PRESS REPORT w/e 9th September

Wedmore “B” had a satisfying win at home against Burnham “B” in the men’s County League N3, scoring 65 shots to 52 and taking two of three rinks.  Kevin Phillimore’s men started strongly, temporarily lost the lead after giving away a five score and finished well to seize victory 29-14.  In Clive Panchaud’s game the lead changed hands five times in 11 ends, then Wedmore settled down and a six put them out of reach of Burnham’s strong finish and so won 23-20.  Roy Thurkettle’s side were doing fine until conceding nine shots in ends 12 and 13, could not recover and lost 13-18.

Scores: C Wheller, M Bachelor, S Fisher, K Phillimore, 29-14; J Runciman, T Simpson, T Walker, C Panchaud, 23-20; V Matthews, PD Rees, D Trow, R Thurkettle, 13-18; overall 65-52.

The “A” Team were up against Clevedon Prom “A” away in the County Premier 1 League and lost narrowly by 61 shots to 67 despite winning two of three rinks.  Dave Nicholls’ team won 14 of 21 ends and so were never behind, rattling up 22-14 for their victory.  Roger Hughes’ lads demonstrated how to do a fight-back.  Losing the lead on end eight, they were eight behind by end 13 – Roger threw the switch to shut out Clevedon for the next seven ends whilst scoring 14 and so winning 23-18. Ron Barron’s group held the lead briefly but had no answer as their opponents surged away to register 10-35.

Scores: D Collins, J White, C Moss, D Nicholls, 22-14; T Brown, I Gallup, R Newell, R Hughes, 23-18; A Birch, G Annuik, K Pettit, R Barron, 10-35; overall 61-67.

The “C” team played Clevedon Prom “C” away losing all three rinks and 42-78 overall shots.  Dennis Stansfield’s side were close to winning as an early five score put them in front but when Clevedon retaliated with a five on end eight it enabled their taking the lead until end 17 when Wedmore went ahead.  Sadly for them they lost the final four ends and the rink 19 -23.  Brian Aston’s boys only won six ends and lost 9-26, whilst Ian Falkner’s lot won more ends they allowed bigger scores against so lost 14-29.

Scores: N Fowler, S Young, T Counsell, D Stansfield, 19-23; S Wilkinson, M Davies, B Back, I Faulkner, 14-29; D Skelton, N Sherton, T Shepherd, B Aston, 9-26; overall, 42-78.

A game against Victoria Saxons away in the Weston League was something of a collectors item – Saxons only put out five rinks for a six rink game and suffered the penalty of losing two points and ten shots and still won!  The “raw” score was 72 shots to 93, two to three on rinks; adjusted for the penalty it became 82-93 and three all on rinks – food for thought?  Greg Annuik’s group were ahead from the start but were caught on end 15, conceding a five score, 17 all on end 16, then two behind but scoring four on the last end grabbed victory 21-19.  Ron Barron’s team didn’t score until end six and so were in dogged catch-up mode until levelling at end 13, briefly leading, then one down going into the last end and scoring two was another victory snatched from the jaws of defeat 15-14.  Stuart Fisher’s men led at first but trailed from end four, a strong finish of six shots from the last four ends limited the damage to 16-19.  Keith Pettit’s trio started slowly, caught up at six but couldn’t stop the Saxons pulling away to 9-17.  Keith Burt’s boys trailed from end two, a late five score interrupted a run of seven scoreless ends to finish 11-24.

Scores: A Birch, D Collins, G Annuik, 21-19; V Matthews, C Panchaud, R Barron, 15-14;  D Barnett, I Gallop, S Fisher, 16-19; D Trow, D Stansfield, K Pettit, 9-17; T Brown, I Faulkner, K Burt, 11-24; overall 72-93 adjusted to 82-93.

In a Mixed Friendly at home to a Yate touring side, Wedmore won 104 shots to 81 and three to two on rinks.  Skipper Terry Simpson won by 14 shots, Shirley Wederell by 13, and Gill Harvey by one.

PRESS REPORT w/e 2nd September

The men trounced Ashcombe in the semi-final of the Weston Cup by 106 shots to 86 and on rinks four to one with one tied.  Dave Nicholls’ men were in fine form, winning 13 of 18 ends, finishing with a flourish of a five score and a final score of 28-8.  It was very close for Ray Newell’s side up to end 13 when they pulled away to win 18-13.  Colin Moss’ team took the lead on end six and just kept going – the lead at end 17 was happily sufficient to withstand a five score by the opposition on the last end and so won 20-16.  Roger Hughes’ chaps started slowly, accelerated to take the lead on end ten, also withstanding their opponent’s five score at the last to win 16-13.  The lead changed five time on  Ron Barron’s rink, scores were level at end 16, Wedmore scored two, Ashcombe replied with two on the last end to make the tie 17-17.  Keith Pettit’s group couldn’t find any traction and lost 7-19.

Scores: V Matthews, C Panchaud, D Nicholls 28-8; J Runciman, G Annuik, R Newell, 18-13; I Gallop, D Collins, C Moss, 20-16; A Birch, R Thurkettle, R Hughes, 16-13; T Brown, T Simpson R Barron, 17-17; D Trow, S Fisher, K Pettit, 7-19; overall 106-86.

In the Clevedon Triples League the men inflicted a white-wash on Chew Stoke at home, winning all six rinks and 112-70 shots overall for maximum points.   Roger Hughes’ guys set the tone, winning 11 ends, including a six score, to finish 24-12.  Keith Pettit’s bunch didn’t start until end six and then set about a catch-up, taking the lead on end 14 in the middle of a key sequence of winning the last seven ends for 12 shots, so winning 20-12.  Ron Barron’s side held the lead from ends seven to 12 but a strong finish worth 12 shots over the last five ends saw them right with a 19-11 victory. Although the game was close in the first half, Colin Moss and co. looked comfortable from end four and pulled away to win 17-10.  Dave Nicholls was in command throughout and won 15-11 with a similar story on Ray Newell’s rink, winning 17-14.

Scores:  T Brown, I Gallop, R Hughes,24-12; D Trow, S Fisher, K Pettit, 20-12;  J White, K Burt, R Barron, 19-11; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 17-10; A Birch, C Panchaud, D Nicholls, 15-11; T Simpson, G Annuik, R Newell, 17-14; overall 112-70.

A clutch of late season friendlies turned out not to be all that amicable as Wedmore lost all three matches.  A visiting tourist mixed side from Didcot won by two rinks and  22 shots; the men away to Bridgwater lost by two rinks and 33 shots; the ladies at home to St. Andrews lost on all three rinks and by 22 shots.

PRESS REPORT w/e 26 August 2018

The men had a strong victory away to Bloomfield A in the County Premier 1 League, taking two rinks and overall scoring 69 shots to 39.  Ron Barron’s men won the first four ends and on to win 14 ends,  overwhelming Bloomfield 32-12.  Dave Nicholls’ side scored freely and won handsomely 26-9, whilst Colin Moss lost 11-18.
Scores: A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, R Barron, 32-12; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, D Nicholls, 26-9; J White, D Stansfield, D Collins, C Moss, 11-18; overall 69-39.
The B Team won at home against Ashcombe C in County League N3, winning two rinks and overall by 57 shots to 48. At end 13 the prospects for Roy Thurkettle’s team
didn’t look good at 7-15 but they found something and went on to win all the remaining ends for 16 shots, including a five, to triumph 23-15.  Clive Panchaud started slowly, eight down at end six, and then won the next six ends to be 11-9 up on end 12.  Ashcombe went ahead on end 15 but a strong finish gave Wedmore the win for 19-15.  Kevin Phillimore’s fellows found it hard to make an impact, came within two points and limited the damage to 15-18.
Scores: V Matthews, PD Rees, D Trow, R Thurkettle, 23-15; J Runciman, T Simpson, T Walker, C Panchaud, 19-15; C Heller, M Bachelor, S Fisher, K Phillimore, 15-18;  overall 57-48.
Also at home in the same league, the C Team lost to Chew Stoke B on all three rinks and 47-57 overall.  Tinkman and Burt both made a go of it but lost to stronger finishers, by 16-18 and 18-21 respectively whilst Collingwood went down 13-18.
Scores: N Fowler, S Young, T Counsell, P Tinknell, 16-18;  D Skelton, N Shenton, T Shepherd, K Burt 18-21; C Wilde, B Back, D Luke, T Collingwood, 13-18; overall 47-57.
The men are through to the final of the Clevedon Cup, having beaten Portishead RBL in the semi 103 shots to 93 overall and by three to two on rinks with one tied.  Roger Hughes’ gents were fast out of the blocks, winning the first six ends for 14 shots and cruised in for a mighty victory 24-7.  Ron Barron’s boys took the lead with a five score on end four and never looked back winning easily 25-11.  Colin Moss’ crew took the lead for the first time on end 11 and whilst it remained close, never lost it to win 17-15.  Dave Nicholls’ side mostly trailed but claimed a 15 all tie by winning each of the last three ends by one shot.  Eddie Payne’s people struggled, came level at end 16 but frustratingly fell behind 14-15.  Keith Pettit’s rink failed to score until end nine which left them with an impossible task, duly losing 8-30.
Scores: I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes, 24-7; J Runciman, C Panchaud, R Barron, 25-11; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 17-15; T Simpson, D Wederell, D Nicholls, 15-15; A Birch, G Annuik, E Payne, 14-15; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 8-30;  overall 103-93.
Away to Long Ashton in the Clevedon Triples League, the men had a free scoring win by 125 shots overall to 63 and four to one on rinks with one tie.  Colin Moss’ team won fourteen ends, including a six score, which left little room for Ashcombe to score enough and 31-9 was the result.   Keith Pettit’s side opened with a five and a six and kept up the pressure to win 26-10.  Roger Hughes’ bunch also started with a six  and steadily grew that to 24-9 whilst Dave Nicholls’ lads were also in a scoring mood,  never behind and conceding only five ends to win 19-7.  Ron Barron’s group took the lead with a five on end 15 but had to settle for a draw 15-15, whilst Eddie Payne’s rink were in a close game with scores level at end 16, couldn’t hang on and lost 10-13.
Scores: J Runciman, D Collins, C Moss, 31-9; D Trow, D Stansfield, K Pettit, 26-10; T Brown, I Gallop, R Hughes, 24-9; C Wheller, C Pancchaud, D Nicholls, 19-7; S Fisher, J Harris, R Barron, 15-15; A Birch, G Annuik, E Payne, 10-13; overall 125-63.
The Ladies sparkled in a high scoring victory at home to Fosseway in the Ladies Triples League, 77-32shots overall and two to one on rinks.  Remarkably, Trish Newell’s ladies won all except three ends, pounding the opposition for a 32-5 victory.  Jenny Collingwood’s side took the first six ends in ten shots but Fosseway fought back to 11-10.  Wedmore then took four of the last five ends and won 22-11.   Maureen Hordle’s team started well, leading by eight after six ends but a long dry period allowed the other side to go two up with three ends to go and then win 13-16.
Scores: D Gallop, A Hughes, T Newell, 32-5; P Jenkins,  P Beard, J Collingwood, 22-11; B Clark, M Barron, M Hordle, 13-16; overall 77-32.
Three matches in the Weston League resulted in one close win and two losses.  At home to Portishead, the score was 47-43 shots overall and two to one on rinks.  Trish Newell’s ladies retook the lead on end five and motored on to win 18-11.  Maureen Hordle’s rink started slowly but took the lead on end five.   A five score on end 11 put Wedmore out of reach and won 19-16 whilst Jenny Collingwood’s troupe were left behind in the second half and lost 10-16.
Scores: J Collins, M Trow, T Newell, 18-11; A Birch, P Beard, M Hordle, 19-16; B Clark, G Harvey, J Collingwood, 10-16;  overall 47-43.
At home to Wessex Ladies, the score was 43-56, one to two on rinks.   Elaine Deverill’s trio had a very close game where the lead changed hands seven times and Wessex were only one shot behind at end 16 – Wedmore’s four score settled their hash to win 22-19.  Shirley Wederell’s group started slowly which left them seven shots in arrears at end eight when a commendable figh -back put them just one shot behind at end 14.  The neck and neck finish went the other way for 14-15.  On Jenny Collingwood’s rink they were firing blanks for the first five ends and never recovered, losing 7-22.
Scores: P Jenkins, T Newell, E Deverill, 22-19; AM Wilkinson, G Harvey, S Wederell, 14-15; D Gallop, J Wheller, J Collingwood, 7-22; overall 43-56.
Away at Congresbury, Wedmore were sunk with all hands, the score being 34-54 and 0-3 on rinks.  Jenny Collingwood came closest to winning, recovering from a slow start to one shot behind at the penultimate end – but it was not to be and 13-15 resulted.  Maureen Hordle’s crew struggled to 8-16 and whilst Carole Pettit’s people won as many ends as their opponents the margins were unequal leading to 13-23.
Scores: M Barron, P Beard, J Collingwood, 13-15; J Collins, J Hunt, M Hordle, 8-16;M Fisher, D Gallop, C Pettit, 13-23; overall 34-54.

PRESS REPORT w/e 19 August 2017

The ladies marched on in the Fear Plate with a tremendous victory over Ashcombe scoring 72 shots to 42 and taking rinks two to one.  Shirley Wederell’s side had a field day, scoring a seven and a six on the way to a crushing 35 against 10.  Elaine Deverill’s team did not have good prospects at one to eight down after three ends. Undaunted they put their shoulders to the wheel to score nine shots in the next six ends, taking the lead on end nine but were behind again two ends later.  This prompted a repetition of their favourite trick, this time scoring 12 in winning seven successive ends to claim victory with 23-15.  Marie Trow’s ladies had a long drought in the middle of the game, 11 shots down at end 13.  They then put together 11 shots in six ends to draw level at end 19 but the win was snatched away from them 14-16.

Scores: J Collins, T Newell, J Collingwood, S Wederell, 35-10; P Jenkins, P Beard, M Hordle, E Deverill, 23-15; C Pettit, M Barron, G Harvey, M Trow, 14-16; overall 72-41.

The men won well at Portishead RBL in the Weston League, 101 shots to 84 and five to one on rinks.  Ray Newell’s men showed their superiority by plugging away and scoring regularly to triumph 17-9.  Stuart Fisher’s fellows started very well and were nine shots up at end six.  They made themselves vulnerable by taking eight ends to score three but hung on for a respectable 17-12 victory.  Ron Barron’s chaps retook the lead on end five and never lost it, touch and go at times but in the end a win of 22-18.  Whilst Colin Moss’ side were never led, there was only one shot in it at end ten – all’s well at the end 17-13.  Keith Pettit’s crew started well, shutting their opposition out for the first four ends and looking well on their way with a six shot lead at end ten when Portishead forced their way back into the reckoning, taking the lead on end 15, going into the last two shots up.  An exciting finish gave Wedmore the win after scoring five.  On Tony Brown’s rink they took time to get to grips with their opposite numbers, levelled at end ten but then petered out to lose 11-18.

Scores: T Collingwood, J Runciman, R Newell, 17-9; T Counsell, C Panchaud, S Fisher, 17-12; M Batchelor, C Heller, R Barron, 22-18; A Birch, D Collins, C Moss, 17-13; D Trow, V Matthews, K Pettit, 17-14; D Skelton, I Gallop, T Brown, 11-18; overall 101-84.

The C Team played Portishead B away in the County North 3 League and lost 46 shots to 64 and two to one on rinks.  Jim White’s cohort started well and led from the first, albeit the lead was down to one shot on both ends ten and17. Happily the finish belonged to Wedmore who won 21-13.  Both Tinknell and Collingwood had a taste of the lead but they went down 16-24 and 9-27 respectively.

Scores: N Fowler, S Young, T Counsell, J White, 21-13; D Skelton, C Wilde, T Shepherd, P Tinknell, 16-24; S Wilkinson, M Davies, AN Other, T Collingwood, 9-27; overall 46-64.


PRESS REPORT w/e 12 August 2018

The men enjoyed a thumping good win in the Clevedon League at home against Portishead when the overall score was 127 shots to 80 and on rinks five to nil with one tied.  Keith Pettit’s men didn’t allow the opposition to score until end six when it was eight to one, then went on to lead throughout and triumphed 21-9.  Roger Hughes’ crew were never behind, established their superiority with a six score just after the start and polished off with a five near the end to crush the competition 29-9.  The lead chopped and changed in the first half on Colin Moss’ rink and a five score put Portishead in front on end 14 but a Wedmore seven saw off the challenge to win 22-16. Ron Barron’s side started well and stayed in front although there were only two shots in it at end 14 – a couple of threes gave victory for 19-14.  Ray Newell’s lads lost the lead for the first time on end 11, grabbed it back with a six three ends later and breezed in at 17-13.  Whist it was close, Eddie Paynes group led until end 17 when Portishead took a two shot lead to take into the last end.  Wedmore scored two on the last for a 19 all tie.

Scores:D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 21-9; T Counsell, I Gallop, R Hughes, 29-9; T Shepherd, D Collins, C Moss, 22-16; J Runciman, J Harris, R Barron, 19-14; A Birch, S Fisher, R Newell, 17-13; T Brown, D Wederell, E Payne, 19-19;  overall 127-80.

Another resounding win, since it was away, came at Ashcombe Crusaders in the Weston League when the score was 112-107 overall and four-two on rinks. Ron Barron’s squad were eight up before Ashcombe scored and looked steady thereafter but there was only one shot in it at end 14.  Wedmore responded with a storming winning surge to land nine shots in the last four ends to win 25-15.  Ray Newell’s trio were never behind and looked comfortable as a six score on end 12 increased their lead to 19 shots.  Even though they conceded ten shots over the last two end, they still won 25-19.  After losing the lead for the first time on end 11, Greg Annuik’s gang looked as if they might be in trouble but they levelled the score on end 17, added one in the final end to win 13-12. Ascombe took the lead for the third time at end six on Stuart Fisher’s rink and pulled out a ten point lead which Wedmore wore down to 18-22.  Since Keith Burt’s band didn’t score until end eight it was always going to be difficult for them to win any reward and so it proved at 10-27.

Scores: D Skelton, T Simpson, R Barron, 25-15; T Shepherd, I Gallup. R Newell, 25-19; A Birch, D Collins, G Annuik, 13-12; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 13-12; M Davies, C Panchaud, S Fisher, 18-22; R Grant, J White, K Burt, 18-27; overall 112-107.

In the County League N3 the B Team met Chew Stoke away and lost 51-69 overall and one to two on rinks. On Roy Thurkettle’s rink both sides had long stretches in the lead and it was Wedmore who snatched the lead on end 19, confirming victory of 20-15 by taking the last two ends.  Kevin Phillimore and pals were in a close game until they had a six end drought which left Chew nine shots ahead and it finished 14-24.    Clive Panchaud and co. took the lead with a timely 7 score on end seven but it became a distant memory when Chew scored two fives in three ends for a ten shot lead in a Wedmore dry spell and the lead expanded to 17-30.

Scores: V Matthews, PD Rees, M Green, R Thurkettle, 20-15; C Wheller, M Bachelor, S Fisher, K Phillimore, 14-24; D Luke, T Simpson, T Walker, C Panchaud,17-30; overall 51-69.

The Ladies did well away to Nailsea in the Ladies Triples League when they won 45-35 shots overall and two to nil on rinks with one tied.  Maureen Hordle’s ladies started by losing the first five ends but then went on a scoring spree of their own – 15 shots over the following five ends, at which point the score was 15-11. Wedmore finished the stronger for an emphatic 22-14 victory.  Marie Trow’s team swapped the lead five times before putting in a late sequence gaining four ends, scoring six, to win 11-9.  Elaine Deverill’s group were in it in a choppy game until they stopped scoring at end ten and looked out of it at 7-12 but taking the last two ends, scoring five, gave them a 12 all tie.

Scores: J Collins, T Newell, M Hordle, 22-14; C Pettit, P Beard, M Trow, 11-9; P Jenkins, M Barron, E Deverill, 12-12; overall 45-35.

At home to Victoria in the Weston League brought another close victory 53-49 shots overall and two to one on rinks.  Shirley Wederell’s outfit had a swinging time, scoring nothing on the first six ends and 18 on the next six to provide an 18-12 base from which to press on to their victory 23-17.  Maureen Hordle’s rink were always in a close game but nevertheless led throughout to win 14-12.  Elaine Deverill’s side were 12 shots down after conceding a six score on end five but fought back patiently, reducing the damage to four, losing 16-20.

Scores: D Gallop, J Collins, S Wederell, 23-17; B Disbrey, P Beard, M Hordle, 14-12; P Jenkins, T Newell, E Deverill, 16-20; overall 53-49.

Away to Wrington in the Ladies Triples League, Wedmore lost heavily 44-60 on overall shots and 0-3 on rinks but it was much closer on further examination.  Gill Harvey’s ladies made it a genuine tussle, replying to a six score with a five on end 14 but finished 14-17.  Although never quite taking the lead, Marie Trow’s team ran it close with scores level at end 17.  Unfortunately Wrington took the last end so it was 17-19.  Elaine Deverill’s rink came unstuck and despite a gallant effort with a five score on each of the last two ends, lost 16-24.

Scores:  P Jenkins, J Hunt, G Harvey, 14-17; B Disbrey, M Hordle, M Trow, 17-19; B Clark, M Barron, E Deverill, 16-24; 44-60 overall.

A Mixed Friendly away to North Petherton produced a striking tie with 76 shots all, although it was one-three on rinks.  Skippers Fisher and Simpson narrowly lost on their rinks, Green went down 12-23 which left Duggan-Rees’ squad as the heroes of the hour, winning 29-13.

A Mixed Friendly at Wellington produced two all on rinks but 63-87 overall due to one punishing rink. Clive Wheller’s team timed their finishing run well to win 20-17.  Tony Shepherd’s side led easily in mid-game, were almost caught but did enough to win 19-18 whilst Alan Birch was the sacrificial lamb at 10-31.


PRESS REPORT w/e 5 August

The Ladies continued their run in the Fear Plate, beating Wessex Ladies 65 shots to 42 overall, two to one on rinks.  Shirley Wederell’s side won 15 ends to triumph 25-9.  Elaine Deverill’s team also won emphatically, leading throughout, scoring a seven on end 19 for 23-13.  Having trailed from the beginning, Marie Trow’s ladies came within three points of the lead at end 18 and it ended 17-20.

Scores: J Collins, T Newell, J Collingwood, S Wederell, 25-9; P Jenkins, P Beard, M Hordle, E Deverill, 23-13; C Pettit, M Barron, G Harvey, M Trow, 17-20; overall 65-42.

The ladies won five league matches in a row, three in the Wessex Ladies League and two in the Weston District League.  Away to Clevedon Prom, Wedmore won rinks two to one and overall by 49-44 shots.  Gill Harvey’s group led throughout and won comfortably, 22-16.  Maureen Hordle’s rink had a close tussle but scoring six to take the last three ends was decisive and gave a 15-10 victory.  Elaine Deverill’s team led for ten ends but came unstuck by conceding an eight score leading to a 12-18 loss.

Scores: J Collins, D Gallop, T Newell, G Harvey, 22-16; A Birch, S Tinknell, M Barron, M Hordle, 15-10; P Jenkins, M Fisher, P Beard, E Deverill, 12-18;  overall 49-44.

At Home to Mark Moor in the Wessex League, Wedmore emphatically won maximum points, winning all three rinks and overall by 67-23 shots.  Elaine Deverill’s side started well and went on to win 14 of the 18 ends, breezing in with 27-6.  Not to be outdone, Shirley Wederell’s women won 13 ends, including a six score and rattled up 26-5.  Jenny Collingwood and co. had a close tussle, taking the lead for the fourth time on end 17, won a single for the last and pulled off a 14-12 win.

Scores: J Collins, D Gallop, H Harvey, E Deverill, 27-6; P Jenkins C Pettit, P Beard, S Wederell, 26-5; B Disbrey, M Barron, T Newell, J Collingwood, 14-12; overall 67-23.

Wedmore scooped the points pool again away to Winscombe, taking all three rinks and scoring 69-28 overall.  Marie Trow led from beginning to end, registering an outstanding 27 shots to 7.  Gill Harvey’s match was close at first but subsequently a strong performance led to 24-7.  Jenny Collingwood’s rink led most of the way but scores were level with two ends to go and  winning both of them gave a win of 18-14.

Scores:  FD Rees, D Gallop, M Hordle, M Trow, 27-7; M Barron, S Tinknell, T Newell, G Harvey, 24-7; A Birch, M Fisher, C Pettit, J Collingwood, 18-14; overall 69-28.

Two nail biters in the Weston League finished in Wedmore’s favour.  At home to West Backwell it was two to one on rinks and 48-47 overall.  Shirley Wederill’s ladies established themselves with a six on end three and polished off the game with a five at the end for a strong win 21-10.  Elaine Deverill’s side started with a six but the opposition quickly caught up and from end seven Wedmore were trailing.  Scoring four on the last end was decisive for 17-15.  Jenny Collingwood’s team struggled and went down 10-22.

Scores: J Collins, J Hunt, S Wederrell, 21-10; J Wheller, P Beard, E Deverill, 17-15;  A Birch, T Newell, J Collingwood,10-22;  overall 48-47.

Playing Clarence at home, Wedmore only won one of three rinks but squeezed out an overall score of 38-37.  Marie Trow’s team retook the lead on end six and kept up the pressure to win 19-11, a margin that was necessary to win the match.  Shirley Wederell’s ladies had mostly led but lost the lead in the home straight and the game 9-12.  It was a similar story on Jenny Collingwood’s rink where they lost 10-14.

Scores: J Collins, M Hordle, M Trow, 19-11; FD Rees, J Hunt, S Wederell, 9-12; M Fisher, M Barron, Collingwood, 10-14; overall 38-37.

In County League N3 the Men’s C Team beat Nailsea B at home 66 shots to 49 and by two rinks to one.  Keith Burt’s men won 15 ends, led throughout and took victory with 28-10.  Although Dennis Stansfield’s guys led from start to finish, there were only two points in it at end 16.  Scoring seven whilst winning four of the last five ends made the points safe at 24-16.  Jim White had an uphill job but a strong finish limited the damage to 14-23.

Scores: D Skelton, T Shepherd, M Batchelor, K Burt, 28-10; B Back, S Young, I Faulkner, D Stansfield, 24-16; S Wilkinson, N Fowler, T Counsell, J White, 14-23; overall 66-49.

In the Clevedon Triples League the men won four rinks to two and 110 shots to 81 overall at home to Congresbury.  Ron Barron’s boys won 13 ends, including a six along the way, to triumph 31-7. Scoring seven on end seven put Eddie Payne’s crew on a healthy footing and they kept the score board moving to win 27-15.  Colin Moss’ men were in a close game where they kept their noses in front to win 14-10.  Keith Pettit’s side didn’t get going until end five but had levelled the score by end eight, took the lead but were one shot behind at the penultimate end. Two shots on the last end did the business for a 13-12 win.  Roger Hughes looked well set for a win at 14-7 on end 11 but a Congresbury surge turned the tables for 16-18.  Greg Annuik’s rink were in the game until end 13 when they were shut out of the last five ends and lost 9-19.

Scores: A Birch, C Panchaud, E Payne, 27-15; V Matthew, D Collins, C Moss, 14-10; T Collingwood, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 13-12; D Trow, I Gallop, R Hughes, 16-18; J Runciman, D Stansfield, G Annuik; overall 110-81.

The men had another strong win against Portishead RBL and whilst it was three to one and two ties on rinks, it was 116-91 on overall shots.  On Keith Pettit’s rink the opposition was shut out for an astounding ten ends, then  they opened their account with a seven score.   Would there be a breathless come-back?  Not really, it finished 37-10.  A five score on end ten put Ray Newell’s side back in the lead. They held off a challenge from Portishead and it finished 23-17.  Ron Barron’s bunch were ten down at half way but a surge of winning the last five ends gave them a narrow victory, 18-17.  Roger Hughes’ men were behind for most of the game when they drew level at end sixteen, finishing 14 all.  Dave Nicholls’ team re-took the lead on end 14 and were two shots up going into the last end but Portishead scored two for a tie  13-13.  Colin Moss’ rink had a difficult game and lost 11-20.

Scores:  D Trow, K Burt, K Pettit, 37-10; J Runciman, G Annuik, R Newell, 23-17; P Smith, C Panchaud, R Barron, 18-17; A Birch, I Gallop, R Hughes, 14-14; T Brown, C Wheller, D Nicholls, 13-13;  V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 11-20; overall 116-91.

Away to Winscombe, despite winning four of six rinks, the men narrowly lost 103-107 on overall shots. Keith Pettit’s crew were never behind, won 13 ends and romped home 29-10.  Ray Newell’s lads were eight shots down at end eight but then changed gear to score 18 on the remaining ten ends and win 21-13. Ron Barron’s troops had a similar awakening, turning a five shot deficit into a six shot victory through a run of seven winning ends collecting 15 points – ending 21-15.  Roger Hughes’ rink took the lead in end seven and never looked back, winning 16-13.  Messrs Stansfield and Burt were outgunned, losing 8-22 and 8-34 respectively.

Scores: V Matthews, M Green, K Pettit, 29-10; T Brown, T Simpson, R Newell, 21-13; M Batchelor, S Fisher, R Barron, 21-15; P Smith, D Collins, R Hughes, 16-13; T Counsell, C Wheller, D Stansfield, 8-22; B Dearden, R Thurkettle, K Burt, 8-34; overall 103-107.

In the Clevedon League at home to Portishead RBL, Wedmore again lost narrowly, 99-101 shots, whilst taking three of six rinks.  Colin Moss’ men were fast out of the blocks, scoring 12 points without reply in the first five ends.  Portishead reduced this to three points when the pendulum swung back to Wedmore who rattle up enough to win comfortably 22-12.  Ron Barron’s side had a slow start but a seven score on end seven brought them level and they were ahead two ends later.  The lead was stretched to make the win 18-11.  Scoring six on end five gave Portishead a seven point lead on Keith Pettit’s rink.  Undaunted, Wedmore put their heads down, scoring regularly and, helped by a five score, had the lead again by end ten. This was built on for a 21-16 victory.  Ray Newell’s men led during the first half, then it was nip and tuck but Portishead’s score of seven over the last three ends gave them the win at 14-22.  There were no dramas on for Skippers Hughes and Nicholls but their rinks couldn’t contain the opposition, losing 13-18 and 11-22 respectively.

Scores: V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 22-12; J Runciman, C Panchaud, R Barron, 18-11; C Heller, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 21-16; A Birch, T Brown, R Hughes, 13-18; T Simpson, G Annuik, R Newell, 14-22; B Aston, I Gallop, D Nicholls, 11-22; overall 99-101.

In yet another narrow defeat, Wedmore lost away to Portishead in the Weston League, 78-82 shots overall with  three all on rinks.  Keith Pettit’s lads took the lead on end thirteen, kept up the momentum and won 17-13.  Clive Panchaud and co. took the lead on end six and, after a close finish, kept their noses in front to win 16-14.  In another low scoring game, Roy Thurkettle’s men started well but the middle period of the game was closely fought, Wedmore losing the lead briefly but then did enough to win 14-12.  In a tight low scoring game, Dennis Stansfield’s outfit were in contention without quite getting in front and lost 11-14.  Ron Barron’s team lost the lead for the first time on end ten, drew level two ends later but a stronger finish by the opposition saw them win 11-14.  As the lead switched back and forth Keith Burt’s team were in contention but were beaten by a finishing spurt resulting in 9-15.

Scores: D Trow, M Green, K Pettit, 17-13; A Birch, C Wheller, C Panchaud, 16-14; T Collingwood, D Collins, R Thurkettle, 14-12; V Matthews, J Runciman, D Stansfield, 11-14; D Skelton, I Faulkner, R Barron, 11-14; P Smith, T Simpson, K Burt, 9-15; overall 78-82.

In the County League N3, the C Team played away to Bristol C, losing on all three rinks and 44-58 overall shots.  Jim White’s troupe looked well placed with a the score 12-4 at half way.  Unfortunately the scoring rate could not be maintained and they lost 15-18. Keith Burt’s outfit started slowly, nine down after eight ends, but pulled back  and a strong finish kept the damage to 15-18.  Dennis Stansfield’s side started very well with a six shot lead after five ends.  This buffer was gradually worn down and Bristol took the lead on end 12, pulling away to 14-22.

Scores: N Fowler, S Young, T Counsell, J White, 15-18; P Tinknell, T Shepherd, M Batchelor, K Burt, 15-18; S Wilkinson, T Collingwood, B Back, D stansfield, 14-22; overall 44-58.

The A Team played in County Premier League 1 at home to Clevedon, losing on all three rinks and overall by 45 shots to 70.  Ron Barron’s men came very close to victory, after leading for 16 ends and going into the final end with a four shot lead – but Clevedon scored five!  On roger Hughes’ rink, Clevedon led most of the way and already had a substantial lead when they scored six on end 16 leading to a loss of 14-25.  Dave Nicholls’crew lost the lead on end nine and their scoring rate fell and so lost 14-27.

A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, R Barron, 17-18; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes, 14-25; D Collins, G Annuik, C Moss, D Nicholls, 14-27; overall 45-70.


PRESS REPORT w/e 22 July 2018

The men’s B team had an important win in the County League N3 beating Yatton away 67-34 on overall shots and three-nil on rinks for maximum points. Roy Thurkettle led his team to a decisive win, taking 14 ends to triumph 26-19. Kevin Phillimore’s men led throughout  to win 23-10.  In a close game Clive Panchaud’s side had trailed but a six on end 15 put them in the lead and there they stayed to the end, winning 18-15.

Scores:V Matthews, M Green, D Trow, R Thurkettle, 26-9; C Wheller, J Runciman, S Fisher, K Phillimore, 23-10; R Bull, T Simpson, T Walker, C Panchaud, 18-15; overall 67-34.

In the same League the men’s C Team lost at home to Ashcombe C, 65-70 on overall shots and one rink to two.  Dennis Stansfield’s men were initially in a ding-dong game as the lead switched five times in the first half but then the visitors scored a five shot which fuelled a period of nine ends in the lead which grew to six shots at end 16.  Wedmore then turned on a vital spell of scoring 14 shots in four ends, including a six, which led to their victory, 30-23.  Peter Smith’s crew led for 11 ends then a five shot deficit was pulled back to 13 all at end 17 but Ashcombe were too strong in the closing stages resulting in a loss of 16-20.  Keith Burt’s rink started very well with seven shots in the first two ends but that lead only lasted until end seven when their opponents gradually pulled away to win 19-27.

Scores: B Back, T Collingwood, I Faulkner, D Stansfield, 30-23; S Young, N Fowler, T Counsell, P Smith, 16-20; D Skelton, D Luke, T Shepherd, K Burt, 19-27; overall 65-70.

The A Team in County League Premier 1 had a hard time at home to Street A, losing on all three rinks and overall by 45 shots to 82.  Dave Nicholls’ rink fought the good fight, had a taste of the lead and were only two shots behind at end 16 but Street finished the stronger for 20-26.  Roger Hughes’ team were doing well when conceding a five score on end five put them on the back foot.  By end 11 the deficit was six shots but Wedmore fought back to one shot behind at end 16 only to fall away to 16-23.  Ron Barron struggled and went down 9-33.

Scores: D Collins, G Annuik, C Moss, D Nicholls, 20-26; T Brown, I Gallup, R Newell, R Hughes, 16-23; A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, R Barron, 9-33; overall 45-82.

Better news came from an impressive victory away to Clevedon Promenade in the Clevedon triples league, winning four to two on rinks and 112-68 on shots overall.  Ron Barron’s boys took the lead for the second time on end five and never looked back winning 13 of 18 ends to register a big victory 21-6. Ray Newell’s lads settled in after the first end and went on to win 12 of ends to a big win of 27-8. Another big score win came from Keith Pettit and co. who also won 12 ends, shutting Clevedon out for the first six ends and lead from start to finish to put 20-7 on the board.  Roger Hughes and his men were seven shots to two up at end seven but conceding a five on the next end brought the scores level.  Wedmore started again, limiting Clevedon to five shots for the remainder of the game to win 18-12.  Colin Moss’ men had a close game with the lead changing hands five times but the pendulum swung against them as their opponents took the last three ends resulting in 12-16.  Eddie Payne’s rink were behind from the third end but fought hard to be in touch, only two shots behind on end 15.  Wedmore only scored one shot over the last three ends, so it was 14-19.

Scores: S Fisher, K Burt, R Barron, 21-6; P Smith, G Annuik, R Newell, 27-8; D Trow, D Stansfield, K Pettit, 20-7;  J Runciman, T Brown, R Hughes, 18-12; R Grant, D Collins, C Moss, 12-16; A Birch, I Gallop, E Payne, 14-19; overall, 112-68.

The men went out of the Wedmore Plate at St. Andrews of Weston-super-Mare, losing 72 shots to 86 overall and one to three on rinks.  Ron Barron’s boys provided the winning rink, leading from start to finish, although it was a tight game until Wedmore sprinted away at the end, with ten shots in the last six ends, to triumph 24-13.  Roger Hughes’ side could consider themselves a tad unlucky to lose, having led for much of the game but conceding a five score on end 13 was crucial.  The scores were level again two ends later, five down at end 19, pulled back to 21-23 on end 20 but needing two on the last end, Wedmore could only score one to endure the closest loss at 22-23.  Colin Moss and company never had any traction as the other side led from the start to finish 12-19.  On Eddie Payne’s rink, the opposition led from end five but it was still a fairly close game with Wedmore in arrears by only two shots on end 14 and no hint of what was about to happen.  St Andrews scored 19 shots, including a seven and a six, over the last seven ends, to win 14-31.

Scores: C Wheller, M Green, K Pettit, R Barron, 24-13; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes, 22-23;  A Birch, K Phillimore, D Collins, C Moss, 12-19; J Runciman, V Matthews, G Annuik, E Payne, 14-31; overall 72-86.

The Ladies had a satisfying win in the Fear Plate against Winscombe, scoring 74 shots to 44, two to one on rinks.  Shirley Wederell’s ladies were in fine form, leading nine shots to eight at end seven, they then shut Winscombe out for seven successive ends to arrive at end 14 with a score of 23-8.  The result was 30-15.  Gill Harvey’s group started well and had built up a ten shot lead by end ten, never lost the lead and won nicely with 21-13.  Marie Trow’s team had difficulty starting and didn’t score until end seven, so were playing catch up from then on, reducing the deficit from seven shots to two by end 11 and commendably drew level at end 18.  Unfortunately for them Winscombe scored three on the last four ends, resulting in 13-16.

Scores: J Collins, T Newell, J Collingwood, S Wederell, 30-15; P Jenkins, M Barron, P Beard, G Harvey, 21-13; D Gallop, C Pettit, M Hordle, M Trow, 13-16; overall, 74-44.

The Ladies were away to Nailsea in the Ladies Triples League and suffered a loss of 32-45 shots overall and one to two on rinks.  Maureen Hordle’s Ladies led from end three, were almost caught on end 12 but saw off their rivals to win 15-9.  Skippers Newell and Beard did not make much impression on their opponents and lost 10-17 and 7-19 respectively.

Scores: B Disbrey, D Gallop, M Hordle, 15-9;  J Collins J Hunt, T Newell, 10-17; AM Wilkinson, M Fisher, P Beard, 7-19; overall 32-45.

Another defeat followed in the same league away to Congresbury when Wedmore lost on all three rinks and overall 37 shots to 70 but closer examination reveals that this was not as bad as first appears.  Marie Trow’s team led most of the way and almost pulled off a win but were sandbagged by Winscombe taking the last three ends for five shots and snatching the points on 14-15.  Jenny Collingwood and colleagues also led most of the game and were also overturned at the end when Winsombe scored a seven resulting in 16-19. Carole Pettit’s rink were restricted to scoring on four ends and lost 7-36.

Scores:  P Jenkins, M Fisher, M Trow, 14-15; B Disbrey, D Gallop, J Collingwood, 16-19; AM Wilkinson, J Collins, K Pettit, 7-36; overall 37-70.

In a friendly away to Yatton, the ladies lost a close match 33-38 overall and zero to two on rinks with one tied.  Joan Hunt’s girls led to the last end when they were caught to produce the 11-11 tie.  Lead switching on Maureen Hordle’s rink put them one behind with two ends to go but a singleton on the last end had victory slip through the hands at 14-15.  Losing the lead on end 11, enduring a six end dry spell, led to Marie Trow’s ladies losing 8-12.


PRESS REPORT 16 July 2018

The men had a thumping victory away to Nailsea in the Clevedon Triples League, winning on all six rinks and overall by 142 shots to 73 for maximum points.  Colin Moss’ men had a golden day, winning 14 of 18 ends to triumph 37-4.  Ron Barron’s boys had some initial turbulence but by the halfway point had made it 12-4 and pressed on to victory 24-10.  Tony Brown’s side started briskly with a five and a six on ends two and three so it was no surprise that they were up 20-5 at end 10.  However Nailsea fought back winning five of the remaining eight ends but it was not enough to prevent a winning score of 23-15.  Dave Nicholls’ team started well but it looked close at end ten with the score on 10-8.  Nailsea stuck on that eight and by end 15 it was 20-8.  Nailsea were tenacious enough to win the last three ends but the victory was Wedmore’s 20-13.  Eddie Payne and pals won 12 ends, were never behind and won 19-13. Greg Annuik’s group re-took the lead on end nine and stayed there, just surviving Nailsea taking the last end by three to win 19-18.

Scores: V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 37-4; J Runciman, D Stansfield, R Barron, 24-10; D Skelton, S Fisher, T Brown, 23-15; T Simpson, I Gallop, D Nicholls, 20-13; P Smith, D Barnett, E Payne, 19-13; T Collingwood, A Birch, G Annuik, 19-18; overall 142-73.

At home to Clarence Blue in the Weston Triples League the men lost in a nail biter, two to three plus a tie on rinks and 100-102 on overall shots.  Roy Thurkettle and co. edged into the lead on end nine and pressed on for a solid win 23-13.  Ron Barron’s rink were leading in a tight game until end 11 when they opened up a gap 15-9 and took that to a victory 19-12.  Roger Hughes’ guys looked in trouble at end seven, ten shots in arrears and even worse at end 12 with the score 6-17.  Something happened as a home five score sparked a run of twelve shots in five ends with the brief lead turning to an 18 all tie. Never give up!  On John Runciman’s rink they were in touch for the fist half then fell away to 9-17 at end 15.  Wedmore showed some grit to pull back some of the deficit but went down 14-20.  Dennis Stansfield’s lads did well at first but were overturned at end eight, struggling thereafter and lost 13-21 whilst Keith Pettit went down 13-18.

Scores: D Collins, M Green, R Thurkettle, 23-13; M Batchelor, I Gallop, R Barron, 19-12; A Birch, D Barnett, R Hughes, 18-18; V Matthews, P Smith, J Runciman, 14-20; B Aston, R Grant, D Stansfield, 13-21; B Devlin, D Trow, K Pettit, 13-18; overall 100-102.

In the Wedmore Plate the men won easily at home against Eastover Park, winning on all four rinks and 121-57 on overall shots.  Dave Nicholls’ troops were in fine fettle, scoring five on ends two and four gave them a good start, 13 shots up by half way, going on to win 14 ends with a big score of 42-11.  Keith Burt’s chaps sprung a lead of seven by end five, reduced to two at end 11, back up to ten at 16 and finished strongly for 28-11.  Ron Barron’s rink hit a purple passage between ends five and 15, only allowing the opposition to score one shot and so leading 16-6, which finished 22-12.  Roger Hughes’ men looked comfortable in the first half but then lost the lead on end 11.  The balance was restored by a five score although a late tremor from a five by Eastover on end 20 was resisted to win 29-23.

Scores: A Birch, D Collins, C Moss, D Nicholls, 42-11; J Runciman, V Matthews, G Annuik, K Burt, 28-11; P Smith, C Heller, K Pettit, R Barron, 22-12; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes, 29-23; overall 121-57.

The hard times returned in the County League Premier 1 as the A Team lost at home to Ilminster A on all three rinks and overall by 41-77 shots. Dave Nicholls’ rink had a drought of nine ends which put them 15 shots in arrears when a strong finish limited the damage to 16-22.  Ron Barron found it hard to make an impact, losing 13-28 whilst Roger Hughes was doing quite well in the first half but then a dry spell put their opponents 13 shots ahead and it ended 12-27.

Scores: D Collins, G Annuik, C Moss, D Nicholls, 16-22; A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, R Barron, 13-28; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes, 12-27; overall 41-77.

The Ladies had a sparkling narrow win in the Triples League away to Victoria Blue, taking rinks two to one and overall shots by 42-39.  Maureen Hordle’s ladies took the lead on end four after a slow start and pulled away steadily, resisting a come-back and finishing well to win 18-11.  Jenny Collingwood’s team traded the lead but slipped behind from end ten, turning a likely defeat into victory by scoring five on the last end to take the game 14-13.  Trish Newell’s side led at first but then got into difficulties losing 10-15.

Scores: B Disbrey, D Gallop, M Hordle, 18-11; AM Wilkinson, M Barron, J Collingwood, 14-13; P Jenkins, M Fisher, T Newell, 10-15; overall 42-39.

Away again in that league to Burnham-on-Sea the ladies lost on all three rinks and 31-53 overall.  Carole Pettit’s women trailed at first but then pulled up to one shot behind on the penultimate end which unfortunately went the wrong way, so 10-12.  Jenny Collingwood’s dry spell just after the start left her rink seven shots down, which proved hard to recover from and conceding a late five led to an 11-18 loss despite a good finish.  Marie Trow’s team scored a five on end five but otherwise it was thin pickings and a loss of 10-23.

Scores:  A Birch, M Barron, C Pettit, 10-12; B Disbrey, M Hordle, J Collingwood, 11-18; J Collins, D Gallop, M Trow, 10-23;  31-53 overall.


PRESS REPORT w/e 15th July 2018


Despite recording an overall score of 89 shots to the home team’s 83 and winning 3 rinks, drawing one and losing one, Wedmore were forced to concede a penalty of 10 shots and 2 points when playing away to Clevedon in the Weston and District over 60’s Triples League, thus losing the match by 79 to 83 shots overall. Unusually for Wedmore, last minute drop outs were unable to be replaced with the club fielding only 5 rinks instead of the required six and suffering the penalty in consequence. Sterling efforts to boost the score were made by Keith Pettit’s rink with a score of 25 shots to 12 and Ian Faulkner’s rink with a 19 shots to 15 victory, but unfortunately not enough to restore the deficit.

Scores: Tony Collingwood, Dave Barnett, Dennis Stansfield, 11-23; Don Trow, Brendon Cottrell, Keith Pettit 25-11; Richard Grant, Terry Simpson, Ron Barron 17-17; Tony Counsell, Vic Matthews, David Wederell 17-16; Alan Birch, Dave Collins, Ian Faulkner 19-15.


Wedmore ladies were at home to Winscombe in the Wessex Ladies League on Wednesday 29th, scoring a narrow 46 shots to 42 victory and garnering a useful 8 league points.

Scores: Barbara Disbrey, Barbara Clark, Marion Fisher, Carole Pettit 17-13; Julie Collins, Margaret Barron, Jean Wheller, Jenny Collingwood 10-15; Doreen Gallop, Anne-Marie Wilkinson,

Marie Trow 18-12.


The Mixed Friendly match at home against Long Ashton on Sunday came to a very abrupt and unusual end, bearing in mind the current spell of wonderful weather, when a violent cloudburst cooled down the competitors and flooded the green, forcing the game to be abandoned after 9 ends. The bar did brisk business for the remainder of the afternoon with both home side and the visitors returning home in a happy and relaxed frame of mind.


Wedmore travelled to Queen Camel on Monday for a four rink triples Mixed Friendly match, winning three of the four rinks and recording an overall score of 79 shots to 61.

Scores: Bob Dearden, Fiona Duggan-Rees, Clive Wheller 12-15; Jean Wheller, Peter Duggan-Rees, Alan Birch 25-16; Doreen Gallop, Brendon Cottrell, David Wederell 21-15; Derek Skelton, Ian Gallop, Lynda Dearden 21-15.


A busy day for Wedmore men on Thursday 5th July with an away Clevedon and District 0ver 60’s fixture at West Backwell in the morning and Top Club away to Clevedon Prom in the evening.

The West Backwell game resulted in a 125  shots to 91 overall victory for Wedmore, losing only one rink in the process.

Scores: Don Trow, Roy Thurkettle, Keith Pettit 17-16; Brian Aston, Keith Burt, Greg Anniuk 17-10; Mike Batchelor, Joe Harris, Dave Nicholls 21-25; Tony Counsell, David Wederell, Ron Barron 18-16; Alan Birch, Ian Gallop, Roger Hughes 30-13; Mike Green, Dave Collins, Colin Moss 22-11.

In the Top Club Wedmore were unlucky to lose out to Clevedon Prom by 3 rinks to 2 with Roger Hughes losing the 4 Wood Singles by just 2 shots and Greg Anniuk going down in the 2 Wood Singles by only 5 shots. Eddie Payne’s rink lost by 20 shots to 28 after leading throughout but conceded 13 shots on the last 4 ends. Good wins for Keith Pettit, Ron Barron in the Pairs; Dave Collins, Colin Moss, Dave Nicholls in the Triples provided some consolation.

Scores: 2 Wood Singles – Greg Anniuk 13-18; 4 Wood Singles – Roger Hughes 19-21; Pairs – Keith Pettit, Ron Barron 30-6; Triples – Dave Collins, Colin Moss, Dave Nicholls 22-10; Rinks – Alan Birch, David Wederell, Ray Newell, Eddie Payne 20-28.


Wedmore ladies were away to Portishead on Thursday in the Weston and District Ladies League where they won overall, scoring 52 shots to the home team’s 44 and by 2 rinks to one.

Scores: Audrey Birch, Gill Harvey, Shirley Wederell 16-15; Julie Collins, Pam Beard, Elaine Deverill 22-12; Barbara Clark, Margaret Barron, Marie Trow 14-17.


A good 45 shots to 27 overall win for Wedmore ladies on Saturday morning when they met Wessex Ladies at Clarence in the Weston and District League. Wedmore won on all three rinks to take 10 league points.

Scores: Pat Jenkins, Trish Newell, Pam Beard 14-4; Julie Collins, Jean Wheller, Carole Pettit 16-12;

A-M Wilkinson, Maureen Hordle, Marie Trow 15-11.



Mike Green