Green Report for April 2020

This coming weekend (Sat 18th April) would have seen the Opening of the green for the Summer season. Sadly, this is not going to happen, but we must hope that conditions will change to allow some Bowling on the green later in the year. With this in mind, I thought it would be only right to let you know what is happening with regard to the Bowling Green.

 As per normal, more work is done on the green during the winter break than at any other time, and this year has been no exception, despite the restricted controls laid down by government for the safety of all of us. We have had detailed discussions with the contractors who carry out the work on the green, and whilst doing all we can to reduce costs, some work must continue to ensure the green is ready for us when conditions allow.

During the winter we had an unprecedented amount of rain which challenged all the efforts and restricted some of the work we would have liked to have done before COVID 19 struck. Most of the work done on the green is related to removal of thatch (which harbours decease) and aerating the root layer to promote healthy grass. Some treatments have been applied to the green, but avoidance of chemicals is now our priority. To that end we have used organic products and continue with a program of applying “Compost Tea”, which we brew on-site, and adds beneficial bacteria and microbes to the turf and fights off the harmful ones we don’t want. To that effect the green is currently in good health and being maintained in a holding state ready for use as and when we need it.

The recent dry period was a godsend but like all gardeners/green Keepers we are never satisfied and now we want some of that rain again. We are watering the green using the installed irrigation system and not cutting the grass as low as we would for bowling to help maintain the current good condition.

Most of our discussions with the contractor have been via e-mail or phone, but on occasions when we do need to be present at the green at the same time, strict social distancing practices are being observed.

For those who use Facebook we do have an Isle of Wedmore Bowls Club “Members & Friends Group” where we are keeping in touch with others and sharing social information and updates on the state of the green. So, if you have not already joined the group and want to, please feel free join up and keep in touch during this time.

Dave Nicholls (Green Manager)

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