Message from our President

Now is the time when we should be having our AGM, at which I should be retiring as President and handing over my chain of office etc, to my successor. However, present circumstances prevent this happening as normal, so I will take this opportunity to write a few words in this format. Firstly, may I say what a great honour it has been to serve as President of the Club for the past three years.  Mary and I  have always thought how lucky we were to join such a well-organised and friendly club, generally free from those acrimonious disputes which split so many clubs  – and long may that continue. These days of isolation emphasise that it is the social side of being in the club, meeting people, which is more important than whether we win at bowls or not – though of course we all try to win!

It is 15 years since the indoor facilities and clubhouse were opened and I think I can say that we are the envy of most other Clubs around the area. The Club was originally founded to provide opportunities for people to play bowls outdoors, but always remember that it is now the indoor facility that keeps the outdoor green financed despite the original intentions.

I should also like to thank all the members who have served on the Management Committee in that time for keeping the Club operating, particularly those who have served the Club over many years, for example our Treasurer Maureen and Secretary Keith. I must especially single out Keith for his valiant work for 20 years as Secretary. Without his efforts I suspect that the Club would not have survived so well as it has and he deserves our whole-hearted support.

Meanwhile, I trust that you are all keeping safe and well, and I hope to see you all on the green (in the sunshine) as soon as possible so that we can all enjoy our bowls again.

Dennis Stansfield

2 thoughts on “Message from our President

  1. Thanks for your Presidents message. Clearly you and Mary are doing well. Sod’s law may have kicked in as well.The best of the summer may be passing us by. I keep fit!!, working on odd jobs at home. I thought I was fit but every job leaves an ache afterwards. John


  2. John I am sure that all members of the club share you view and wish to thank Dennis and Mary for all their support and contributions – not just during Presidential years but ever since they joined the club.Dave


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