Coronavirus update from the Bowls Club 22nd May

                                        Isle of Wedmore Bowls Club  

 Coronavirus    update from the Bowls Club 22nd May

Providing Coronavirus is kept under control and the Government do not re-introduce lock down measures,

The green will be open for outdoor bowling from Monday 1st June ……… but the Clubhouse will remain closed until further notice ie. no access to toilets and changing rooms.

1.0  Rink times / booking system

The green may only be used by pre booking a rink and in order to book a rink please ring Dave Collins who will maintain the rink booking system and will endeavour to grant bookings on a fair basis throughout each week.  

–  3 rinks will be available for play on each day with 2 hour sessions as follows :-

10.00am to 12 noon  ;  1pm to 3.0pm ;   4.0pm to 6.0pm ; 

The rink times will allow sufficient time between sessions to enable players to arrive/depart safely

whilst maintaining social distancing and comply with Bowls England guidance of only 6 players on the premises at any one time.

A maximum of 6 persons plus Club Official (if required) on Club premises at any one time, no visitors / spectators allowed.

2.0  Playing formats   always maintain 2m social distancing  

individuals playing on their own on a single rink

two individuals from two different households playing on a single rink

members of the same household on a single rink

3.0  Playing the game

– play with only people from your own household or by yourself,

  or as long as you remain 2m apart, with one person from outside your household.

– groups of more than 2 people must be from the same household.

– do not shake hands etc, remain 2m distancing

– only 1 player to handle the mat during the session.

– 2 jacks (one at each end) to be used and set by one player only during the session.

– when scoring – maintain social distancing ; do not touch opponents bowls ; avoid shot measuring :   

– after the session – sanitise your equipment ; change shoes and leave club immediately.

4.0  Equipment

– only essential items to be utilised :-

–  6 jacks will be in a bucket (filled with water + cleanser) – each rink take 2 jacks and return them to the bucket immediately after play.

–  6 mats will be immersed in a tray (filled with water + cleanser) – each rink take 2 mats and return them to the tray immediately after play.

–  other equipment allowed :–  gloves (if used)  ;   scorecard if required (retained by 1 player) ;

   own bowls  ;   if club loan bowls – to be sanitised before & after play ;   rink markers  ;

to minimise the risk of infection the following equipment not to be used

scoreboards  ;  bowls pushers  ;  ditch markers  ;  2m distance sticks  ;  chalk  ;

5.0  Clubhouse and facilities

–  the Clubhouse will remain closed until further notice, therefore toilets will not be available.

–  sanitiser to be available for cleaning hands and equipment –  padlocks ; keys ; door handles ;

–  no rubbish bins, players must take rubbish away with them.

–  First aid kit will be located in the equipment shed

6.0  Players recommended actions

–  do not go to the Club if you are experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms

–  if you have played bowls and experience Coronavirus symptoms later, please follow the NHS advice and also inform Dave Collins

–  dress appropriately and avoid the need to change clothes, change shoes immediately before and after your game.

–  travel to the Club on your own or with members of your own household only and do not arrive at the Club more than 10 mins before your allocated booking time.

– we ask that you conform to the strict guidelines as listed not just to keep yourselves safe but your friends also.

7.0  Annual Subscriptions

Members who have not yet paid their outdoor membership subscription this year (reduced fee as previously advised) can do so as follows :-

by Bank Transfer as details in Membership section of this site-please advise Don Trow of any payment

Or if paying by cheque  –  made out to    “The Isle of Wedmore Bowls Club”

and posted to Don Trow.   

As and when the Government and Bowls England make any further relaxation of social measures we will respond by amending our operating procedures according, in the meantime we ask that you strictly adhere to the above guidelines and continue to keep safe. 

Members are requested to continue to keep other members not on email informed.    

Always maintain 2m social distancing

For those members who choose to start playing outdoor again in June – enjoy your bowling and recreation and continue to keep safe

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