PRESS REPORT w/e 9th September

Wedmore “B” had a satisfying win at home against Burnham “B” in the men’s County League N3, scoring 65 shots to 52 and taking two of three rinks.  Kevin Phillimore’s men started strongly, temporarily lost the lead after giving away a five score and finished well to seize victory 29-14.  In Clive Panchaud’s game the lead changed hands five times in 11 ends, then Wedmore settled down and a six put them out of reach of Burnham’s strong finish and so won 23-20.  Roy Thurkettle’s side were doing fine until conceding nine shots in ends 12 and 13, could not recover and lost 13-18.

Scores: C Wheller, M Bachelor, S Fisher, K Phillimore, 29-14; J Runciman, T Simpson, T Walker, C Panchaud, 23-20; V Matthews, PD Rees, D Trow, R Thurkettle, 13-18; overall 65-52.

The “A” Team were up against Clevedon Prom “A” away in the County Premier 1 League and lost narrowly by 61 shots to 67 despite winning two of three rinks.  Dave Nicholls’ team won 14 of 21 ends and so were never behind, rattling up 22-14 for their victory.  Roger Hughes’ lads demonstrated how to do a fight-back.  Losing the lead on end eight, they were eight behind by end 13 – Roger threw the switch to shut out Clevedon for the next seven ends whilst scoring 14 and so winning 23-18. Ron Barron’s group held the lead briefly but had no answer as their opponents surged away to register 10-35.

Scores: D Collins, J White, C Moss, D Nicholls, 22-14; T Brown, I Gallup, R Newell, R Hughes, 23-18; A Birch, G Annuik, K Pettit, R Barron, 10-35; overall 61-67.

The “C” team played Clevedon Prom “C” away losing all three rinks and 42-78 overall shots.  Dennis Stansfield’s side were close to winning as an early five score put them in front but when Clevedon retaliated with a five on end eight it enabled their taking the lead until end 17 when Wedmore went ahead.  Sadly for them they lost the final four ends and the rink 19 -23.  Brian Aston’s boys only won six ends and lost 9-26, whilst Ian Falkner’s lot won more ends they allowed bigger scores against so lost 14-29.

Scores: N Fowler, S Young, T Counsell, D Stansfield, 19-23; S Wilkinson, M Davies, B Back, I Faulkner, 14-29; D Skelton, N Sherton, T Shepherd, B Aston, 9-26; overall, 42-78.

A game against Victoria Saxons away in the Weston League was something of a collectors item – Saxons only put out five rinks for a six rink game and suffered the penalty of losing two points and ten shots and still won!  The “raw” score was 72 shots to 93, two to three on rinks; adjusted for the penalty it became 82-93 and three all on rinks – food for thought?  Greg Annuik’s group were ahead from the start but were caught on end 15, conceding a five score, 17 all on end 16, then two behind but scoring four on the last end grabbed victory 21-19.  Ron Barron’s team didn’t score until end six and so were in dogged catch-up mode until levelling at end 13, briefly leading, then one down going into the last end and scoring two was another victory snatched from the jaws of defeat 15-14.  Stuart Fisher’s men led at first but trailed from end four, a strong finish of six shots from the last four ends limited the damage to 16-19.  Keith Pettit’s trio started slowly, caught up at six but couldn’t stop the Saxons pulling away to 9-17.  Keith Burt’s boys trailed from end two, a late five score interrupted a run of seven scoreless ends to finish 11-24.

Scores: A Birch, D Collins, G Annuik, 21-19; V Matthews, C Panchaud, R Barron, 15-14;  D Barnett, I Gallop, S Fisher, 16-19; D Trow, D Stansfield, K Pettit, 9-17; T Brown, I Faulkner, K Burt, 11-24; overall 72-93 adjusted to 82-93.

In a Mixed Friendly at home to a Yate touring side, Wedmore won 104 shots to 81 and three to two on rinks.  Skipper Terry Simpson won by 14 shots, Shirley Wederell by 13, and Gill Harvey by one.

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