In an Egham Trophy match on a 2+2 basis against St Andrews, remarkably Wedmore won both away rinks but lost both home rinks by big margins and so went down 61 shots to 100.  Colin Moss’ side took the lead on end three with a five score but were caught on end seven, retook the lead on end eight and promptly lost it on the next end. The second half was very close on scores but that hides the fact that Wedmore won eight of 11 ends and, with excellent timing, drew level on end 20, scored one at the last to win.  Steve Healey’s team suffered a loss of six on the first end, were only one shot behind by end six but then fell away to a seven shot deficit at end ten.  The climb back was topped by taking the last four ends with the requisite three on the last end.  Ron Barron and Ray Newell each won only eight ends on their rinks and lost heavily.

Scores: J Collins, AM Wilkinson, D Collins, C Moss, 21-19; P Jenkins, M Hordle, C Panchaud, S Healey, 18-16; B Disbrey, T Newell, M Batchelor, R Barron, 12-25; J Collingwood, L Hamblin, J Runciman, R Newell, 10-40; overall 61-100.

A Mixed Friendly away to North Petherton resulted in one rink each and a close overall score of 37 shots to 39. Skipper Maureen Hordle led her crew to a 19-18 victory, having been 11 shots behind at half way.  Alan Birch and Co. led most of the way but were undone by losing nine shots on the last two ends.


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