Chew Stoke (Updated) –   Friday 18 June


             Date  Friday 18 June 10.30 am start

               Opponents        Chew Stoke / friendly

               Venue              AWAY

               Dress code       Greys/club shirt

               Match fee   £1   Refreshments  tea / coffee   50p

R1      B.Aston        M.Batchelor  C       R.Hughes
R2       J.Runciman        P.Gower       S.Fisher
R3        P.Alden        J.White       N.Fowler
R4        T.Collingwood         T.Brown       R.Barron
R5         V.Matthews            T.simpson         C.Panchuad
R6        P.Smith              D.Collins          T.Holtby

                 Please  confirm your availability by notifying Mike Batchelor on 01934 863266

                                                        Or E mail  on

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