Fun At Wedmore

Well yesterday was a real success with 7 rinks of Australian Pairs (played under current pandemic guidelines) allowing a good number of new bowling members taking part. Australian Pairs is a great format that gives everyone experience of all the four-playing positions ie Lead – two – three – Skip. We were very lucky to have almost perfect weather for the event which whilst played in a “fairly” competitive way it was essentially a friendly social event. There of course had to be a winning team and it was Yesterdays “Birthday Boy” Steve Young partnered by Paul Alden who is one of our newest members. Congratulations to all who took part and made it a special occasion. Seeing the green full was a beautiful site and hopefully a good portent for the future.  

The green will close for the winter on Sunday 20th September and then it will be the start of the Indoor season and a whole new set of challenges. So much work has been put in place by the indoor committee to make it possible for us to bowl and we owe them a great deal of thanks. 

The pictures give a flavour of the Australian Pairs event. New members always welcome.

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