W&D – Victoria Vikings  – 1st June

Thank you for your interest in this match.

If you wish to compete, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter your name into the ‘Leave a Reply’ field at the bottom of this page followed by the ‘Post Comment’ button.
  2. To see if you have been selected, please return to this page prior to the game taking place. Your Captain, Steve Young, will post the final selection below.
  3. Important: if selected, please email Steve to confirm your attendance.

Date & Time: –  1st June 2021

Opponents:- Victoria Vikings

Venue:- HOME – 2.30 start

Dress Code: Greys

Match Fee: £1.00 plus 50p refreshments

R1 D TrowD CollinsT Holtby
R2P SmithM BatchelorR Barron
R3P GowerT SimpsonD Nicholls
R4J WhiteJ RuncimanC Panchaud
R5P SaundersV MatthewsN Fowler
R6D SkeltonT CollingwoodS Fisher

Non playing Captain Steve Young

Rinks Tony Collingwood

Bar – Terry Simpson and Peter Gower

Please confirm your availability by notifying Steve Young on 01749 870987 or mobile 07710 298262 or by email steveyoung1987@hotmail.co.uk

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