MENS TRIPLES DAY  – Thursday 26th August


          TEAM A                                          TEAM B                                TEAM C

    1     P.DUKE                                         M.DAVIS                               I.FAULKNER

    2     D.LUKE                                            S.YOUNG                              P GOWER

 SKIP   R BARRON                                      T.SIMPSON                          T.HOLTBY

           TEAM D                                          TEAM E                                 TEAM F

    1       T.COLLINGWOOD                          R.WHITE                           D.WELHAM

    2       J WHITE                                           D.TROW                            R.JEWELL

 SKIP     R.HUGHES                                       A.BIRCH                             K.BURT

             TEAM G                                             TEAM H                                TEAM I

       1       D.SKELTON                                     P.WALKINSHAW                  B.LADD

       2       D.BALL                                             P.DUGGAN REES                 P.ALDEN

  SKIP       T.BROWN                                        R.NEWELL                            M BATCHELOR

               TEAM  J

         1      M PARNELL

          2     D.CALLOW

      SKIP    S FISHER

Start at 1.00 pm prompt

Dress code greys /club shirt

Bar  A Birch  /   D Welham

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