Australia comes to Wedmore!!

Australian Bowling at Wedmore

On a glorious day in weather more likely to be found in Australia, members of the club enjoyed an afternoon of ‘Australian Pairs’, followed by ‘Tea & Cakes’  in the shade of the club house. The day started with a Charity ‘Spider’ (won by Mike Green) which raised £30 for the club‘s charity of the year (Shared between Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer charities).

The format of Australian Pairs gives bowlers a chance to experience all the different aspects of the game, and is great for developing and improving skills, no matter what level they play at.

Today 14 teams played in a thrilling and enjoyable Tournament style competition but the real emphasis was on enjoying the day and a sociable get-together afterwards. In a very close finish there where 4 teams who could have won, but the eventual victors were Alan Birch and Marion Fisher by just 1 shot overall.  The general opinion was that this should become an annual event in the club’s calendar and be enjoyed by even more members.

The event was devised and co-ordinated by Dave Nicholls who thanked those who helped and supported the event. Dave went on to say that social events like this were important to the club and helped show that Bowling was not just a sport but also a great place to meet others in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

More Photos to follow —- now added showing how much fun we had.


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