PRESS REPORT w/e 20/1/19

The men played Ilminster in the County League with a close overall score of 75-80 shots but Ilminster had the lion’s share of the points 13-3 for winning the match and two ends.  At home, Eddie Payne’s men led for 11 ends but were caught on end 14 and couldn’t stop the opposition edging the game at 17 shots to 21.  Dave Nicholls’ side put up a good fight, winning 13 ends but conceding three five scores at various times finally became too much on end 19 so losing 19-24.  Away Colin Moss’ crew led to end 14 when Ilminster took over and there were a  few tense ends with the lead changing but from end 19 Wedmore pushed home to win 20-16.  Steve Heeley and co. started well but were overtaken on end four and they trailed until end 11 when they retook the lead.  Then there was a barren patch from end 15 to 19 which allowed Ilminster to put their nose in front and it was 16-19 going into the last end when Wedmore managed three shots to tie the game.
Scores: V Matthews, C Panchaud, R Barron, E Payne, 17-21; J White, B Back, R Thurkettle, D Nicholls, 19- 24; A Birch, J Runciman, R Newell, C Moss, 20-16; D Collins, D Brown, K Pettit, S Heeley, 19-19; overall 75-80.
In a mixed Friendly against Shepton Mallet, it was one rink each but 34-29 overall to Wedmore.  Maureen Hordle’s team led for much of the first half and when Shepton took the lead through a five score, Wedmore promptly replied with a five to restore the lead.  The game was finely balanced until Wedmore went on a run to score ten over the last six ends for a 24-12 victory.  Brian Tagg’s outfit was ahead ten to nine on end 11 but then ran dry, failing to score over the last seven ends to lose 10-17.

Press Report w/e 13 January 2019

The men met Taunton Deane in the County Double Rink knock out competition and won 44 shots to 38 overall with one rink tied and one won by Wedmore after close games both at home and away.  At home Wedmore set off with a rush, scoring a rare hotshot on the first end – a maximum eight shots.  After 14 ends the home side skipper Eddie Payne had led his rink to a nine shots lead but Taunton applied pressure and scored 11 shots in the remaining ends to tie the game at 20 all.  The heroics came away with Colin Moss and his men scoring six to take the lead on the second end and held Taunton off until they took the lead on end nine.  It was very tight, with low scoring until Wedmore scored three on end 17 to retake the lead and cemented that with a five two ends later, taking the game 24-19.

Scores: D Collins, K Pettit, D Nicholls, E Payne, 20-20; A Birch, R Barron, R Newell, C Moss, 24-19;  44-38 overall.

The mixed Friendly squad lost two games to Long Ashton and Woodspring.  Against Long Ashton, Maureen Hordle’s troop led for the first half but faded, gaining only two more ends to lose 13-18.  Dennis Stansfield and co. won seven of the last 12 ends but that didn’t compensate for not scoring in the first six ends – so 14-20. The Woodspring game was much close at one rink each with Keith’s team leading throughout to win 11-7 but George  and crew were outplayed to 9-14.


PRESS REPORT w/e 16th December 2018

Wedmore beat Clarrie Dunbar in the County League and with rinks 2-2 it was a close finish on the overall shots score at 87-73, which masks some wide swings.  Away, Dave Nicholls’ team scored six on end seven and accelerated away to win 14 ends and take a exhilarating victory 31-11.  On the other away rink, Dennis Stansfield’s side led for the first half but conceding a six on end 13 upset the apple cart and their opponents drew away to win 15-23.  At home, Colin Moss and co. were fast out of the blocks and already had a lead of 14 shots at end seven.  Clarrie chipped away at the lead but couldn’t get back on terms and Wedmore won by 22-17. A five score on end five brought Ron Barron’s boys into the match at five all.  Wedmore never quite managed to take the lead but were in the fight, one shot behind at end 16.  Giving up six on end 18 made the job too hard although winning the last four ends limited the damage to 19-22.
Scores:  J White, B Back, R Thurkettle, D Nicholls, 31-11;  J Harris, M Green, C Panchaud, D Stansfield, 15-23; A Birch, J Runciman, R Newell, C Moss, 22-17;  D Collins, D Brown, K Pettit, R Barron, 19-22; overall 87-73.
In a Mixed Friendly against Burnham-on-Sea, Wedmore won both rinks and 44-28 on overall shots.  Lynda Dearden steadily led her team to victory and a six score on end 13 was close to a finishing touch at 24-14.  Maureen Hordle’s group also won well, finishing 20-14.

PRESS REPORT w/e December 2

The men played Taunton twice in two days, winning in the County League, losing in the Denny Plate.  At home in the League, Dave Nicholls’ men led from start to finish, rattled up a 16 shot lead by end 14, won 14 of 21 ends to seal a handsome victory 27-11.  Eddie Payne’s side took the lead on end five, led to end 17 when Taunton drew level but Wedmore won the game by scoring five over the next three ends – 21-17.  Away, Colin Moss’ team led throughout, bowling a five score on end 13 to gain a 15 shot lead and pressed on for a fine win, 26-14.  Ron Barron’s boys conceded six on the first two ends but bounced back with a five and took the lead two ends later.  Although the score was levelled three times, Wedmore held their nerve to win 20-18, ensuring a clean sweep of all the points.
Scores:  J White, B Back, R Thurkettle, D Nicholls, 27-11; P Smith, C Panchaud, J Fear, E Payne, 21-17; A Birch, J Runciman, R Newell, C Moss, 26-14; D Collins, D Brown, K Pettit, R Barron, 20-18; overall 94-60.
The previous day, with many of the same players, Wedmore lost in the Denny Plate, 71 shots to 81 overall, winning one rink, drawing on one and losing two.  At home, Eddie Payne’s crew were in a tight game for the first 14 ends with the lead changing five times.  Then they hit the accelerator, shutting Taunton out for the remaining seven ends, to triumph 26-11.  A different fate awaited Dave Nicholls’ rink when conceding a six on end 11 left them 15 behind and going down 12-27.  Away, Colin Moss and co. started slowly but they plugged away and took the lead on end 17 but Taunton finished marginally stronger to tie the game 21 all.  Ron Barron’s group were in the game to half way but then found it difficult to score, losing 12-22.
Scores: J White, D Brown, J Fear, E Payne 26-11;  P Smith, M Fowler, K Phillimore, D Nicholls, 12-27; A Birch, J Runciman. R Newell, C Moss, 21-21; D Collins, B Back, K Pettir, R Barron 12-22; overall 71-81.
The Mixed Friendly squad played Burnham-on-Sea twice with honours even.  In the recent triples fixture Wedmore won on both rinks and by 44 shots to 28 overall.  Lynda Dearden’s side went 16 shots ahead with a six score on end 13, then Burnham improved their hit rate over the next five ends to make the margin ten shots.  Maureen Hordle’s team lost the lead on end six and couldn’t get it back until end 15, when scoring six over the last three ends enabled victory by six shots.  In the earlier rinks fixture it was one rink each with a close finish in Burnham’s favour 39-45 overall.  Joe Harris led his group to a strong second half of 16-6 to clinch the game.   Bryan Tagg didn’t get a look-in after the first few ends and lost heavily.


Wedmore were drawn against Street Victoria on a home and  away basis in the second round of the Denny Cup and crashed out 49 shots to 99 overall without winning any rinks.  At home, Colin Moss’ gents were playing catch up and commendably took the lead on end 14 but Victoria scored 10 in winning the last five ends to win 12-21.  Victoria hit five on the first end against Ron Barron’s men who could not make good the deficit and lost 13-29.  Away Dave Nicholls’ team came closest to scoring some points, leading from ends two to 13 and levelling on 18. Unfortunately for Wedmore, Victoria out-scored them six shots to one over the last three ends to win 15-20.  Eddy Payne’s side couldn’t get any traction, winning only six ends, going down 9-29.
Scores:  A Birch, R Bull, R Newell, C Moss 12-21;  J Runciman, D Stansfield, K Pettit, R Barron, 13-29; R Hall, B Back, R Thurkettle, D Nicholls, 15-20; J White, D Brown, J Fear, E Payne, 9-29;  overall 49-99.
In three Mixed Friendlies, Wedmore won two.  In a close tussle with Congresbury,
it ended with the visitors edging out both ends to win 33-36. Brian Aston’s group led most of the way, leading by seven shots on end 11 but succumbed to a Congresbury rally, needing two to win on the last end but only scored one so losing 17-18.  Peter Smith’s rink trailed at first, caught up on end 10, then ahead briefly but slipped and despite a strong finish lost 16-18.
Against neighbours Draycott, it was one rink each but 43-25 for Wedmore overall.  Brian Aston’s players had a good time, leading from end two, winning 12 of 18 ends, including a five score, to win easily 29-8.  Mike Batchelor and co. were behind for 12 ends, drew level on 13, scored five to lead on end 15 but failed to score thereafter so lost 14-17.
The match with Wells was played in the true friendly spirit, especially keeping in mind that Wells don’t have an indoor rink and some of their squad were playing indoors for the first time.  It was one all on rinks,  with Wells skipper dave Gait undoing all Brian Aston’s good work for Wedmore by coming from behind right at the end, scoring three to win by three.  Trish Newell ran up a cricket score on her rink which gave Wedmore a big lead on the overall score.


In an Egham Trophy match on a 2+2 basis against St Andrews, remarkably Wedmore won both away rinks but lost both home rinks by big margins and so went down 61 shots to 100.  Colin Moss’ side took the lead on end three with a five score but were caught on end seven, retook the lead on end eight and promptly lost it on the next end. The second half was very close on scores but that hides the fact that Wedmore won eight of 11 ends and, with excellent timing, drew level on end 20, scored one at the last to win.  Steve Healey’s team suffered a loss of six on the first end, were only one shot behind by end six but then fell away to a seven shot deficit at end ten.  The climb back was topped by taking the last four ends with the requisite three on the last end.  Ron Barron and Ray Newell each won only eight ends on their rinks and lost heavily.

Scores: J Collins, AM Wilkinson, D Collins, C Moss, 21-19; P Jenkins, M Hordle, C Panchaud, S Healey, 18-16; B Disbrey, T Newell, M Batchelor, R Barron, 12-25; J Collingwood, L Hamblin, J Runciman, R Newell, 10-40; overall 61-100.

A Mixed Friendly away to North Petherton resulted in one rink each and a close overall score of 37 shots to 39. Skipper Maureen Hordle led her crew to a 19-18 victory, having been 11 shots behind at half way.  Alan Birch and Co. led most of the way but were undone by losing nine shots on the last two ends.


13th October – Wedmore supporting the Under 25’s

Today the club hosted a fixture against the County’s Under 25’s to support and encourage young bowlers who will be the future of this great sport. Bowlers from all around the County enjoyed a very competitive match against a team from the Isle of Wedmore Bowls Club. The game was followed by a lunch and presentation of awards to those Girls and Boys, who attained higher levels and achievements, during the Summer Season. We even helped Imogen celebrate her 17th Birthday ( many happy returns Imogen). It was an honour to play against such talented youngsters who clearly demonstrate that the stereotype image of the sport is wrong.

PRESS REPORT w/e 23rd September

The men lined up against Long Ashton in the Clevedon District knock-out cup final and in a closely fought match where rinks were 3-3, narrowly lost by six shots.  Colin Moss’ men regained the lead on end six and by half way had a seven shot lead which swelled to 20-9 in a fine victory for the club.  Ron Barron’s side didn’t lead until end eight and then motored on, helped by a five score, to win 18-13.  Ray Newell’s team trailed for most of the first half but then took the lead on end nine, built a lead of six by end 14 and had just enough in the tank to win despite a strong finish from the opposition – 16-15.  Keith Pettit’s lads were seven shots down at one point but clawed their way back into the game with scores level on end 17 but were pipped at the post for 12-14.  They found it difficult to come to grips on Dave Nicholls’ rink, were 12 down at end 11, but gained ground towards the end, especially with their five score, to limit the damage to 16-22.    Greg Annuik’s trio hit a five score on the first end but Long Ashton promptly matched it and went on scoring for a lead of ten at half way and 12-27 by the end.
Scores: C Wheller, D Collins, C Moss, 20-9; J Runciman C Panchaud, R Barron, 18-13; T Brown, D Stansfield, R Newell, 16-15; I Gallop, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 12-14; T Simpson, J Harris, D Nicholls, 16-22; A Birch,
K Burt, G Annuik, 12-27; overall 94-100.
Overall the men can look back on a season with its share of achievements including winning the Clevedon Triples League and runners up in their cup; the ‘B’ team won the County N3 league and promotion, whilst the ‘C’ team can be pleased not to be bottom in the same league in only their second season!
The ladies played away to Ashcombe in the Wessex Ladies League, won one of three rinks and lost by 20 shots.  Shirley Wederell’s ladies began well, had an eight shot lead after end six and kept up a scoring rate which won 14 of 21 ends to finish 23-12.  Carole Pettit’s side fought to keep up with their opponents but losing by a five score on end 15 really put the game out of reach, finishing 11-26.  Gil Harvey’s team were in touch with the leaders in the first half but conceding two fives was too much to handle and finished 13-29.
Scores: A Birch, S Tinknell, J Hunt, S Wederell, 23-12; A Hughes, M Barron, T Newell, C Pettit, 11-26; B Disbury, H Mullet, J Wheller, G Harvey, 13-29; overall 47-67.
In five season ending friendlies, Wedmore won just two matches.  In a Mixed Friendly to a touring side from Yate, rinks went 3-2 and overall shots 104-81.  Victorious skippers Terry Simpson, Shirley Wederell and Gil Harvey won by 14, 13 and one shot respectively, whilst Keith Burt just lost by one shot and Roger Hughes by four.  A Men’s Friendly at home to Wells produce a win by 23 shots with skippers Dave Collins (14 shots), Terry Simpson, (7 shots), Ron Barron (2 shots) plus a tie from Keith Burt all making their mark.  A Mixed Friendly against Wells didn’t go quite so well, with City taking three of five ends and a photo finish of 4 shots for them to take victory.  Skippers Ronn Barron (15 shots ahead) and Keith Burt (5 shots) made winning contributions, Dave Nicholls and Ray Newell lost by narrow margins whilst Roger Hughes and Dennis Stansfield went down.  A Mixed Friendly away at Long Ashton saw Clive Wheller the only winning skipper with Jenny Collingwood, Keith Burt and Dennis Stansfield taking modest losses and Wedmore losing by just 8 shots overall.  A Purton touring squad put out a strong side to take four of six rinks and victory overall by 18 shots.  Wedmore’s two winning skippers were Stuart Fisher (by 17 shots), and Dennis Stansfield (2 shots) whilst Ron Barron, Keith Burt, Jenny Collingwood and Ray Newell were left to contemplate the indoor season.


The Ladies played two matches away in the Wessex Ladies League, losing both.  Against Wessex the overall score was 48-58, 1-2 on rinks.  Maureen Hordle’s ladies had a turbulent start with four lead changes in six ends but then settled in to build a six shot lead, whittled down to one at end 12 but Wedmore finished the stronger to triumph 22-13.  Shirley Wederell’s team  had a taste of the lead just after the start but had no answer as Wessex forged on from end seven to win 11-20.  Trish Newell’s side had a difficult start leaving them seven shots behind and it proved impossible to overcome that so lost 15-25.

Scores:  P Jenkins, J Hunt, G Harvey, M Hordle, 22-13, J Collins, B Disbury, P Beard, S Wederell, 11-20; A Birch, FB Rees, M Barron, T Newell, 15-25; overall 48-58.

At Clevedon the overall score was 48-65 and 0-3 on rinks.  On Gill Harvey’s rink Wessex took the lead on end two and built up a lead of six shots by end 14, at which point Wedmore got into their stride and limited Wessex to three ends to the end .  Unfortunately for them Wessex scored one on the last end to win 15-16.  Shirley Wederell’s team were level at end seven when the opposition began to grow a lead and despite finishing the stronger Wedmore lost 22-25.  Maureen Hordle’s group didn’t score until end eight by which time they were 11 shots behind which proved to be a bridge too far and lost 11-24.

Scores: A Birch, M Barron, A Hughes, G Harvey, 15-16; B Disbury, M Fisher, T Newell, S Wederell, 22-25; PD Rees, B Clark, P Jenkins, M Hordle, 11-24; overall 48-65.


PRESS REPORT w/e 16 Sept 2018

The men played West Backwell at home in the Clevedon Over Sixties Triples League, knowing that a victory would clinch the title for Wedmore.  This was duly delivered as the home side dominated with 131 shots to 76 overall and 5-1 on rinks.  Colin Moss’ side shut the door on Backwell, winning 12 of 18 rinks rattling up 29 shots to 8.  Ray Newell’s team also won 12 ends to triumph 25-9.  Dave Nicholls and co. were never led and a six score on end ten helped them to pull away to 27-14.  Ron Barron’s group re-took the lead on end six and pushed on to win 18-11.  Keith Pettit’s crew were six shots up when entering a six end dry spell to find themselves three shots  down but undaunted fought back to take the lead on end 12 and via a two score on the last end, claim a narrow victory at 17-16.  Roger Hughes guys didn’t score until end five and were 2-12 down at end eight, fought back to within two shots and limited the damage to three shots, losing 15-18.

Scores: V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 29-8; B Aston, C Panchaud, R Newell, 25-9; A Birch, K Burt, D Nicholls, 27-14; J Runciman, J Harris, R Barron, 18-11; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 17-16; T Brown, I Gallop, R Hughes, 15-18;  overall 131-76.

In  the Weston League, the men won at home against Clevedon RBL with a strong score of 112-89 shots and 3-2 with a tie on rinks.  Keith Burt’s men did not allow their opponents to score until end four and not again until end ten and went on to storm home for 21-9.  Keith Pettit’s gents were also quick to claim victory, leading the whole way for 20-11.  Roger Hughes’ boys were 12 shots up by end 11 when they conceded seven but this did not prevent them winning 21-17.  Dave Nicholls’ side had a bumpy ride, not scoring until end five, scoring five on end 12 to lead, conceded five on end 17 to go into the last one down and scored one to secure a tie.  It was nip and tuck on Ron Barron’s rink with five lead changes, going into the last end needing three shots, scored two so just lost 16-17.  Ray Newell’s team started well, nine up at end six but then endured a six end drought to go three shots behind, were scrapping to the end but lost 18-20.

Scores:  D Skelton, I Gallop, K Burt, 21-9; B Aston, J Runciman, K Pettit, 20-11; R Grant, C Panchaud, R Hughes, 22-17; T Brown, D Collins, D Nicholls, 15-15; B Back, R Thurkettle, R Barron, 16-17; T Counsell, S Fisher, R Newell, 18-20; overall 112-89.

The Weston Cup Final was played at neutral ground Weston Victoria when Wedmore’s men lined up against Winscombe and lost 77-101.  Ron Barron’s group only won three of the first nine ends, leaving them nine shots behind but then came the exciting fight back, winning six of the last nine ends to draw level on end 17, score 4 on the last end to win 19-15.  It was a closely fought game on Keith Pettit’s rink but after taking the lead on end seven, Wedmore kept their nose in front and won 12-11 despite losing the last two ends.  Keith Burt’s boys also had a tight game with four lead changes in the first half and scores level at end ten when Winscombe advanced to a six point lead on end 13 reduced to four at end 16.  Wedmore scored three on the last two ends but it was not quite enough, so losing 16-17.  Roger Hughes’ team had a lead of seven on end seven but then had nine scoreless ends producing a deficit of seven shots on end 16 with five shots on the last two ends producing a near miss of 14-16.  Ray Newell’s side  started well but lost the lead on end nine, never to see it again, losing 10-16.  Colin Moss could only win five ends and went down 6-26.

Scores: T Brown, S Fisher, R Barron, 19-15; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 12-11; C Wheller, T Simpson, K Burt, 16-17; A Birch, D Wederell, R Hughes, 14-16; V Matthews, C Panchaud, R Newell, 10-16; J Runciman, D Collins, C Moss, 6-26; overall 77-101.

As the season nears its end the Ladies played three friendlies at home, winning two of them.  Against Bridgwater Wedmore won by 10 shots overall and rinks 2-1 with the rink victories coming from skippers Elaine Deverill and Pam Beard whilst Maureen Hordle lost by a small margin.  Wedmore beat Wyrral Park in a nail biter by one shot overall and 2-1 on rinks.  Trish Newell and Pam Beard delivered the winners and Maureen Hordle brought up the rear.  Prattens won on all three rinks but skippers Liz Hamblin, Carole Pettit and Gill Harvey all had close matches, losing by only two, three and four shots respectively.