PRESS REPORT w/e 16 Sept 2018

The men played West Backwell at home in the Clevedon Over Sixties Triples League, knowing that a victory would clinch the title for Wedmore.  This was duly delivered as the home side dominated with 131 shots to 76 overall and 5-1 on rinks.  Colin Moss’ side shut the door on Backwell, winning 12 of 18 rinks rattling up 29 shots to 8.  Ray Newell’s team also won 12 ends to triumph 25-9.  Dave Nicholls and co. were never led and a six score on end ten helped them to pull away to 27-14.  Ron Barron’s group re-took the lead on end six and pushed on to win 18-11.  Keith Pettit’s crew were six shots up when entering a six end dry spell to find themselves three shots  down but undaunted fought back to take the lead on end 12 and via a two score on the last end, claim a narrow victory at 17-16.  Roger Hughes guys didn’t score until end five and were 2-12 down at end eight, fought back to within two shots and limited the damage to three shots, losing 15-18.

Scores: V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 29-8; B Aston, C Panchaud, R Newell, 25-9; A Birch, K Burt, D Nicholls, 27-14; J Runciman, J Harris, R Barron, 18-11; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 17-16; T Brown, I Gallop, R Hughes, 15-18;  overall 131-76.

In  the Weston League, the men won at home against Clevedon RBL with a strong score of 112-89 shots and 3-2 with a tie on rinks.  Keith Burt’s men did not allow their opponents to score until end four and not again until end ten and went on to storm home for 21-9.  Keith Pettit’s gents were also quick to claim victory, leading the whole way for 20-11.  Roger Hughes’ boys were 12 shots up by end 11 when they conceded seven but this did not prevent them winning 21-17.  Dave Nicholls’ side had a bumpy ride, not scoring until end five, scoring five on end 12 to lead, conceded five on end 17 to go into the last one down and scored one to secure a tie.  It was nip and tuck on Ron Barron’s rink with five lead changes, going into the last end needing three shots, scored two so just lost 16-17.  Ray Newell’s team started well, nine up at end six but then endured a six end drought to go three shots behind, were scrapping to the end but lost 18-20.

Scores:  D Skelton, I Gallop, K Burt, 21-9; B Aston, J Runciman, K Pettit, 20-11; R Grant, C Panchaud, R Hughes, 22-17; T Brown, D Collins, D Nicholls, 15-15; B Back, R Thurkettle, R Barron, 16-17; T Counsell, S Fisher, R Newell, 18-20; overall 112-89.

The Weston Cup Final was played at neutral ground Weston Victoria when Wedmore’s men lined up against Winscombe and lost 77-101.  Ron Barron’s group only won three of the first nine ends, leaving them nine shots behind but then came the exciting fight back, winning six of the last nine ends to draw level on end 17, score 4 on the last end to win 19-15.  It was a closely fought game on Keith Pettit’s rink but after taking the lead on end seven, Wedmore kept their nose in front and won 12-11 despite losing the last two ends.  Keith Burt’s boys also had a tight game with four lead changes in the first half and scores level at end ten when Winscombe advanced to a six point lead on end 13 reduced to four at end 16.  Wedmore scored three on the last two ends but it was not quite enough, so losing 16-17.  Roger Hughes’ team had a lead of seven on end seven but then had nine scoreless ends producing a deficit of seven shots on end 16 with five shots on the last two ends producing a near miss of 14-16.  Ray Newell’s side  started well but lost the lead on end nine, never to see it again, losing 10-16.  Colin Moss could only win five ends and went down 6-26.

Scores: T Brown, S Fisher, R Barron, 19-15; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 12-11; C Wheller, T Simpson, K Burt, 16-17; A Birch, D Wederell, R Hughes, 14-16; V Matthews, C Panchaud, R Newell, 10-16; J Runciman, D Collins, C Moss, 6-26; overall 77-101.

As the season nears its end the Ladies played three friendlies at home, winning two of them.  Against Bridgwater Wedmore won by 10 shots overall and rinks 2-1 with the rink victories coming from skippers Elaine Deverill and Pam Beard whilst Maureen Hordle lost by a small margin.  Wedmore beat Wyrral Park in a nail biter by one shot overall and 2-1 on rinks.  Trish Newell and Pam Beard delivered the winners and Maureen Hordle brought up the rear.  Prattens won on all three rinks but skippers Liz Hamblin, Carole Pettit and Gill Harvey all had close matches, losing by only two, three and four shots respectively.


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