5th July Nailsea


             Date  5th July 2021  2.30pm start


               Venue                HOME

               Dress code         club shirt/ greys

               Match fee   £1  Refreshments 50p

                   Rinks /  Flag  P Alden      Bar before  A Birch   Bar after  K Pettit  / D  Collins

R1           P Alden              M Batchelor C         R Barron
R2             P Duggan Rees               T Simpson         D Nicholls
R3    V.Matthews                A Birch         R Hughes
R4             J White               D Collins         C Moss
R5             J Runciman                D Trow         K Pettit
R6             S Fisher               C Panchuad         T Holtby

                 Please  confirm your availability by notifying Mike Batchelor on 01934 863266

                                                        Or E mail  on mjbytc83@gmail.com

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