PRESS REPORT w/e 19 August 2017

The ladies marched on in the Fear Plate with a tremendous victory over Ashcombe scoring 72 shots to 42 and taking rinks two to one.  Shirley Wederell’s side had a field day, scoring a seven and a six on the way to a crushing 35 against 10.  Elaine Deverill’s team did not have good prospects at one to eight down after three ends. Undaunted they put their shoulders to the wheel to score nine shots in the next six ends, taking the lead on end nine but were behind again two ends later.  This prompted a repetition of their favourite trick, this time scoring 12 in winning seven successive ends to claim victory with 23-15.  Marie Trow’s ladies had a long drought in the middle of the game, 11 shots down at end 13.  They then put together 11 shots in six ends to draw level at end 19 but the win was snatched away from them 14-16.

Scores: J Collins, T Newell, J Collingwood, S Wederell, 35-10; P Jenkins, P Beard, M Hordle, E Deverill, 23-15; C Pettit, M Barron, G Harvey, M Trow, 14-16; overall 72-41.

The men won well at Portishead RBL in the Weston League, 101 shots to 84 and five to one on rinks.  Ray Newell’s men showed their superiority by plugging away and scoring regularly to triumph 17-9.  Stuart Fisher’s fellows started very well and were nine shots up at end six.  They made themselves vulnerable by taking eight ends to score three but hung on for a respectable 17-12 victory.  Ron Barron’s chaps retook the lead on end five and never lost it, touch and go at times but in the end a win of 22-18.  Whilst Colin Moss’ side were never led, there was only one shot in it at end ten – all’s well at the end 17-13.  Keith Pettit’s crew started well, shutting their opposition out for the first four ends and looking well on their way with a six shot lead at end ten when Portishead forced their way back into the reckoning, taking the lead on end 15, going into the last two shots up.  An exciting finish gave Wedmore the win after scoring five.  On Tony Brown’s rink they took time to get to grips with their opposite numbers, levelled at end ten but then petered out to lose 11-18.

Scores: T Collingwood, J Runciman, R Newell, 17-9; T Counsell, C Panchaud, S Fisher, 17-12; M Batchelor, C Heller, R Barron, 22-18; A Birch, D Collins, C Moss, 17-13; D Trow, V Matthews, K Pettit, 17-14; D Skelton, I Gallop, T Brown, 11-18; overall 101-84.

The C Team played Portishead B away in the County North 3 League and lost 46 shots to 64 and two to one on rinks.  Jim White’s cohort started well and led from the first, albeit the lead was down to one shot on both ends ten and17. Happily the finish belonged to Wedmore who won 21-13.  Both Tinknell and Collingwood had a taste of the lead but they went down 16-24 and 9-27 respectively.

Scores: N Fowler, S Young, T Counsell, J White, 21-13; D Skelton, C Wilde, T Shepherd, P Tinknell, 16-24; S Wilkinson, M Davies, AN Other, T Collingwood, 9-27; overall 46-64.


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