Weekly Report: w/e 18th September ’16

Two great results for Wedmore this week!

The ladies battled their way to win the Fear Plate after a nail-biting finish against Prattens. The teams were all square after 21 ends and had to play an extra end which Wedmore won by just two shots!  Shirley Wederell and Ladies Captain Julie Collins proudly display the plate!


Wedmore men had the second great success of the week winning the Clevedon & Dist. Knock Out Cup in great style with a 118 shot to 85 victory over Portishead RBL! In this match, played at Congresbury Wedmore won five out of six rinks!

This ends an outstanding season for the men in the Clevedon Over 60s – they played 18 matches and won every one of them!  They also won the league’s Charity Cup!

After a difficult season in the Weston and District Over 60s the men won their last match played away at St. Andrews by 102 shots to 92.  Mike Grosvenor and his team scored five on the last end to win their rink by just one shot!

Wedmore men played host to West Backwell for the last of the Clevedon & Dist. Over 60s games and the hosts won by 114 shots to 89. Dave Nicholls and his team had the best win of the day 27-6.

The final ladies match was played at home against Prattens but , sadly, torrential rain forced the match to be abandoned after 11 ends.

Now the players’ attention moves to the indoor season with Taster Days for new potential  bowlers , or experienced bowlers who would like to play indoors, being held on the 24th and 25th of September from 0930 until 1600.  And a new season begins….


Weekly Report: w/e 11th September ’16

Wedmore men visited Clevedon Prom. this week for a Weston & Dist. Over 60s match with the home team winning by 111 shots to Wedmore’s 85. Rink scores:  I.Faulkner, M. Grosvenor, R. Barron 16-20, D.Barnett, C. Panchaud, R. Newell 15-15,  A.Birch, S.Fisher, D.Stansfield 14-20. R.Bull, I.Gallop, R.Hughes 13-10,  J.Runciman, T.Bullock, R.Thurkettle 15-31,  D.Collins, T.Brown, E.Payne 12-15.

The ladies travelled to Wessex Ladies for a WLL match and won by 61 shots to 51. Rink scores: D.Maingot, A.Birch, M.Fisher, M.Trow 18-22, J.Collins, D.Gallop, A.Hughes, P.Beard 20-13, M. Hordle, P. Jenkins, J. Collingwood, J. Masters 23-16.

Wedmore ladies hosted Wyrall Park for a friendly match with the visitors winning by 72 shots to 43. Julie Masters and her team had the only win of the day 26-16.

The Club Finals Weekend produced the following results:

Men’s Pairs: winners R.Barron, S.Wilkinson r/up C.Panchaud, M.Green

Ladies 2 wood: winner M. Hordle, r/up C.Phillimore

Ladies Pairs: winners B.Clarke, A.Hughes , r/up G.Harvey, P.Jenkins

Mixed Pairs: winners D.Maingot, R.Barron,  r/up A.M.Wilkinsonm, R.Newell

New Winners: winner  M.Grosvenor, r/up P.Tincknell

Men’s 4 wood:  winner A.Birch, r/up D.Nicholls

Over 70s 4 wood:  winner R.Newell, r/up A.Hughes

Open 4 wood: winner A.Birch, r/up R.Newell

Family Pairs: winners M.& R. Barron r/up A.& R. Hughes

Ladies 4 wood: winner S. Wederell,   r/up C.Phillimore

Men’s 2 wood: winner  R.Barron,  r/up A.Birch

Weekly report: w/e 4th September ’16

Wedmore ladies continue to do well in the Fear Plate competition winning the semi-final against Watchett by 65 shots to 49!  They next play in the final against Prattens on the 18th of September.

The ladies travelled to Ashcombe for a WLL match and won by just one shot49-48.  Shirley Wederall and her team secured the win with a 28-14 result. Rink scores: B.Clark, P.Jenkins, A.Birch, M.Hordle 14-11,  J.Collingwood, M.Fisher, A. Hughes, G. Harvey 7-23,  J.Collins, M.Barron, P. Beard, S.Wederall 28-14.

There have been some good successes for the Wedmore men this season,The men’s A team have ended in a very laudable third place in their first season in the county League Prem.2,   and  Wedmore came first in the Clevedon & District Over 60s !

The next big event is the final of the Triples Cup playing against their arch-rivals Portishead RBL.

Wedmore played host to Chewstoke in the Clevedon and Dist. Over 60s and the home team won by 120 shots to 81 and winning every rink.   Ray Newell and his team had the best win 24-13.  Rink scores:  A.Birch, K.Burt, E.Payne 24-20, V.Matthews, D.Collins, C.Moss 23-13,  B.Aston, T.Brown, D.Nicholls 19-10,  R.Bull, R.Thurkettle, R.Hughes 15-14,  J.Runciman, C.Panchaud, R.Barron 15-11,   P,Smith, I.Gallop, R.Newell 24-13.

A mixed Wedmore team played city of Wells for the Friendship Cup and Wedmore won by 121 shots to 105  Roger Hughes and his team had the best win 27-17.

In friendly matches this week the ladies beat visitors St. Andrews by 59 shots to 36 and the men lost to Bridgewater Durleigh by 77 shots to 83.




Weekly Report: w/e 28th August ’16

A great success for Wedmore men who won the Charity Cup this week. This annual event is played at five different venues on the same day and Wedmore won their match at all the locations!  The prize money will go to  MacMillan Cancer Support.

The ladies held their Triples Day and after an enjoyable day’s bowling the winners were: Audrey Birch, Joy Gainey and Julie Masters.

Wemore men enjoyed a good win away at Long Ashton in the Clevedon & Dist. Over 60s with a final score of 123 to 84.   Ron Barron and his team had the best win of the day 24-8. Rink scores:   A.Birch, R. Thurkettle, R.Hughes 23-12,  I.Faulkner, M.Grosvenor, R.Barron 24-8,  J.Runciman, I.Gallop, E.Payne 18-10,  R.Bull, T.Brown, K.Pettit 26-14,  V.Matthews, D.Collins, C.Moss 23-18,  B.Aston, C.Panchaud, K. Burt 9-22.

Wedmore ladies enjoyed a good win at home against Fosseway in the MLT with a final score of 64 to 38. Julie Masters and her team were the highest scorers winning their rink 27-6.  Rink scores:  J.Collingwood, A.Birch, J.Masters 27-6,  J.Collins, P.Beard, C.Pettit 24-19,  A.Hughes, L.Hamblin, M.Hordle 13-13,

A ladies friendly match was played away at Wells and Wedmore lost by 38 shots to 63.

With the end of the outdoor season approaching Wedmore B.C. is once again holding Indoor Taster Sessions for both beginners and experienced bowlers. These free events will be held on 17th, 24th and 25th September between 1000 and 1600. Just come along and have a go!!

Weekly Report: w/e 21st August ’16

The men’s A Team in the county league continue to do well.  This week they played away against Knowle and won by 60 shots to 49.  They are currently in second position in the Premier 2 division.  This week Eddie Payne’s team had the best win scoring 24 shots to 12. Rink scores:  D.Collins, T.Brown, K.Burt, D.Nicholls 18-20,  A.Birch, G.Annuik, K.Pettit, E.Payne 24-12,  V.Matthews, I.Gallop, R.Newell, R.Barron 18-17.

The men’s B. Team continued to struggle losing at home to Nailsea A by 47 shots to 75.

A very strong performance by Wedmore men at home in a Clevedon & Dist. Over 60s, against Clevedon saw them win by 144 shots to 74!   In a high scoring match Colin Moss and his team had the best win of the day 29-7.  Rink scores:  J. Harvey, S.Fisher, R.Barron 31-11,  T.Hamblin, I.Gallop, D.Nicholls 7-15,  A.Birch, T.Brown, R.Thurkettle 27-10,  V.Matthews, D.Collins, C.Moss 29-7,  J.Runciman, D.Trow, K.Pettit 28-10,  B.Aston, M.Green, E.Payne 22-21.

In the Weston & Dist. Over 60s league Wedmore visited Portishead RBL and lost by just six shots,  87-93.  Mike Grosvenor and his team had the best of the day winning 21-8.  Rink scores:  A.Birch, I.Faulkner, K.Pettit  9-19,  V.Matthews, I.Gallop, C.Moss 19-17,  P.Smith, G.Dodd, M.Grosvenor 21-8,  T.Collingwood, M.Green, C.Panchaud 14-15,  R.Bull, J.Runciman, S.Fisher 14-18, B. Aston, D.Collins, R.Barron 10-16.

The ladies played visitors Portishead in the WDL league and won by three shots 46-43 even thought they won just one rink.  Overall victory was assured by Maureen Hordle and her team who won their rink by 21 shots to 8!  Rink scores:  M.Barron, J. Masters, M.Trow 15-17, M.Green, P.Beard, G.Harvey  10-18,  A.Birch, C.Pettit, M.Hordle 21-8.

Wedmore ladies played away at Winscombe in the WLL and lost 52 shots to 60. Shirley Wederell and her team had the only win of the day 19-17.  Rink scores: J.Collingwood, M.Fisher, C.Pettit, M. Hordle 15-21,  J.Collins, B.Disbrey, P.Beard, S. Wederell 19-17., B.Clark, A.Birch, L.Hamblin, J. Masters 18-22.

In the second WDL match of the week Wedmore ladies were at home to Wessex.  Even though Pan Beard led her team to a 23 – 13 win it was not sufficient to win the match and Wedmore lost overall 47-56. Rink scores:  M.Green, A.Birch, M. Hordle 12-24,  J.Collins, B. Disbrey, P. Beard 23-13,  P. Jenkins, M.Fisher, G. Harvey 12-19.

In the final WDL match played at home Wedmore ladies found visitors Congresbury tough opponents losing by 36 shots to 67, and losing all three rinks.

The week ended with a mixed friendly match played at home against Somerton and the visitors won by 91 shots to 60. Gill Harvey and her team had the only success of the day winning by 22 shots to 19.

Weekly Report: w/e 14th August ’16

The British Wheelchair Bowlers Association were hosted by  Wedmore again this week for the Wedmore Pairs Competition.  After two days play the winning pair were, Mike Diston from Truro on the left and Richard Brown from Wiltshire, right , pictured with sponsor, Maureen Hordle.   Ian Blackmore , President of BWBA thanked the members for their help with catering,setting up and during the competition , making this event a great success.

Wedmore men continued to do well in the Clevedon & Dist. Over 60s with a win away against Portishead where the final score was a pleasing 110 shots to 84. Ron Barron and his team had the best win of the day 21-11.  Rink scores:  C.Wheller, I.Gallop, R.Barron 21-11,  J.Runciman, R.Norris, K.Pettit 17-16,  V.Matthews, D.Collins, C.Moss 22-14,  B.Aston, J.Harris, D.Stansfield 11-18,  D.Barnett, R.Bull, E.Payne 22-15,   A.Birch, D.Trow, R.Hughes 17-10.

Wedmore ladies played at home against Mark Moor for the Fear Plate and won by 59 shots to 50 after a close game. Gill Harvey and her team sealed the win with a score of 23 -12 on their rink. Rink scores:  J.Colline, J.Hunt, M.Trow, E.Wederell  19-22, A.Hughes, P.Beard, M.Hordle, E.Deverill 17-16, J.Collingwood, C.Pettit, T.Newell, G. Harvey 23-12.

Nailsea came to Wedmore for a Ladies Triples League match  Wedmore won just one rink and the visitors won overall by 58 to Wedmore’s 45.  Rink scores:  B.Clark, L. Hamblin, S.Wederell 13-30,  M.Green, D.Gallop, E.Deverill 17-12,  M.Barron, J.Hunt, M.Hordle 15-16.

A mixed Wedmore team visited Wellington for a friendly match which Wedmore won handsomely scoring 83 shots to Wellington’s 61. Mike Green and his team had the best of the day winning by 25 shots to 9.

With the approaching end of the outdoor season thoughts are turning to the indoor winter competitions.  Once again Wedmore is offering a series of Taster Days on 17, 24 and 25th September from 9.30 until 4pm. These  sessions offer a great opportunity for beginners to try indoor bowling, or for other bowlers looking for a winter venue to visit the club and see the facilities. All sessions are free of charge and equipment is provided.

Weekly Report: w/e 6th August ’16

A great result for the Wedmore men in the Clevedon & Dist. Cup Semi-Final! Playing away at Long Ashton they won by a magnificent 131 shots to 76!   Roger Hughes and his team had a day to remember winning by 40 shots to 3!  The team is  now looking  forward to the final against Portishead RBL on the 16th of September!  Rink scores: M.Barron, J. Harris, R.Barron 21-10,  A.Birch, C.Panchaud, E. Payne 24-12,  D.Trow, D.Stansfield, K.Pettit 19-20, V.Matthew, D. Collins, C.Moss 6-13,  J. Runciman, I.Gallop, R.Hughes 40 – 3, T. Brown, K.Burt, D. Nicholls 21-8.

The men faced a tough challenge playing away against Ashcombe Crusaders losing the Weston & Dist. Over 60s by 83 shots to 107.  Clive Panchaud and his team had the only win of the day 25-16 scoring 11 shots on the last three ends to clinch the game.  Rink scores:  T.Collingwood, J. Runciman, K. Pettit 13-19,  A.Birch, I.Faulkner, K.Burt 9-19  C.Wheller, D.Collins, R.Barron 8-17,  P.Smith, S.Newdick, D.Stansfield 11-18,  D.Trow, T.Bullock, C.Moss 17-18,  V.Matthews, I.Gallop, C.Panchaud, 25-10.

In their second good win of the week in the Clevedon & Dist. Over 60s Wedmore played at home against Congresbury and won by 104 shots to 96.  Keith Pettit and his team had the best win of the day 28-14.   Rink scores:   T.Hamblin, I. Gallop, R.Hughes 11-17,  R.hunt, R.Norris, K.Pettit 28-14, A.Birch, I.Faulkner, K. Burt 14-15,  C.Wheller, M.Grosvenor, R.Barron 18-12,  D.Trow, C.Panchaud, T.Brown 10-25,  V.Matthews, D.Collins, J.Harris 23-13.

A mixed week for the Wedmore ladies with one good win and two losses.  In a WLL match played at home against Mark Moor Wedmore earned 10 points winning by 63 shots to 38. Elanine Deverill and her team had the best win of the day 23-10.  Rink scores:  B.Clark, J.Wheller, T.Newell , E.Deverill 23-10, J. Collins, D.Gallop, C.Pettit, G. Harvey 19-14,  J.Collingwood, J. Hunt, P. Beard, S. Wederall 21-14.

The ladies then played away at Wrington in a Mendip League Triples match and lost by 41 shots to 64 in very blustery conditions!  Pam Beard and her team had the only win of the day 21-10.  Rink scores:  J. Collins, A. Birch, P.Beard 21-10, P.Jenkins, M.Stansfield, E.Deverill 11-30,  B.Disbrey, M. Barron, M. Hordle 9-24.

Clarence visited Wedmore for a WDL match and the visitors won by 57 shots to 35. Marie Trow and her team had the only success of the day winning by 19 shots to 9.  Rink scores: B.Disbrey, J. Wheller, M.Trow 19-9,  M.Green, A.Birch, G. Harvey 11-19,  D.Gallop, M.Barron, C.Pettit 5-29.

In a mixed friendly played away at Chewstoke the Wedmore team won by a respectable 128 shots to 91. In a match of high scores Jean Wheller and her team had the best win 28-8.


Weekly Report: w/e 31st July 16

The week started with the Wedmore men playing away at Clevedon Prom in the C & Dist. Over 60s and beating the home side by 100 shots to 76.  The best performance was by Dave Nicholls and his team who won their rink 24 to 5!   Both Roy Thurkettle’s and Ron Barron’s teams scored 4 on the final end to win their rinks!  Rink scores:  J. Harvey, S.Fisher, R.Thurkettle 14-11, A.Birch, D. Collins, C.Moss 19-10,  D.Barnett, J.Runciman, K.Pettit 13-18, T.Counsell, D.Stansfield, R.Barron 14-13,  D.Trow, J.Harris, D.Nicholls 24-5, G.Dodd, T.Brown, R.Hughes 16-19.

A Turnbull Cup match was played against North Petherton and Wedmore faced a tough challenge losing 68-82. Eddie Payne and his team had the only win of the day but this was not enough to save Wedmore from being knocked out of the competition.  Rink scores: B.Ashton, V.Matthews, R. Newell, R.Barron  16-19, A.Birch, G. Anniuk, K.Pettit, E.Payne 22-17,  D.Collins, K. Phillimore, K.Burt, D.Nicholls 14-25, T.Brown, C.Panchaud, R.Thurkettle, C.Moss 16-21.

On the same day a Wedmore men’s team played St.Andrews away in the Over 60s Knockout Cup and were also knocked out. Final score was 84 shots to 112.  Rink scores: T.Simpson, T.Bullock, R.Hughes 12-22 T.Collingwood, B. Dearden, M.Grosvenor 13-16, J.Clark, D.Skelton,. P.Smith 16-11,  S.Wilkinson, T.Counsell, S.Fisher 13-29,  R.Bull, D.Barnett, D.Stansfield 14-17,  J.White, P.Bean, M.Green 16-17.

Wedmore lost away to Winscombe by just one shot in the Weston & Dist. Over 60s. Keith Pettit and his team had the best win of the day 27 shots to 12.  Rink scores:  T.Counsell, J.Runciman, D.Stansfield 13-15,  V.Matthews, I.Faulkner, E.Payne 9-22, T.Simpson, S.Newdick, C.Moss 18-12,   J.White, D.Collins, K. Pettit 27-12,  T.Collingwood, M.Grosvenor, K.Burt 13-16,  A.Birch, C. Wheller, T. Brown 17-21,

The challenging week ended with  two good wins, both at home,  firstly against Portishead RBL in the Clevedon and Dist. Over 60s with Wedmore winning by 112 shots to 75, and five out of six rinks!  Ron Barron and his team had the best win with a 27-14 victory.  Rink scores:  J.Runciman, R.Norris, K.Pettit 17-10,  T.Brown, K. Burt, D.Nicholls 15-13,  R.Bull, R.Thurkettle, R.Barron 27-14 A.Birch, D.Trow, R.Hughes 12-13,  B.Aston, C.Panchaud, R.Newell 18-13, V.Matthews, D.Collins, C.Moss 23-12.

Secondly in the A team league match against Keynsham A with a 68-51 win.  In this match victory was assured by an outstanding performance from Eddie Payne and his team who won their rink 32-8!  Rink scores:  B. Aston, I.Gallop, R. Newell, R.Hughes 19-16, A.Birch, G.Annuik, K.Pettit, E.Payne 32-8,  D.Collins, K.Burt, R.Barron, D.Nicholls 17-27.

In the Wessex Ladies League Winscombe visited Wedmore and the home side had a convincing win 61 shots to 49 gaining eight points!   Marie Trow and her team ensured victory with a 26-14 win.  Rink scores:  M.Green,  A. Wilkinson, T. Newell, M.Trow 26-14,  J.Collins, B. Disbrey, J. Hunt, C. Pettit 16-20,  P. Jenkins, A. Birch, P. Beard, E. Deverill 19-15.

The ladies visited Clevedon Prom in the second WLL fixture of the week and won by 61 shots to 57.  Maureen Hordle and her team won the match with a 26 to 13 victory.Rink scores:  J. Collingwood, M. Barron, L. Hamblin, E.Deverill 17-20,  B. Clark, D. Gallop, A. Birch, M. Hordle 26-13 , A. Hughes, M. Fisher, P. Beard, G. Harvey 18-24,

A mixed Wedmore team travelled to North Petherton for a friendly match and lost by just one shot 72-73. Maureen Hordle’s team had the best differential with a 20-14 win.



Weekly Report: w/e 24th July ’16

This week the Wedmore men played away twice against Clevedon Prom and enjoyed good wins on both occasions.  Firstly in the Weston & Dist. Over 60s they won by an amazing 138 shots to 66!  Both Keith Pettit’s team and Roger Hughes team won by a margin of 19 shots and Ron Barron’s team wasn’t far behind with a differential of 17 shots!  Rink scores:  R.Norris, B. Dearden, K.Burt 19-11,  T. Collingwood, D.Collins, K. Pettit 25-6,  V.Matthews, I.Faulkner, R. Hughes 27-8, T.Counsell, C. Wheller, R.Thurkettle 19-16 ,  P.Smith, T.Bullock, D.Stansfield 18-12,  J.Clark, J. Runciman, R. Barron 30-13.

In the second match, this time in the Clevedon & Dist. Over 60s Wedmore won by 100 shots to 76 with Dave Nicholls team having the best of the day with a 24-5 win.

The good performance continued when Wedmore visited Chew Stoke for the second round of the Triples Knock Out Cup and Wedmore men won by 129 shots to 92.  This time Keith Petti and his team had a great win 33 to 6. Rink scores:  J. Runciman, I. Harris, R. Hughes 16-17, A. Birch, R. Newell, E.Payne 22-13, M. Green, R.Thurkettle, R.Barron 22-17,  T.Brown, K. Burt, D.Nicholls 19-18, V.Matthews, D. Collins, C. Moss 17-21, D.Trow, D.Stansfield, K.Pettit 33-6.

The end of the week however proved more difficult with both the A and B teams losing.  The A team were playing away at St. Andrews and lost by 50 shots to St. Andrews 62 whilst the B. Team lost at home by just three shots to Nailsea.   Roy Thurkettle and his team had the only win of the day.

Wedmore ladies had an interesting situation in their away match at Nailsea in the MLT. It was played on one of the hottest days of the year and one rink had to abandon play after 16 ends. The League Secretary ruled that all three rinks should take their 16th end cumulative score and this gave Wedmore a win on two rinks and a draw on the third.  Wedmore therefore scored nine points to Nailsea’s one.

In the second MLT match of the week Wedmore ladies played away at Congresbury and in cooler conditions one the match by just one shot 52 to 51, but lost two out of three rinks!  The winning rink was won by Carole Pettit and her team 17-9 and this swung the overall score in Wedmore’s favour.  Rink scores:  B.Disbrey, J. Hunt, M.Trow 20-22, J. Collins, D. Gallop, C.Pettit 17-9,  M. Barron, J. Collingwood, G. Harvey 15-20.

The Wedmore Triples team of Ann Hughes, Pam Beard and Maureen Hordle played in the Watchet Open Triples Day and came second – their second success in two weeks!

Finally, a mixed team visited Burham for a friendly match and came away having won by 102 shots to 75.   Gill Harvey and her team had the best result 22-11.

Weekly Report: w/e 17th July ’16

Wedmore men continued their successful season in the Clevedon & Dist. Over 60’s with a home win against Nailsea 126 shots to 74.  Eddie Payne led his team to the best win of the day 26 to 10.  Rink scores: T.Hamblin, J. Harris, R. Hughes 19-12,  T.Counsell, R.Norris, K. Pettit 11-14,  J. Runciman, M. Grosvenor, R. Newell 23-13, A. Birch, D. Trow, E. Payne 26-10,  R.Hunt, D. Collins, C. Moss 26-11,  B. Aston, S. Fisher , T. Brown 21-14.

Visitors Clarence Blues beat Wedmore men by 93 to 113 in the Weston Dist. Over 60’s triples.  Keith Pettit and his team had the best win of the day 22-13.  Rink scores:  R. Bull, M.Green, D.Stansfield 17-12,  J. Clark, T. Hamblin, K. Burt 18-17,  R. Dearden, I.Faulkner, R. Barron 11-23,   R. Hunt, A.Birch, C.Panchaud 16-9,  T. Counsell, D. Collins, K.Pettit 22-13,  P.Bean, S.Newdick, S.Fisher 9-30.

A ladies team from Wedmore came second in the Clevedon Prom. Ladies Open Triples. Ann Hughes , Pam Beard, and Maureen Hordle were one of twenty teams playing and were each delighted to come away £30 richer!!

Wedmore ladies visited Victoria for a Ladies Triples match winning two out of three rinks but losing overall by 42 shots to 48. Maureen Hordle and her team had the best of the day winning by 18 shots to 12.  Rink scores:   J. Collins, J. Hunt, J. Wheller 10-24,  B. Disbrey, M. Fisher, M. Trow 14-12,   M. Barron, D. Gallop, M. Hordle 18-12.

In a WDL match played away at Burnham Wedmore ladies won just one of the three rinks and lost overall 40 shots to 53.  Joan Hunt and her team were the only successful team with a win 18-14.  Rink scores:  J. Collins, M. Fisher, J. Hunt 18-14,  M. Barron, J. Wheller, C.Pettit 13-16,  P.Jenkins, B. Disbrey, M. Trow 9-23.

Wedmore welcomed Paulton for a mixed friendly match with the visitors winning by 79 shots to Wedmore’s 59.   Clive Wheller and his team had the only win of the day 18 -15.

Finally , the week ended with the President’s Day competition which was played in glorious sunshine!  The Captains team led by Alan Birch beat the Presidents team led by Ron Barron.  Ron was representing President Brendon Cottrell who was unable to be present and greatly missed. The event was fully subscribed and ended with a traditional cream tea – a thoroughly enjoyable day!