PRESS REPORT w/e 2nd September

The men trounced Ashcombe in the semi-final of the Weston Cup by 106 shots to 86 and on rinks four to one with one tied.  Dave Nicholls’ men were in fine form, winning 13 of 18 ends, finishing with a flourish of a five score and a final score of 28-8.  It was very close for Ray Newell’s side up to end 13 when they pulled away to win 18-13.  Colin Moss’ team took the lead on end six and just kept going – the lead at end 17 was happily sufficient to withstand a five score by the opposition on the last end and so won 20-16.  Roger Hughes’ chaps started slowly, accelerated to take the lead on end ten, also withstanding their opponent’s five score at the last to win 16-13.  The lead changed five time on  Ron Barron’s rink, scores were level at end 16, Wedmore scored two, Ashcombe replied with two on the last end to make the tie 17-17.  Keith Pettit’s group couldn’t find any traction and lost 7-19.

Scores: V Matthews, C Panchaud, D Nicholls 28-8; J Runciman, G Annuik, R Newell, 18-13; I Gallop, D Collins, C Moss, 20-16; A Birch, R Thurkettle, R Hughes, 16-13; T Brown, T Simpson R Barron, 17-17; D Trow, S Fisher, K Pettit, 7-19; overall 106-86.

In the Clevedon Triples League the men inflicted a white-wash on Chew Stoke at home, winning all six rinks and 112-70 shots overall for maximum points.   Roger Hughes’ guys set the tone, winning 11 ends, including a six score, to finish 24-12.  Keith Pettit’s bunch didn’t start until end six and then set about a catch-up, taking the lead on end 14 in the middle of a key sequence of winning the last seven ends for 12 shots, so winning 20-12.  Ron Barron’s side held the lead from ends seven to 12 but a strong finish worth 12 shots over the last five ends saw them right with a 19-11 victory. Although the game was close in the first half, Colin Moss and co. looked comfortable from end four and pulled away to win 17-10.  Dave Nicholls was in command throughout and won 15-11 with a similar story on Ray Newell’s rink, winning 17-14.

Scores:  T Brown, I Gallop, R Hughes,24-12; D Trow, S Fisher, K Pettit, 20-12;  J White, K Burt, R Barron, 19-11; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 17-10; A Birch, C Panchaud, D Nicholls, 15-11; T Simpson, G Annuik, R Newell, 17-14; overall 112-70.

A clutch of late season friendlies turned out not to be all that amicable as Wedmore lost all three matches.  A visiting tourist mixed side from Didcot won by two rinks and  22 shots; the men away to Bridgwater lost by two rinks and 33 shots; the ladies at home to St. Andrews lost on all three rinks and by 22 shots.

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