PRESS REPORT w/e December 2

The men played Taunton twice in two days, winning in the County League, losing in the Denny Plate.  At home in the League, Dave Nicholls’ men led from start to finish, rattled up a 16 shot lead by end 14, won 14 of 21 ends to seal a handsome victory 27-11.  Eddie Payne’s side took the lead on end five, led to end 17 when Taunton drew level but Wedmore won the game by scoring five over the next three ends – 21-17.  Away, Colin Moss’ team led throughout, bowling a five score on end 13 to gain a 15 shot lead and pressed on for a fine win, 26-14.  Ron Barron’s boys conceded six on the first two ends but bounced back with a five and took the lead two ends later.  Although the score was levelled three times, Wedmore held their nerve to win 20-18, ensuring a clean sweep of all the points.
Scores:  J White, B Back, R Thurkettle, D Nicholls, 27-11; P Smith, C Panchaud, J Fear, E Payne, 21-17; A Birch, J Runciman, R Newell, C Moss, 26-14; D Collins, D Brown, K Pettit, R Barron, 20-18; overall 94-60.
The previous day, with many of the same players, Wedmore lost in the Denny Plate, 71 shots to 81 overall, winning one rink, drawing on one and losing two.  At home, Eddie Payne’s crew were in a tight game for the first 14 ends with the lead changing five times.  Then they hit the accelerator, shutting Taunton out for the remaining seven ends, to triumph 26-11.  A different fate awaited Dave Nicholls’ rink when conceding a six on end 11 left them 15 behind and going down 12-27.  Away, Colin Moss and co. started slowly but they plugged away and took the lead on end 17 but Taunton finished marginally stronger to tie the game 21 all.  Ron Barron’s group were in the game to half way but then found it difficult to score, losing 12-22.
Scores: J White, D Brown, J Fear, E Payne 26-11;  P Smith, M Fowler, K Phillimore, D Nicholls, 12-27; A Birch, J Runciman. R Newell, C Moss, 21-21; D Collins, B Back, K Pettir, R Barron 12-22; overall 71-81.
The Mixed Friendly squad played Burnham-on-Sea twice with honours even.  In the recent triples fixture Wedmore won on both rinks and by 44 shots to 28 overall.  Lynda Dearden’s side went 16 shots ahead with a six score on end 13, then Burnham improved their hit rate over the next five ends to make the margin ten shots.  Maureen Hordle’s team lost the lead on end six and couldn’t get it back until end 15, when scoring six over the last three ends enabled victory by six shots.  In the earlier rinks fixture it was one rink each with a close finish in Burnham’s favour 39-45 overall.  Joe Harris led his group to a strong second half of 16-6 to clinch the game.   Bryan Tagg didn’t get a look-in after the first few ends and lost heavily.

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