PRESS REPORT w/e 12 August 2018

The men enjoyed a thumping good win in the Clevedon League at home against Portishead when the overall score was 127 shots to 80 and on rinks five to nil with one tied.  Keith Pettit’s men didn’t allow the opposition to score until end six when it was eight to one, then went on to lead throughout and triumphed 21-9.  Roger Hughes’ crew were never behind, established their superiority with a six score just after the start and polished off with a five near the end to crush the competition 29-9.  The lead chopped and changed in the first half on Colin Moss’ rink and a five score put Portishead in front on end 14 but a Wedmore seven saw off the challenge to win 22-16. Ron Barron’s side started well and stayed in front although there were only two shots in it at end 14 – a couple of threes gave victory for 19-14.  Ray Newell’s lads lost the lead for the first time on end 11, grabbed it back with a six three ends later and breezed in at 17-13.  Whist it was close, Eddie Paynes group led until end 17 when Portishead took a two shot lead to take into the last end.  Wedmore scored two on the last for a 19 all tie.

Scores:D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 21-9; T Counsell, I Gallop, R Hughes, 29-9; T Shepherd, D Collins, C Moss, 22-16; J Runciman, J Harris, R Barron, 19-14; A Birch, S Fisher, R Newell, 17-13; T Brown, D Wederell, E Payne, 19-19;  overall 127-80.

Another resounding win, since it was away, came at Ashcombe Crusaders in the Weston League when the score was 112-107 overall and four-two on rinks. Ron Barron’s squad were eight up before Ashcombe scored and looked steady thereafter but there was only one shot in it at end 14.  Wedmore responded with a storming winning surge to land nine shots in the last four ends to win 25-15.  Ray Newell’s trio were never behind and looked comfortable as a six score on end 12 increased their lead to 19 shots.  Even though they conceded ten shots over the last two end, they still won 25-19.  After losing the lead for the first time on end 11, Greg Annuik’s gang looked as if they might be in trouble but they levelled the score on end 17, added one in the final end to win 13-12. Ascombe took the lead for the third time at end six on Stuart Fisher’s rink and pulled out a ten point lead which Wedmore wore down to 18-22.  Since Keith Burt’s band didn’t score until end eight it was always going to be difficult for them to win any reward and so it proved at 10-27.

Scores: D Skelton, T Simpson, R Barron, 25-15; T Shepherd, I Gallup. R Newell, 25-19; A Birch, D Collins, G Annuik, 13-12; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 13-12; M Davies, C Panchaud, S Fisher, 18-22; R Grant, J White, K Burt, 18-27; overall 112-107.

In the County League N3 the B Team met Chew Stoke away and lost 51-69 overall and one to two on rinks. On Roy Thurkettle’s rink both sides had long stretches in the lead and it was Wedmore who snatched the lead on end 19, confirming victory of 20-15 by taking the last two ends.  Kevin Phillimore and pals were in a close game until they had a six end drought which left Chew nine shots ahead and it finished 14-24.    Clive Panchaud and co. took the lead with a timely 7 score on end seven but it became a distant memory when Chew scored two fives in three ends for a ten shot lead in a Wedmore dry spell and the lead expanded to 17-30.

Scores: V Matthews, PD Rees, M Green, R Thurkettle, 20-15; C Wheller, M Bachelor, S Fisher, K Phillimore, 14-24; D Luke, T Simpson, T Walker, C Panchaud,17-30; overall 51-69.

The Ladies did well away to Nailsea in the Ladies Triples League when they won 45-35 shots overall and two to nil on rinks with one tied.  Maureen Hordle’s ladies started by losing the first five ends but then went on a scoring spree of their own – 15 shots over the following five ends, at which point the score was 15-11. Wedmore finished the stronger for an emphatic 22-14 victory.  Marie Trow’s team swapped the lead five times before putting in a late sequence gaining four ends, scoring six, to win 11-9.  Elaine Deverill’s group were in it in a choppy game until they stopped scoring at end ten and looked out of it at 7-12 but taking the last two ends, scoring five, gave them a 12 all tie.

Scores: J Collins, T Newell, M Hordle, 22-14; C Pettit, P Beard, M Trow, 11-9; P Jenkins, M Barron, E Deverill, 12-12; overall 45-35.

At home to Victoria in the Weston League brought another close victory 53-49 shots overall and two to one on rinks.  Shirley Wederell’s outfit had a swinging time, scoring nothing on the first six ends and 18 on the next six to provide an 18-12 base from which to press on to their victory 23-17.  Maureen Hordle’s rink were always in a close game but nevertheless led throughout to win 14-12.  Elaine Deverill’s side were 12 shots down after conceding a six score on end five but fought back patiently, reducing the damage to four, losing 16-20.

Scores: D Gallop, J Collins, S Wederell, 23-17; B Disbrey, P Beard, M Hordle, 14-12; P Jenkins, T Newell, E Deverill, 16-20; overall 53-49.

Away to Wrington in the Ladies Triples League, Wedmore lost heavily 44-60 on overall shots and 0-3 on rinks but it was much closer on further examination.  Gill Harvey’s ladies made it a genuine tussle, replying to a six score with a five on end 14 but finished 14-17.  Although never quite taking the lead, Marie Trow’s team ran it close with scores level at end 17.  Unfortunately Wrington took the last end so it was 17-19.  Elaine Deverill’s rink came unstuck and despite a gallant effort with a five score on each of the last two ends, lost 16-24.

Scores:  P Jenkins, J Hunt, G Harvey, 14-17; B Disbrey, M Hordle, M Trow, 17-19; B Clark, M Barron, E Deverill, 16-24; 44-60 overall.

A Mixed Friendly away to North Petherton produced a striking tie with 76 shots all, although it was one-three on rinks.  Skippers Fisher and Simpson narrowly lost on their rinks, Green went down 12-23 which left Duggan-Rees’ squad as the heroes of the hour, winning 29-13.

A Mixed Friendly at Wellington produced two all on rinks but 63-87 overall due to one punishing rink. Clive Wheller’s team timed their finishing run well to win 20-17.  Tony Shepherd’s side led easily in mid-game, were almost caught but did enough to win 19-18 whilst Alan Birch was the sacrificial lamb at 10-31.


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