron Barron’s men trailed most of the game but came back from a nine shot deficit on end 13 to within two of the opposition at end 17 with a stirring closely fought finish, ending 16-17.

Scores: T Brown, I Gallop, G Annuick, R Hughes, 27-17; B Aston, D Collins, C Moss, D Nicholls, 19-20; A Birch, K Burt, K Pettit, R Barron,16-17; overall 62-54.

Away to Clarence Blue in the Weston Triples League, the men won three of six rinks and overall by 101 shots to 85.  Brian Aston’s guys took the lead from the start but lost it at end nine and at end ten it was 8-13. Then something improbable happened – Wedmore shut out Clarence for the remaining eight ends scoring 20 shots for a remarkable victory 28-13.  Ron Barron’s boys took the lead for the second time on end seven, piled up the shots, ending with a six and despite a four end dry spell at the end, won 21-13.  Keith Pettit and co. led from start to finish, winning ends mostly by small margins and delivering the victory 13-10. Clive Panchaud’s people were also in a low scoring game, taking the lead for the third time on end 12 but losing it with scores level on ends 15 and 17 but Clarence scored the decisive single shot to win 13-14. Tony Brown’s team started well but lost the lead on end seven, when it was touch and go to end 16 with Wedmore only two shots down but narrowly lost 13-16.  Stuart Fisher’s rink struggled to make an impact and went down by six shots.

Scores: V Matthews, I Gallop, B Aston, 28-13; T Collingwood, A Birch, R Barron, 21-13; R Bull, B Cottrell, K Pettit, 13-10; C Wheller, D Collins, C Panchaud, 13-14; T Shepherd, D Barnett, T Brown, 13-16; R Grant, J Runciman, S Fisher, 13-19; overall, 101-85.

In the Clevedon Triples League the men lined up their fourth successive away win at Portishead, taking rinks 5-1 and overall shots by 130-89.  David Wederell’s men took the lead for the second time in the course of a nine end spell of wins, including a five and which provided 22 shots, the key to their fine victory 28-14. Colin Moss’ crew scored two fives along the way but it was only on end 15, when they took the lead for a second time that a win looked likely, which was duly delivered by scoring 13 over the last four ends – 25-13.  Dave Nicholls’ mates didn’t take the lead until end eight and at end 13 it was 11-9 but then Wedmore piled on the pressure, scoring ten shots over the last five ends for a clear win 21-10.  Dennis Stansfield’s lot trailed in the first half but made it competitive in the second and coming from behind to stun Portishead with a six on the last end to win 20-16.  Ray Newell’s lads conceded a five and had to work hard to catch up, which they did on end 12, putting together a sequence of ten shots which was the basis of their 18-15 win. Eddie Payne’s people started well but were caught by end ten with the scores level then a six score put them back in the lead only to be passed on end 14 and just lost 18-21.

Scores: D Trow, R Thurkettle, D Wederell, 28-14; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 25-13; T Simpson, T Brown, D Nicholls, 21-10; D Barnett, D Stansfield, R Barron, 20-16; C Wheller, J Runciman, R Newell, 18-15; B Aston, S Fisher, E Payne, 18-21; overall 130-89.

At home in the County League N3 the B team beat Bristol C two to one on rinks and 68-56 on overall shots.  Kevin Phillimore’s side went out fast, scoring eight shots in the first seven ends and, juiced by a five score on end 11 to give an eight shot lead, the stage was set for a disciplined finish of scoring eight shots in a seven end sequence to crush Bristol 25-12.  Clive Panchaud and pals led throughout, winning ten of the first 16 ends for a seven shot lead, extending that to finish 25-16.  Roy Thurketle’s rink gave up a five  and the lead on end eight and were unable to pull back as Bristol finished strongly to win 18-28.

Scores: C Wheller, J Runciman, R Grant, K Phillimore, 25-12; R Bull, D Barnett, P Smith, C Panchaud, 25-16; V Matthews, PD Rees, S Fisher, R Thurkettle,18-28; overall 68-56 shots.

Away to Winscombe in the Turnbull Cup, the men won two of the four ends but were knocked out by the overall shot score 77-87.  Keith Burt and his men will remember this fixture for a long time.  At end 14 the score was 14 all when Wedmore suffered the indignity of conceding eight.  Then something extraordinary happened as Wedmore scored 13 over the last six ends to win 27-22.  Roger Hughes’ team were in a ding dong  with several lead changes and the score 11 all at end 11, when a Wedmore surge opened up a seven point lead for victory 23-17.  Ron Barron’s squad trailed in the first half, held the lead briefly on end13 and couldn’t hold on as Bristol pushed to win 14-22.  Eddie Payne’s rink had a seven end drought in the first half and as a result were 12 shots down.  The second half was better but not enough to prevent a 13-20 Bristol win.

Scores: T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes, 23-17; J Runciman, C Panchaud, G Annuick, K Burt, 27-22; D Collins, C Wheller, C Moss, R Barron, 14-22; B Aston, D Wederell, K Pettit, E Payne, 13-20; overall 77-87.

Away in the Weston Triples League to St Andrews the men lost two rinks to four and by 83 shots to 121 overall. Clive Panchaud’s troup drew level at end eight by scoring six and seized the day by taking the led to the last end, winning 23-15.  Dennis Stansfield’s side grabbed the lead on end 13 for the third time and won five of the remaining ends to win 17-11.  Roy Thurkettle’s men were hit for seven on end eight and took a little time to recover but creditably they did so, drawing level on eight 12.  Unfortunately for Wedmore there was then a dry run of five ends resulting in a loss 14-23.  Brian Aston’s boys led at first but a drought of ten ends led to 10-20.  Skippers David Wederell and Keith Pettit couldn’t come to terms with their opponents, losing by 13 and 17 shots respectively.

Scores: T Collingwood, J Runciman, C Panchaud, 23-15; V Matthews, T Simpson, D Stansfield, 17-12; R Grant, D Barnett, R Thurkettle, 14-23; B Dearden, D Collins, B Aston, 10-20; M Bachelor, I Faulkner, D Wederell, 11-24; D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit, 11-28; 82-121 overall.

The C team entertained Victoria C in the County League N3, won one rink to two and lost overall by 61-87 shots.  Jim White and co. were level at end ten, down seven at end 16 but then found some traction, scoring 14 including a six over the last five ends to win 25 to 19 – a two points consolation prize for a squad only in their second league season. Dennis Stansfield’s side were in contention in the first half but were ten down at end 15.  A resurgence of ten shots in the last six ends suggested points might be won but in the end it was 21-22.  Tony Shepherd and team-mates will wish to forget the experience of going under 15-46.

Scores: B Dearden, N Fowler, T Counsell, J White, 25-19; S Wilkinson, I Faulkner, M Batchelor, D Stansfield, 21-22; T Collingwood, D Skelton, S Young, T Shepherd, 15-46; overall 61-87 shots.

The Mixed Friendly squad won at home to Paulton three to one on rinks and 102-63 overall.  Clive Wheller’s all male rink won 29-7.  Mike Green and friends were six shots behind at end 12 but then put in a brilliant sequence to win eight of the remaining ends to claim 23 shots, including a six and a seven, and win 30-14.  Marie Trow’s troops took the lead on end nine and pressed on to score heavily in the second half, including a six for a big win 28-14.  Jenny Collingwood’s rink looked to be on their way after scoring a seven to take the lead on end seven but Paulton came back to overtake on end 11 and continued on to win 15-28.

In a triples Friendly at home against a touring side from Ashstead, the men lost one-three rinks and by 47-75 shots overall.  On Mike Green’s winning rink the lead changed hands five times in a closely fought contest and with immaculate timing, Wedmore took the lead for the third time on end 16, winning 13-12. In another close low scoring rink, Stuart Fisher’s group had a go but were down eight shots at end 11, pushed back hard but didn’t quite make it, losing 12-14. John Runciman’s men mostly led but when the visitors overtook on end 13 they went on to win 13-17.  Keith Burt’s trio had a nightmare experience of losing 9-32.


PRESS REPORT 24th June 2018

The ladies hit a hot streak in form to win six league matches without loss. In the Wessex League, Clevedon suffered a whitewash as Wedmore triumphed three rinks to nil and by 69 shots to 46 overall.  Trish Newell started as she meant to go on as her team scored six on the first end which had become a lead of seven by half way and nine by the finish of 24-15.  Marie Trow’s rink had their share of the lead but then trailed in the second half, drew level at end 13 and again at 18 when a surge of eight shots to win the last four ends proved irresistible, 21-16.  Carole Pettit’s people retook the lead on end 13 and by dint of keeping on won 18-14.

Scores:  B Disbrey, FD Rees, P Jenkins, T Newell, 24-15;  AM Wilkinson, D Gallop, J Collins, M Trow, 21-16; B Clark, M Hordle, J Hunt, C Pettit, 18-14; 69-46 overall.

Away to Mark Moor in the Wessex League Wedmore won two rinks and tied the third, with overall shots 65-46.  Jenny Collingwood and friends had a good day, hitting the front from the start, never going behind and finishing with a flourish of seven shots over the last three ends to win 25-13.  Marie Trow’s ladies built a lead of eight shots by half way and whilst Mark Moor increased their strike rate that didn’t stop Wedmore winning 23-16.  Elaine Deverill’s rink were nine shots down after five ends, it took until end 18 to catch up at 14 all and a 17 all tie seemed a fair result.

Scores:  B Disbrey, M Barron, C Pettit, J Collingwood, 25-13; D Gallop, M Fisher, T Newell, M Trow, 25-16; B Clarl, J Wheller, M Hordle, E Deverill, 17-17; overall 65-46.
Another away win in the Wessex League came at North Petherton as Wedmore won maximum points with three-nil on rinks and 58-44 on overall shots.  Maureen Hordle’s women started well and then shut out N Petherton for nine ends by which time the score was 18-3, leading to a victory of 21-10.  Elaine Deverill’s rink led throughout and whilst the opposition scored ten shots over the last nine ends they could not stop Wedmore winning 18-16.  There were several lead changes earlier on for Pam Beard’s people who then trailed for a bit before rallying to 18 all on end 20 and scoring the required singleton to win 19-18.
Scores:  P Jenkins, FD Reed, J Wheller, M Hordle, 21-10;  J Collins, J Hunt, D Gallop, E Deverill,  18-16;B Disbrey, M Davies, A Birch, P Beard, 19-18; overall 58-44.
It was a much closer return match when North Petherton came to Wedmore, when the adverse rink score of one to two hid an overall slender shots lead of 65-58 for a fourth victory in the Wessex League.  Jenny Collingwood led her side to an 18 shot lead by half way which had stretched to 30-11 after  North Petherton’s score of 15 had to suffer a 25% reduction for an infraction.  Marie Trow’s team didn’t score until end five and they were behind by nine shots on the  twelfth.  A strong fightback thereafter saw them win 13 shots including a five for six ends which wasn’t quite enough to get into the points at 19-20.  Audrey Birch’s group were only five shots down at halfway but subsequently  endured a drought resulting in a  16-27 loss.
Scores: B Clark, D Gallop, M Barron, J Collingwood, 30-11; B Disbrey, AM Wilkinson, J Collins, M Trow, 19-20; P Jenkins, M Hordle, M Fisher, A Birch 16-27; overall 65-63, 65-58 after the reduction.
At home to Congresbury in the Weston League, it was another clean sweep as Wedmore took all three rinks and won overall by 75 shots to 45.  Elaine Deverill’s ladies were in prolific vein, recording three five scores in the first eight ends to give a lead of 23 shots at half way.  Congresbury had an exciting moment, scoring seven on end 13 but it was still an unprofitable morning for them as Wedmore stormed to a 34-15 victory.  Marie Trow’s troupe overcame a barren patch after the start and retook the lead on end ten and pushed on, scoring twelve shots thereafter to win 23-15.  Shirley Wederell’s women didn’t score on the first three ends and put it right by winning five of he next six end, scoring 12 shots and taking the lead.  There followed a very tight second half with Congresbury scoring three on ends 16 and 17, one shot ahead and poised for victory.  Wedmore had a different idea and scored four at the last to win 18-15.
Scores: J Wheller, T Newell, E Deverill, 34-15; A Hughes, M Hordle, M Trow, 23-15; J Collins, J Collingwood, S Wederill, 18-15; overall 75-45.
In the Triples League at home to Keynsham, the ladies kept up the good work, winning three rinks to nil and 77-36 on shots.  Jenny Collingwood’s crew won the first six ends and so were ahead 16 shots but then had a smaller drought of their own for four ends but then recovered to make it 21-5 on end 11.  Keynsham’s second dry spell did not help their cause and it was no surprise to see Wedmore run out victorious at 29-7.  Wedmore were looking comfortable on Marie Trow’s rink and then scored seven on end ten followed by a six in reply from Keynsham to make the score 16-11 on end 11.  Wedmore’s strength prevailed for a 25-14 win.  Pam Beard’s trio scored seven o end two for a fast start and looked good at halfway with the score at 18-7.  Whilst Keynsham improved their scoring rate in the second half the deficit was too large and Wedmore won 23-15.
Scores:A Hughes, M Barron, J Collingwood, 29-7; A Birch, M Hordle, M Trow, 25-14; J Collins, T Newell, P Beard, 23-15; overall77-36.
In a Ladies’ Friendly away to St. Andrews, Wedmore lost one rink to two and 40-51 on overall shots.  Audrey Birch’s team made a strong start but  faltered, lost the lead fighting back over seven ends to retake the lead.  On end 16 it was 15-14 and Wedmore kept their nerve, winning the last two ends and the game 17-14.  Lynda Dearden’s ladies lost the lead on end four and were in contention until in the second half their opponents drew away.  Wedmore won the last two ends, scoring five for a respectable score of 14-17.  Maureen Hordle’s rink started slowly, recovered and took the lead on end seven only to lose it two ends later.  It was seven all on end ten  and still only two points in it at end 13 but St. Andrews accelerated to a strong finish to win 9-20.
The men had a sparkling win away to Chew Stoke in the Clevedon Triples League,  winning four-two on rinks and 140 shots to 82.  Keith Pettit’s men started brightly but soon lost the lead, rebounding with fourteen shots, including two fives, over thre ends giving a score line of 21-7 on end eight, finishing handsomely with 35-11.  Dave Nicholls’ lads effectively gave themselves a start of nine shots, starting with a six, before Chew scored, confirming their superiority by winning 13 of the 18 ends to bring home their victory of 28-7.  Ron Barron’s boys took the lead for the first time on end eight and accelerated away to win seven of the remaining ten ends, including a six score, to win 28-10.      Colin Moss’ side trailed for the first half, taking the lead on end 11 and staying their despite a late flurry from the opposition to claim their win 20-17.  Eddie Payne’s rink saw a few lead changes but then lost touch with their opponents in the second half, although a late effort kept the sore down to 16-17.  Ray Newell’s lads were in a close fight for early on, then established a bit of a lead from end eight followed from end 12 by seven losing ends to allow Chew the win 15-20.
Scores: J Runciman, D Trow, K Pettit, 25-11;  A Birch, K Burt, D Nicholls, 28-7; D Skelton, S Fisher, R Barron, 28-10; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 20-17; T Shepherd, D Wederell, E Payne, 16-17; T Simpson, C Panchaud, R Newell, 15-20;  overall 140-82.
As the present cup holders, the men got off to a flying start in this year’s Clevedon Cup, winning at home against Clevedon Prom by five rinks to one and 111-85 on shots.  After nine ends, Roger Hughes’ team were up 15-1 but  Clevedon had a stronger second half to lose 19-9.  Colin Moss’ crew were 17-2 ahead at end 10, went on to win 12 ends including two five scores, for a 22-13  victory.  Ron Barron’s trio led 18-2 after eight ends but then lost seven in a row for 18-13.  Wedmore shook themselves out of it to win tow of the last three ends and win 20-14.  Eddie Payne’s rink led from start to finish and won 17-12.  Dave Nicholls’ lad started well enough but after losing the lead on end three were well down 6-16 at end 11.  Something clicked and Wedmore went on to score 14 shots from the last seven ends to win 20-18.  Keith Pettit and pals looked to be in close combat at first but a nine end losing streak left them on 5-17 at end 12.  Some hard work followed to reduce the deficit by half, losing 13-9.
Scores: A Birch, I Gallop, R Hughes, 19-9; C Wheller, D Collins, C Moss, 22-13;  V Matthews, D Trow, R Barron, 20-14;  J Runciman, R Newell, E Payne,17-12;T Brown, R Thurkettle, D Nicholls, 20-18; R Bull, D Stansfield, K Pettit, 13-19; overall111-85.
in the Norrh Somerset Bowling Association Cup, the men narrowly lost away to Banwell, winning three of five rinks but losing 89-92 on overall shots.  Initially Eddie Payne’s rink appeared have no answers to the opposition’s strong start, there being an eight shot deficit by end six.  By dint of winning six of the next seven ends Wedmore put that right, taking the lead on end 15 and going on to win 24-18.  Roger Hughes, men re-took the lead on end four and although it was alaways a tussle, kept it to the end, winning 20-17.  Dave Nicholls’ crew trailed throughout but, encouraged by an earlier five score, showed excellent timing by scoring three on the final end to win 19-18.  It was seven all at end ten on Roy Thurkettle’s rink but their opponents scored nine in three ends, including a five to establish a lead which Wedmore could not challenge, losing 13-21.  Keith Burt’s boys were in a din-dong cup match, with five lead changes to end 11 and the score 11 all on end 16.  Unfortunately for Wedmore they were outscored on the last six end to lose 13-18.

PRESS REPORT 17th June 2018

The men had a clean sweep claiming all the points in a County League match when the B team met Nailsea B at home, scoring three nil on rinks and 65 shots to 50 overall.  Roy Thurkettle’s men won the first four ends to establish a nine point lead which had grown to eleven by half way.  Nailsea pushed back to come within four shots at end 19 but Wedmore prevailed 25-18.  Clive Panchaud ’s boys also started fast, building an eight shot lead by end seven.  The scales were turned as Nailsea scored ten shots, including a five, in winning five ends in succession and so led at end 18.  Wedmore shut them out for the last four end and so won 19-15.  Greg Annuick and co. were playing catch up in the first half and then there were five switches of the lead in six ends with Wedmore winning the last two ends to win 21-17.

Scores: V Matthews, R Bull, D Trow, R Thurkettle, 25-18; J White, J Runciman, S Fisher, C Panchaud, 19-15; C Heller, PD Rees, T Simpson, G Annuik, 21-17; overall 65 shots to 50.

The A Team played Taunton A at Home in the County Premier 1 League and had a hard time, losing one to two on rinks and 45-74 on overall shots.  Roger Hughes’ group salvaged two points for a rink win 19-16.  Taunton were in close contention throughout, eventually drawing level on end 19 but Wedmore had enough to clinch it at the end.  Dave Nicholls’ outfit scored first, then fell behind in a game of fine margins, taking the lead briefly on end 12 but then couldn’t hold the opposition who pulled away to win 11-21.  Eddie Payne’s fellows fought hard early on but conceding six on end six put paid to any hopes of leading as their opponents steadily pulled away in the second half to a punishing 15-37.

Scores: T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes, 19-16; D Collins, C Moss, K Burt, D Nicholls, 11-21; A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, E Payne, 15-37; overall 45-74.

Hosting Long Ashton in the Weston Triples League, Wedmore restored the feel good factor with an overwhelming victory of six to nil on rinks and 146-65 on overall shots.  Ray Newell and friends had a day to remember, winning 14 of 18 ends, racking up a score of 30 shots, including two fives and conceding only five.   Ron Barron’s bunch also had plenty to be pleased with, racing straight into the lead fuelled by a six and a five score to lead by 17 shots at end 11 which was sustained to a 29-10 victory.  Roger Hughes’ side, already ahead, made their lead an unassailable 12 shots by scoring six on end ten and marched on to a 26-10 victory.  Colin Moss’ team were never behind and just kept scoring steadily across the game, leading by eight at end ten and carrying that forward to win 21-14.  Eddie Payne’s people were mostly ahead but couldn’t quite shake off their opponents until the final third when they posted a 17-12 win.  Keith Pettit’s men conceded five shots on end six which led to a tussle for supremacy with the score returned to parity on 11, whilst scoring eight over the last three ends made it 23-19.

Scores: D Barnett, I Gallop, R Newell, 30-5;  T Collingwood, C Panchaud, R Barron, 29-10; A Birch, K Burt, R Hughes, 26-10; R Bull, J Harris, E Payne, 17-12; J Runciman, D Colins, C Moss, 21-14; D Trow, S Fisher, K Pettit, 23-19; overall 146 shots to 65.

In the Triples League, the Ladies lost at home to Victoria White by one rink to two and 49-62 on overall shots.  Jenny Collingwood’s ladies were in a close contest with the lead changing often, when a six on end nine stabilised the game.  Victoria couldn’t get a look in as Wedmore scored eight shots in winning seven of the last eight ends for a clear win of 20-14. Marie Trow’s team were in a game that could have gone either way until the opposition scored five on end 13 and went on to win 14-22.  Pam Beard’s trio had a poor first half, 23 down on end 10 but then looked a lot brighter, scoring 13 in winning seven of the remaining ends but the deficit was too much and still lost 15-26.

Scores:  FD Rees, M Barron, J Collingwood, 20-14; M Hordle, A Hughes, M Trow, 14-22; P Jenkins, T Newell, P Beard, 15-26; overall 49-62.


PRESS REPORT 12th March 2018

The men had a great victory over Yeovil in the County League, winning all four rinks and overall by 28 shots.  Colin Moss’ men set the pace, leading from start to finish and winning 16 ends to triumph 30 shots to 8 – a good foundation for the match.   Steve Heeley and co. were in a close struggle, took the lead for the second time on end 11, by end 18 Yeovil had drawn level but Wedmore saw the game out 21-18.  On the away rinks Eddie Payne side had an exciting time, took the lead from the beginning and appeared to take a decisive lead on end 13 by scoring six, Yeovil promptly replied with a six so the Wedmore lead was back to three shots.  At end 18 it was 20 all, Yeovil took the lead for the first time but Wedmore scored three shots on the last two ends to win 23-21.  Dave Nicholls’ team also had a close game with the lead chopping and changing but Wedmore kept their noses in front in the middle part of the game only to find themselves level after 18 ends.  Yeovil went two up but Wedmore kept their nerve, scoring three on the last two ends to win 21-20.  Wedmore scooped all sixteen points but were denied the opportunity to carry their momentum into the next match which was postponed due to the snow.

Scores: A Birch, P Smith, R Newell, C Moss 30-8; D Collins, J Fear, K Pettit, S Heeley 21-18; J White, R Thurkettle, K Burt, E Payne 23-21; J Runciman, D Brown, R Barron, D Nicholls 21-20;  overall 95 shots to 67.

The Mixed Friendly squad had two wins, one against Woodspring, the other against Wells.  In the Woodspring match, Colin Wilde’s group led from beginning to end, helped by a six score which enabled them to resist a spurt from the opposition and went on to win 27-13.  Alan Birch’s crew were in a much tighter scrap, retaking the lead  at end 15 after trailing for a while, lost it and regained it in successive ends so took a one shot lead into the last end. Unfortunately Woodspring scored three to take the rink 15-17.  The overall score was 42-30.

Regular visitors Wells lost on both rinks and overall by 47 to 22.  Richard McHales’s bunch were 14 shots up by half way and just kept going to win 14 of 18 ends and by 29 shots to eight. Julie Master’s rink started competitively but then had a dry spell so were seven shots down at end 12.  Then came the fight back, winning four of the remaining ends, including a five score to win by 18 shots to 14 having won only seven of the 18 ends.

PRESS REPORT 19th February 2018

In a period of six friendlies, Wedmore lost only one.  The Ladies showed the way by winning two Ladies’ Friendlies, the first against St Andrews of Weston-super-Mare, winning on both rinks and overall by 43 shots to 29.  Julie Masters’ ladies took the lead from the start but the game was finely balanced when the opposition took the lead with a five score on end 11.  This provoked an immediate response  and Wedmore scored 13 shots on the next five ends for a twelve point lead and couldn’t be caught, winning 27 shots to 15.  Maureen Hordle’s  side held the lead for most of the first half but lost it on end 13 and at end 19 the scores were level.  Wedmore saw out the last two ends to win16-14.

It was one rink all against Victoria but Wedmore Ladies again squeezed out a victory overall with 36 shots to 35.  Julie Masters team took the lead on end six but the game was close and scores levelled at end 13.  Wedmore hung on to the lead and seized the game with a five score on the last end to win 20-14, a good foundation for the overall match.  Maureen Hordle’s group had a tougher time but overcame a deficit of eight shots to take the lead on end nine.  After much lead swapping, Victoria put their noses in front and defeated the home side 16-21.

Not to be outdone the men won a friendly against North Petherton, taking both rinks and an overall score of 40 shots to 24.  Ray Newell’s men were in a scrap early on but had a five score on end nine going on to win thirteen ends and by 21 shots to nine.  Dave Nicholls’ band never lost the lead although the score was tied on end 18 as Wedmore pushed on to win 19 shots to 15.

The Mixed Friendly squad won two out of three matches.  Against Congresbury it was 2-0  on rinks and  38-23 on overall shots.  Julie Masters’ bunch enjoyed their afternoon by retaining the lead for the whole game, winning twelve of eighteen ends, scoring 22 shots to 8.  It was the proverbial close run thing on the other rink where Richard McHale and co. were given a good game.  It was tied at end 17 and Wedmore took the last end by a single shot, winning by 16 shots to15.

The loss came against Bridgwater who took both rinks and won by 46 shots to 24 overall.  On Joe Harris’ rink they had the lead a couple of times and by scoring  five on end 16 came within three shots of their opponents who nonetheless won 21-14.  Richard McHale and support started well enough but dried up after end nine, scoring only one further shot to lose 10-25.

That loss was remedied by a narrow win against Avon and Somerset Police when it was one rink each and 38-34 overall to Wedmore.  Richard McHale’s rink had a good win, scoring a couple of fives and ran out 22 shots to 14.  Dennis Stansfield’s crew looked as if they might win when the match was level at half way and only one point in it at end 20 but the police won the last by three so Wedmore lost 16-20.

PRESS REPORT 4th February 2018

The men put on a strong performance in the County League against North Petherton, winning by 82-66 on overall shots, with rinks two all, and scooping 12 of the 16 points available.  At home, Dave Nicholls and his men scored steadily throughout the game, including two five scores to triumph 29 shots to 10.  On the other home rink, Eddie Payne’s side stayed in touch with the opposition and were only three behind at half way but then North Petherton turned up the pressure slightly and slowly expanded their lead to win 16-25.

Colin Moss’ rink had a remarkable away win, limiting their opponents to winning only six ends and so claiming an emphatic win which, at 23 shots to 12, made a substantial contribution to the club’s victory.  Keith Pettit’s lads fought hard and were level after 11 ends, only two behind after 18 and whilst conceding the win, limited the damage to five shots.

Scores: J White, V Matthews, R Barron, D Nicholls, 29-10;  R Bull, R Thurkettle, D Stansfield, E Payne, 16-25; A Birch, J Runciman, R Newell, C Moss, 23-12, D Collins, D Brown, J Fear, K Pettit, 14-19;  overall 82 shots to 66.

The men also won a Friendly against North Petherton at home, with the overall score 50 shots to 41 with rinks one all.  Roy Thurkettle’s group laid down the foundation with a convincing victory, after retaking the lead on end four they never looked back.  A five score on end 11 gave a 12 point lead which was sustained for the rest of the game, helped by another five, winning 31 shots to 18.  Clive Panchaud’s bunch worked hard, winning more ends than their opponents but not by as much as them.  Conceding a seven score didn’t help but a spirited finish led to a close result at 19-23.

The Mixed Friendly squad won a close match at home against St Andrews of Weston-super-Mare, with one rink each and 33 shots to 29 overall.  Richard McHale’s outfit didn’t take the lead until end 12 but then made it pay by pulling away, with the help of two six scores, to a 21-14 victory.  Maureen Hordle’s rink prevented the opposition from scoring until end six but they took the lead on end ten and by dint of winning nine of the last eleven ends, took the match by three shots, 12-15.


PRESS REPORT 15th January 2018

The men played in the County Two Rink Cup – home and away – against Clevedon and lost on both rinks with the overall score 26 shots to 48.  Colin Moss skippered the home side who were never in front and simply couldn’t contain the opposition.  Eddie Payne’s away rink managed to keep the damage down to five shots, losing 14 shots to 19.

Wedmore won two Mixed Friendlies, away to Woodspring and at home to Long Ashton.  At Woodspring the score was 2-0 on rinks and 39-19 on overall shots.  Alan Birch’s side took the lead on end four and steadily pulled away with a strong finish of nine shots on the last four ends, sealing the victory on 25 shots to eight.  Julie Master’s team started well but lost the lead on end 11, after which it was a close game with the scores level on end 17.  A three score on the last end clinched a win by 14 shots to 11.

At Woodspring, Weston-super-Mare, it was one all on rinks and 41 shots to 31 overall for Wedmore.  Denis Stansfield’s group took over on end two and, propelled by a six on end eight, cantered to victory, scoring 26-14.  Julie Masters’ and co. started very well with an 11 shot lead at end 10.  Long Ashton then began to claw their way back, winning six of the remaining eight ends, including a six score, to squeeze out a winning score of 15-17.


PRESS REPORT 18th December 2017

The men had a big victory in the County League against Minehead, winning three rinks to one and by 107 shots to 69.  At home, under the leadership of Colin Moss, Wedmore built up a big lead for the match, triumphing 39 shots to 11, winning 15 ends.  On Denis Stansfield’s rink they were never behind and had a lead of 13 by end twelve but then endured a dry spell to end 18 when the lead was cut to five.  Wedmore made a strong finish to win 25 shots to 15.  Away, Eddie Payne’s men produced a win by 25 to 19 shots but Ron Barron’s crew endured a loss but kept the margin down to six shots at 18-24.  Above all, this fine victory gained 14 points in the league for the loss of only two.

The Mixed Friendly squad continued their winning streak at home to Banwell, winning both rinks and by 44 shots to 21.  Maureen Hordle’s group were fast out of the blocks and the score at halfway was 18-1. They stayed in front to win well by 24 shots to eight.  Lynda Dearden’s team took the lead for the second time on end eight and with the help of a five score pulled away to a seven shot lead which had been reduced to one by end 15.  A strong finish delivered the win by 18 shots to 13.

PRESS REPORT 11 December 2017

The men have been disappointed twice recently. In the Denny Plate against Westlecot in Wiltshire the score was 0-4 on rinks and 54 shots to 95 overall.At home Colin Moss’ men were in front until the end when their opponents drew level and won the decider, result 17-19.  Ray Newell and co. struggled and had a dry patch at the end losing 13-25.  Away Ron Barron’s boys were slow to start and couldn’t catch up, losing 13-26. Eddie Payne’s people won ten ends but the winning margins were greater on the ends they lost, score 11-25.

In the County League match against Clarrie Dunbar the defeat was 1-3 on rinks and 61-96 shots overall.  At home Eddie Payne’s rink had the victory, taking the lead for the second time on end ten and then pulling away to win 24-13.  Ron Barron’s crew started with a six but the lead evaporated by end six and then it was downhill all the way to 12-34.  Away Keith Pettit’s lot had a six point lead at end 18 but gave away a six on the last end for a frustrating 18-19 defeat.  Colin Moss’ side couldn’t make much impact on the other side and lost 7-30.

The Mixed Friendly squad has been doing well with two victories at home.  Against Minehead it was one rink all but Wedmore won by 34-31 shots overall thanks to an impressive 22-7 victory by Brian Aston’s rink which more than made up for a 12-24 loss by Maureen Hordle’s side. Wedmore beat North Petherton on both rinks, never having been behind, with Maureen Hordle this time a winner by 23-9 shots whilst Richard McHale’s group came under pressure at the end but prevailed by 18 shots to 19, 41-25 overall.


PRESS REPORT 13th November

The men played away to N Wiltshire in the Denny Plate and did well to win 3-1 on rinks and overall by 79 shots to 63 when the away rinks did better than the homies.  Steve Heeley led his team to a 21-16 victory whilst Colin Moss’ men were in a very tight game which went down to the last bowl, which gave Wedmore a 16-15 win.  At home, Eddie Payne’s side were never led, winning 13 ends to score 28 shots to 12.  Dave Nichols and crew were briefly in the lead but mostly trailed, coming back to a two shot deficit on end 18 but N Wilts finished the stronger as Wedmore lost 14 shots to 21.

The men are active in the National Championships first round, where Dave Nichols and Dave Collins beat Steve Heeley and Keith Hall 23-8 in the men’s pairs.  Dave Nichols also featured in the Singles, beating Roy Orme 21-15.  A triples team has also been entered.

In the second round of the Yetton Cup, the Ladies met  St Andrews of Weston on a 2+2 basis and lost by 1-3 on rinks and 59 shots to 115 overall.  Marie Trow’s Ladies distinguished themselves away by winning their rink, coming back from seven shots down at end 17 with a storming finish of ten shots in the last four ends to win 21-18.  In the other away rink, Julie Masters and friends briefly led near the start and then faltered and had it not been for scoring two fives would have been left far behind but still lost 20-31.  At home, Maureen Hordle’s group could not get into the game, scoring five shots on the last end as consolation to lose 14-26.  Pam Beard and co. had a bad day, winning only two ends and going down 4 shots to 40.  

Three victories for the Mixed Friendly squad were very cheering.  At home to Burnham-on-Sea, Wedmore won on both rinks and by 71 shots to 25 overall.  Silvie Newbury led her rink to score on 12 ends of 18 and 29 shots to 19 despite conceding a seven score.  Brian Aston’s folk were leading by 17 shots at half way but the second half put even that in the shade by scoring 21 shots whilst winning the last seven ends.

Congresbury were another friendly Club without indoor rinks to visit and Wedmore won both rinks and by a large score overall as skippers Jenny Collingwood and Maureen Hordle showed the way home.

St Andrews away was a different proposition, playing on their rinks.  By half way Alan Birch’s outfit were down five shots but it felt like more. Something different happened as Wedmore won the majority of the remaining ends to take the game 18 shots to 11.  An even more dramatic swing happened on Richard McHale’s rink, down 12 shots at halfway and pulling up to 15-19 by the end. A two rink victory and 33-30 on overall shots were a good result against strong opposition.