Information for members

It has come to my attention that members don’t realise that it is possible to receive an email each time a new post has been added to the Wedmore Bowls club website.  This option means you can read the press reports as soon as they are loaded, or news about club activities or even when selection cards for the mens ABC games are placed on site.  You don’t have to follow the link each time, it is only a link that appears in the email.   Give it a go, you can switch it off ( unfollow ) any time you want.

Here is how it is done

In your browser go to this address.

When the front page opens scroll down to the bottom of the page

You will see a small box that says Follow , click on the box

You will then see an option which says manage subscription, click that option.

Check out the list of options, you  will need to decide how you want to be notified and how often.  Once you have made your choice thats it.

Cheers Lynda

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