Who Said Bowling is an Old persons game!

Even 7 year olds can enjoy the experience

Bowling is a sport for all ages and abilities so contact us via this website for a free taster session with expert coaching. We have excellent indoor and outdoor bowling facilities and we are open again after lockdown (indoor from September). All safety precautiions being taken to protect members and visitors.

Start of our Recruitment Campaign

We supported playing Fields group at the Car Boot sale (by having a stall ) and helping raise funds to complete the New Pavilion. It was the clubs first step to launch our Bowls Bonanza which will be publicised over the coming weeks. There will be 20 free memberships up for grabs in our Bowls Bonanza.

Members at the Car boot sale stall

Covid 19 Update

From Monday 22nd June (providing that the government rules do not change) the Club will open up limited Toilet facilities for the convenience of members. This represents a significant change and will enable many more people to feel confident to come and play bowls.

The rules on Rink booking have been sent to all members, and will stay in place until we are advised they can be relaxed.

That does not mean that we cannot invite new people to come and try the wonderful game of bowls. If you are interested, please contact us to arrange a safe and free initial trial with expert help.

Isle Of Wedmore Bowls Club is OPEN again!!!

Today saw the bowling green open for the first time this year. It is a milestone event but with little Fan Fare due to the strict controls and Rules in force due to the Virus. That said it was nice to see, at 10am this morning, our first group of members take to bowling again and enjoying the glourious weather. Clearly this is a low key start but hopefully in the near future conditions will improve and allow allow more use of the facilities. When that happends the club will let you know, as we all want a return to safe access to bowling, which is a great form of exercise and enjoyment.

Anyone thinking of taking up bowling please contact the club through this website, and we will make safe arrangements to introduce you to our great club, and this fun sport.

Coronavirus update from the Bowls Club 22nd May

                                        Isle of Wedmore Bowls Club  

 Coronavirus    update from the Bowls Club 22nd May

Providing Coronavirus is kept under control and the Government do not re-introduce lock down measures,

The green will be open for outdoor bowling from Monday 1st June ……… but the Clubhouse will remain closed until further notice ie. no access to toilets and changing rooms.

1.0  Rink times / booking system

The green may only be used by pre booking a rink and in order to book a rink please ring Dave Collins who will maintain the rink booking system and will endeavour to grant bookings on a fair basis throughout each week.  

–  3 rinks will be available for play on each day with 2 hour sessions as follows :-

10.00am to 12 noon  ;  1pm to 3.0pm ;   4.0pm to 6.0pm ; 

The rink times will allow sufficient time between sessions to enable players to arrive/depart safely

whilst maintaining social distancing and comply with Bowls England guidance of only 6 players on the premises at any one time.

A maximum of 6 persons plus Club Official (if required) on Club premises at any one time, no visitors / spectators allowed.

2.0  Playing formats   always maintain 2m social distancing  

individuals playing on their own on a single rink

two individuals from two different households playing on a single rink

members of the same household on a single rink

3.0  Playing the game

– play with only people from your own household or by yourself,

  or as long as you remain 2m apart, with one person from outside your household.

– groups of more than 2 people must be from the same household.

– do not shake hands etc, remain 2m distancing

– only 1 player to handle the mat during the session.

– 2 jacks (one at each end) to be used and set by one player only during the session.

– when scoring – maintain social distancing ; do not touch opponents bowls ; avoid shot measuring :   

– after the session – sanitise your equipment ; change shoes and leave club immediately.

4.0  Equipment

– only essential items to be utilised :-

–  6 jacks will be in a bucket (filled with water + cleanser) – each rink take 2 jacks and return them to the bucket immediately after play.

–  6 mats will be immersed in a tray (filled with water + cleanser) – each rink take 2 mats and return them to the tray immediately after play.

–  other equipment allowed :–  gloves (if used)  ;   scorecard if required (retained by 1 player) ;

   own bowls  ;   if club loan bowls – to be sanitised before & after play ;   rink markers  ;

to minimise the risk of infection the following equipment not to be used

scoreboards  ;  bowls pushers  ;  ditch markers  ;  2m distance sticks  ;  chalk  ;

5.0  Clubhouse and facilities

–  the Clubhouse will remain closed until further notice, therefore toilets will not be available.

–  sanitiser to be available for cleaning hands and equipment –  padlocks ; keys ; door handles ;

–  no rubbish bins, players must take rubbish away with them.

–  First aid kit will be located in the equipment shed

6.0  Players recommended actions

–  do not go to the Club if you are experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms

–  if you have played bowls and experience Coronavirus symptoms later, please follow the NHS advice and also inform Dave Collins

–  dress appropriately and avoid the need to change clothes, change shoes immediately before and after your game.

–  travel to the Club on your own or with members of your own household only and do not arrive at the Club more than 10 mins before your allocated booking time.

– we ask that you conform to the strict guidelines as listed not just to keep yourselves safe but your friends also.

7.0  Annual Subscriptions

Members who have not yet paid their outdoor membership subscription this year (reduced fee as previously advised) can do so as follows :-

by Bank Transfer as details in Membership section of this site-please advise Don Trow of any payment

Or if paying by cheque  –  made out to    “The Isle of Wedmore Bowls Club”

and posted to Don Trow.   

As and when the Government and Bowls England make any further relaxation of social measures we will respond by amending our operating procedures according, in the meantime we ask that you strictly adhere to the above guidelines and continue to keep safe. 

Members are requested to continue to keep other members not on email informed.    

Always maintain 2m social distancing

For those members who choose to start playing outdoor again in June – enjoy your bowling and recreation and continue to keep safe

Message from our President

Now is the time when we should be having our AGM, at which I should be retiring as President and handing over my chain of office etc, to my successor. However, present circumstances prevent this happening as normal, so I will take this opportunity to write a few words in this format. Firstly, may I say what a great honour it has been to serve as President of the Club for the past three years.  Mary and I  have always thought how lucky we were to join such a well-organised and friendly club, generally free from those acrimonious disputes which split so many clubs  – and long may that continue. These days of isolation emphasise that it is the social side of being in the club, meeting people, which is more important than whether we win at bowls or not – though of course we all try to win!

It is 15 years since the indoor facilities and clubhouse were opened and I think I can say that we are the envy of most other Clubs around the area. The Club was originally founded to provide opportunities for people to play bowls outdoors, but always remember that it is now the indoor facility that keeps the outdoor green financed despite the original intentions.

I should also like to thank all the members who have served on the Management Committee in that time for keeping the Club operating, particularly those who have served the Club over many years, for example our Treasurer Maureen and Secretary Keith. I must especially single out Keith for his valiant work for 20 years as Secretary. Without his efforts I suspect that the Club would not have survived so well as it has and he deserves our whole-hearted support.

Meanwhile, I trust that you are all keeping safe and well, and I hope to see you all on the green (in the sunshine) as soon as possible so that we can all enjoy our bowls again.

Dennis Stansfield

Green Report for April 2020

This coming weekend (Sat 18th April) would have seen the Opening of the green for the Summer season. Sadly, this is not going to happen, but we must hope that conditions will change to allow some Bowling on the green later in the year. With this in mind, I thought it would be only right to let you know what is happening with regard to the Bowling Green.

 As per normal, more work is done on the green during the winter break than at any other time, and this year has been no exception, despite the restricted controls laid down by government for the safety of all of us. We have had detailed discussions with the contractors who carry out the work on the green, and whilst doing all we can to reduce costs, some work must continue to ensure the green is ready for us when conditions allow.

During the winter we had an unprecedented amount of rain which challenged all the efforts and restricted some of the work we would have liked to have done before COVID 19 struck. Most of the work done on the green is related to removal of thatch (which harbours decease) and aerating the root layer to promote healthy grass. Some treatments have been applied to the green, but avoidance of chemicals is now our priority. To that end we have used organic products and continue with a program of applying “Compost Tea”, which we brew on-site, and adds beneficial bacteria and microbes to the turf and fights off the harmful ones we don’t want. To that effect the green is currently in good health and being maintained in a holding state ready for use as and when we need it.

The recent dry period was a godsend but like all gardeners/green Keepers we are never satisfied and now we want some of that rain again. We are watering the green using the installed irrigation system and not cutting the grass as low as we would for bowling to help maintain the current good condition.

Most of our discussions with the contractor have been via e-mail or phone, but on occasions when we do need to be present at the green at the same time, strict social distancing practices are being observed.

For those who use Facebook we do have an Isle of Wedmore Bowls Club “Members & Friends Group” where we are keeping in touch with others and sharing social information and updates on the state of the green. So, if you have not already joined the group and want to, please feel free join up and keep in touch during this time.

Dave Nicholls (Green Manager)