Indoor Competition Finals (16th & 17th March)

For all Isle of Wedmore Bowls Club Members…

We hold our indoor competition finals next weekend, Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March , with matches between 9.0am and 6.0pm.

We would be pleased if you could come along and support the competitors and the event at some time during the weekend.I believe our ladies will be baking cakes……  so tea & cake will be worth the visit aloneJoin the swelling crowdKeith

Note to indoor members regarding season 2019/20

Thank you all for your support for our indoor programme as another season draws to a close.

The programme for 2019/20season is already being planned and we look forward to your support once again when the season starts next September.

Indoor membership renewals will be due on 1stSeptember and as usual we will be holding an Indoor Social evening on Friday 30thAugustwhen annual subscriptions and competition fees can be paid.  

The application lists for next seasons Indoor Club Leagues and Invitation Leagues are already posted on the notice board outside the bar.Individual applications and team applications are required by mid July to enable all teams and leagues to be identified enabling the Fixture Booklet to be designed and printed by the end of August.

Therefore would you please……. 

–  team Captains confirm all Invitation Leagueentries, and any new Invitation League entries please add to the appropriate list and advise me please.

–  add your name to as many Club Leaguesas you wish, 

team squads will be selected, trying our best to give balanced squads of equal strength and taking into account any travel sharing requests.   

A reminder that all Club Leagues and most Invitation League teams have squads, so that as a member of 1 team you would probably play alternate weeks or 2 weeks in 3. Therefore if you wish to play regularly say twice a week, I would suggest you are a member of 4 teams. 

One final request ………would you please sign up now– before the end of this season – it will help our planning immensely and save a few telephone calls in July.  

Finally, for those wishing to continue playing indoor this Summer, the usual 

Tuesday 2pm to 4pm and Thursday 11am to 1.0pm Drives will continue …..just turn up and play. 

Many thanks again for your support…….and enjoy your summer

Keith Pettit

IoW Bowls Club now on FaceBook!

For those of you who like to keep in touch via social media, we’re delighted to let you know that you now have a place to share your club related stories, pictures and videos with your fellow members.

Our new Facebook page is now live and we see this as an invaluable resource to help you stay close to the club even when you’re not on the rinks, as well as way of showcasing what the club has to offer to future members.

So please take a moment to ‘like’ your new Facebook page, we look forward to seeing what you have to share.

Open Day – Saturday 5th May

Ever fancied trying your hand at lawn bowling?

If so, now is the perfect opportunity – come and experience it for yourself in the company of other beginners…

Open Day, Saturday 5th May (10am-4pm)

– Free bowling.
– Bowls & shoes provided.

Follow up coaching sessions on Sundays 13th, 20th & 27th May and Saturday 2nd June, from 10.00am -1.00pm. Coaching sessions also free.

Existing members – please spread the word!

Date for the Diary (2017/2018)

Men’s Outdoor Section AGM – Monday 6th February 8.00pm  2017

Ladies luncheon – Thursday 9th February

Ladies Outdoor Section AGM – Saturday 18th February 1.00pm

Quiz Evening – Saturday 25th February

Skittles Evening – Friday 10th March

Indoor Finals Weekend – Saturday 18th / Sunday 19th March

Indoor Section AGM & Presentation Evening – Friday 7th April at 7.30pm  & payment of outdoor subs & comp. fees

Outdoor Green Opening Day – Saturday 15th April

Club AGM – Friday 28th April at 7.30pm

Open Day / Outdoor Tasters – Sunday 7th May

Club Mixed Triples Day – Sunday 4th June

Ladies Open Triples Tournament – Monday 26th June

President’s Cup Day – Sunday 16th July

BWBA Championships – Saturday 5th / Sunday 6th August

Ladies Triples Day   –  Thursday 24th August

Indoor Section Social Evening – Friday 1st September 2017 at 7.30pm & payment of indoor subs

Mens Triples Day – Thursday 7th September

Outdoor Finals Weekend – Saturday 9th / Sunday 10th September

Captain’s Day – Sunday 17th September

Indoor Taster Days – Saturday 23rd /Sunday 24th September

Indoor Australian Pairs Day – Monday 25th September

Indoor Triples Day – Wednesday 27th September

Annual Dinner & Presentation Evening – Sunday 22nd October midday

Indoor Triples Competition 1st Round – Saturday 25th November & Sunday 26th November

Indoor Xmas Triples Day – Thursday 28th December

Weekly Report w/e 5th June ’16

Wedmore men played Frome Selwood in the National Top Club competition and won in all five disciplines, ensuring progress to the next round. Rink scores: G Anniiuk 18-8; C Moss 21-12; K Pettit, R Barron 30-8; D Collins, R Newell, D Nicholls 22-16; A Birch, J Runciman, I Gallop, E Payne 21-9.

They also played two Over-60 league games. Against Burnham-on-Sea in the Weston & District league, Wedmore won only two rinks, going down by 88-108. Rink scores: B Back, I Faulkner, K Pettit 8-25; T Collingwood, K Davey, C Moss 17-10; T Counsell, D Stansfield, R Barron 15-19; J Clark, C Wheller, K Burt 18-10; S Wilkinson, R Norris, E Payne 16-23; B Aston, I Gallop, R Hughes 14-21. However, they had better fortune in the Clevedon & District league match at Congresbury, where they won on all six rinks. Rink scores: T Collingwood, V Matthews, C Moss 21-16;  P Bean, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 24-16; G Dodd, I Gallop, K Burt 15-14; A Birch, R Norris, K Pettit 25-16; R Hunt, J Harvey, D Stansfield 22-11; M Green, C Panchaud, R Barron 24-12. Total, 131-85.

In the County league, both A & B teams played at home.  Wedmore A played against Williton, winning overall by 59-54, thanks largely to a 7 gained at the second end on R Hughes’ rink, a score which they clung on to and allowed them win by 2 shots. Rink scores: K Pettit, I Gallop, G Anniuk, E Payne 13-21; A Birch, K Phillimore, R Newell, R Hughes 22-20; D Collins, K Burt, R Barron, D Nicholls 24-13. Meanwhile, Wedmore B lost on all rinks to a strong Clarence A team. Rink scores: R Bull, I Faulkner, K Davy, R Thurkettle 14-22; T Collingwood, J Runciman, C Panchaud, C Moss 21-28; V Matthews, C Wheller, M Green, D Stansfield 12-18.

Wedmore ladies had three league games. In the Weston & District league, they played away at Victoria, winning one rink but losing two, to give a final score of 33-57. Rink scores: A Birch, T Newell, L Hamblin 15-13; B Disbrey, C Pettit, P Beard 6-19; P Jenkins, M Perry, J Masters 12-25. At West Backwell, our ladies won two rinks but lost overall by 44-59. Rink scores: B Clark, J Collingwood, C Pettit 19-11, M Barron, J Collins, E Deverill 19-16; A-M Wilkinson, M Stansfield, M Hordle 6-32. In the Mendip Ladies Triples league, Wedmore ladies played at home against Congresbury. Two very unequal rinks almost cancelled themselves out but eventually resulted in a close win by just 3 shots. Rink scores: A Birch, J Hunt, L Hamblin 5-19; J Collins, M Perry, E Deverill 19-19; J Collingwood, A hughes, M Hordle 22-5.

Weekly Report w/e 29 May ’16

Wedmore men’s A team continued their good start in the Premier 2 Division of the County League, beating Bridgwater A on all three rinks to win by 68-53.Particular credit was due to Roger Hughes’ rink, who recovered from a 10 shot deficit at the mid-point to win by one shot on the last end. Rink scores: K Pettit, I Gallop, G Anniuk, E Payne 27-20; D Collins, D Wederell, K Burt, D Nicholls 20-13;B Aston, K Phillimore, R Newell, R Hughes 21-20.

However, the Wedmore B team, playing on the same miserably wet afternoon, lost on all rinks to Winscombe A. Rink scores: R Bull, T Hamblin, I Faulkner, R Thurkettle 20-29; V Matthews, K Davey, S Fisher, D Stansfield 13-20; A Birch, J Runciman, C Panchaud, C Moss 15-20. Total 48-69.

In the second round of the National Club Two-Fours competition, Wedmore played Castle Cary and again came out winners, this time by just 3 shots. In the next round, they will play either Willmott Park or Frome Park. Rink scores: A Birch, K Pettit, R Barron, D Nicholls 21-25; D Collins, R Newell, C Moss, E Payne 22-15.

Wedmore played away to Portishead RBL in the Clevedon & District league and achieved a noteworthy victory by 15 shots, apparently the first league game that RBL have lost since 2014. Roger Hughes’ rink again fought back from a deficit of 11 shots at the half way point to gain a creditable draw. Rink scores: B Aston, T Brown, R Barron 13-16; D Collins, I Gallop, C Moss 15-16; A Birch, J Harris, E Payne 26-11; J Runciman, D Trow, R Hughes 20-20; V Matthews, K Burt, R Newell 15-14; K Davey, K Pettit, D Nicholls 17-14.

In the Weston & District league, Wedmore, playing at home, this time in dry conditions, inflicted a heavy defeat against Winscombe by 122-76. Rink scores: J Runciman, D Collins, K Burt 17-15; P Bean, R Norris, C Moss 18-7; A Birch, I Faulkner, K Pettit 21-14; V Matthews, D Trow, R Newell 32-10; R Bull, K Davey, C Panchaud 19-14; D Barnett, I Gallop, R Barron 15-16.

Wedmore Ladies played two league games. Against Wessex Ladies in the Wessex League, we lost by 10 shots. Rink scores: J Collingwood, J Collins, T Newell, J Masters 20-18; M Barron, A Birch, P Beard, C Pettit 16-24; P Jenkins, B Disbrey, M Perry, G Harvey 15-19.

It was a similar story in a Ladies Weston & District league match against Burnham-on-Sea, which resulted in a loss by 19 shots. Rink scores: J Collingwood, L Hamblin, M Hordle 16-26; A Hughes, J Hunt, M Trow 11-19; B Clarke, T Newell, J Masters 19-20.

In a busy week, Wedmore also played three Friendlies, losing against Somerton by 5 shots but winning against Wellington by 26 shots. Warrington had difficulties adjusting to the Wedmore green, resulting in a win for the home team by 106-48.

Indoor Season Finale (2015-16)

The indoor season ended with three friendlies, the first being the men against the Somerset Patrons over four rinks, two in the morning and two after lunch. Ron Barron’s men started as they meant to go on, taking the lead early and holding off a challenge from the Patrons who levelled at end 13. Wedmore pushed back and built a lead nine by rink 18, resisting a mini revival when the opposition put together five shots on the last three ends to win 18 shots to 14. In the other morning rink Dave Nicholls’ troup were toe to toe for the first half of the game when the visitors pulled away and won by 20 shots to 11. So the half time score was one rink all with the Patrons leading 34 shots to 29 overall.

The afternoon belonged to Wedmore as Keith Burt’s crew were irresistible, winning a 15 of 21 ends and triumphing 33 shots to 8. Colin Moss and co. were in a close fight for seven ends when they scored seven shots which knocked the stuffing out of the opposition for a while. At end 13 Wedmore led by 12 shots when the Patrons scored eight in four ends but Wedmore rallied with 12 shots in three ends for a good win 32 shots to 12. Final score was three rinks to one and overall 94 shots to 62.

A mixed team played The British Wheelchair Bowling Association, stiffened by a couple of national level players. Mike Green’s side led for most of the first half and again by two shots at end 15 but BWBA sprinted to victory with a finish of five shots on the last three ends. On the other rink skipper Beryl Carson kept her team in the game until end seven when the visitors pulled away to win by 21 shots to 8 – overall score 20 shots to 36 and 0-2 on rinks.

The Ladies might have had the end of term blues at home to St. Andrews of Weston-super-Mare. Jenny Collingwood’ Ladies stuck to their task, winning eight of 18 ends but went down 9 shots to 17 and Julie Masters people could only muster wins in three ends, losing by three shots to 22 – overall 0 rinks to two and 12 shots to 39.