WESTON OVER 60’S LEAGUE 2021  :   DIVISION 2 15-Sep-21

1ASHCOMBE CRUSADERS161402435161221874347147CHAMPIONS
2ISLE OF WEDMORE161303452171286842444144PROMOTED
3ASHCOMBE KNIGHTS151113374191116862254124
5CLARENCE GOLDS15609244338731043-17076
7MARK MOOR155010210398701086-21662
8VICTORIA VIKINGS13301016135690976-28645
9ASHCOMBE TEMPLARS162014122508211299-47834
Nailsea vs Vikings – result not to hand

Finals weekend at Wedmore 2021

Last weekend the club held the finals of all competitions with some trilling bowling watched by an enthusiastic crowd. The event was concluded with a super Hog Roast in the clubhouse and great company.

The Winners results were:-

New Winners:      S. Fisher                                   Runner up:  T. Alden

Mens 2 wood:      R.Barron                                  Runner up:  A. Birch

Ladies 2 wood:       P. Jenkins                                Runner up:  S. Holtby

Mixed Drawn Pairs:    M.Batchelor/Audrey Birch       Runner Up:   J.Bradley/ P. Duggan-Rees

Mens Pairs:               R.Barron/ M. Andrews       Runners Up  M.Batchelor/ D. Luke

Open 4 wood singles:    A.Birch                                     Runner Up:  P. Gower

Veterans:                   T. Holtby                                   Runner Up:   R. Barron

New Bowlers:            N. Bloy                                      Runner Up:  G. Hewitt

Family Pairs:                M. & S. Fisher                           Runners Up:  A. & A. Birch

Men’s 4 wood Singles:  D.Nicholls                                  Runner Up;  R. Barron

Ladies 4 wood Singles:  A.M. Wilkinson                         Runner Up:  S. Holtby

Photographs by Steve Wilkinson

League Table 6/9/21

Pos. Team  Results Shots Points 
    Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Diff. Rink Match  Total 
1 Isle of Wedmore 814 554 260 37.5 32 69.5 
2 Portishead RBL 953 700 253 34 32 66 
3 Congresbury 699 722 -23 23.5 20 43.5 
4 West Backwell 712 699 13 22 20 42 
5 Clevedon Prom. 667 656 11 20.5 16 36.5 
6 Clevedon 498 517 -19 16 12 28 
7 Nailsea 717 848 -131 17.5 21.5 
8 Long Ashton 463 619 -156 11.5 19.5 
9 Chew Stoke 406 450 -44 10.5 18.5 
10 Portishead 665 829 -164 18 18 

League Won with one game still to play – Well done Mike & Team

Wednesday 8th September – West Backwell


             Date Wedesday 8th September 2021   2.30pm  start

               Opponents       West Backwell

               Venue                HOME

               Dress code        greys /Club shirt

               Match fee   £1   Refreshments  tea / coffee   50p   

                  Rinks   R Hughes   S Fisher   

                   Bar    T Holtby     T Brown

R1        P Saunders             M Batchelor            E Payne
R2         J Runciman             T Brown            T Holtby
R3         V Matthews             D Collins            C Moss
R4         B Aston             S Young            R Barron
R5        P Duggan Rees             T Simpson             D Nicholls
R6         B Ladd             S Fisher             R Hughes

                 Please  confirm your availability by notifying Mike Batchelor on 01934 863266

                                                        Or E mail  on mjbytc83@gmail.com

       MENS TRIPLES DAY  – Thursday 26th August


          TEAM A                                          TEAM B                                TEAM C

    1     P.DUKE                                         M.DAVIS                               I.FAULKNER

    2     D.LUKE                                            S.YOUNG                              P GOWER

 SKIP   R BARRON                                      T.SIMPSON                          T.HOLTBY

           TEAM D                                          TEAM E                                 TEAM F

    1       T.COLLINGWOOD                          R.WHITE                           D.WELHAM

    2       J WHITE                                           D.TROW                            R.JEWELL

 SKIP     R.HUGHES                                       A.BIRCH                             K.BURT

             TEAM G                                             TEAM H                                TEAM I

       1       D.SKELTON                                     P.WALKINSHAW                  B.LADD

       2       D.BALL                                             P.DUGGAN REES                 P.ALDEN

  SKIP       T.BROWN                                        R.NEWELL                            M BATCHELOR

               TEAM  J

         1      M PARNELL

          2     D.CALLOW

      SKIP    S FISHER

Start at 1.00 pm prompt

Dress code greys /club shirt

Bar  A Birch  /   D Welham