PRESS REPORT w/e 17 March

In Division 1 of the County Indoor League the men had a tough time against Yeovil, losing 52-99 overall and on all four rinks.  At home, Colin Moss’ men started slowly but pushed on and took the lead on end eight.  The lead changed hands a couple of times but at end 17 things were looking promising with a lead of four shots but this was overturned by Yeovil scoring five.  On the last end Wedmore trailed by five, put in a good shift but unfortunately lost by one.  Ron Barron’s side started well but lost the lead on end four and never saw it again, finding it hard to cut inroads in a Yeovil team into their stride.  Away skippers Thurkettle and Payne had similar problems as the opposition ran up big scores.
Scores: J Runciman, J Harris, J Runciman, C Moss, 22-23;  D Collins, D Stansfield, K Pettit, R Barron, 11-25; C Panchaud, D Brown, J Fear, E Payne, 9-27; J White, B Back, K Phillimore, R Thurkettle, 10-24; overall 52-99.
In a late season fling the Mixed Friendly squad won five of six matches.  Against Long Ashton, Wedmore won on both rinks, overall score 47 shots to 20. Richard McHale’s team had a good time winning 27-6 by dint of restricting the other side to to three shots on the last eight ends,whilst Bryan Aston’s group did a similar thing by going from nine shot all at end ten to win all the remaining ends bar one to win 20-14.  Against Woodspring it was 2-0 on rinks, 41-22 overall when skippers McHale and Aston again did the business.
Wells were defeated on both rinks and 38-29 overall with Joan Hunt’s crew putting in a good performance and despite fading at the end still won 19-13, whilst Richard McHale lead all the way and, despite losing a five score, won 19-16.  Avon and Somerset Police brought a strong squad as usual and rinks were split but Wedmore prevailed overall 40-32 thanks to Brian Tagg’s outfit playing steadily for 27-10 and sparing Tony Shepherd’s blushes for the 13-22 loss.  In a very tight match at home to Bridgwater, rinks were even but Wedmore sneaked the overall win 33-30, Alan Birch’s three shot loss being compensated by Trish Newell’s team winning 18-12 after some hard pounding in the earlier part of the game.  On the return fixture, rinks were again even but Bridgwater won 24-52 overall with Brian Aston’s side having a good win but Richard McHale was lost at sea.
The men lost a friendly with North Petherton winning both rinks and overall by 29-44 shots.  Roy Thurkettle’s crew were level at end 13 but couldn’t hang on whilst Dennis Stansfield’s boys had a similar tale – within two at end 16 but being outpaced to the finish.

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