PRESS REPORT 16 July 2018

The men had a thumping victory away to Nailsea in the Clevedon Triples League, winning on all six rinks and overall by 142 shots to 73 for maximum points.  Colin Moss’ men had a golden day, winning 14 of 18 ends to triumph 37-4.  Ron Barron’s boys had some initial turbulence but by the halfway point had made it 12-4 and pressed on to victory 24-10.  Tony Brown’s side started briskly with a five and a six on ends two and three so it was no surprise that they were up 20-5 at end 10.  However Nailsea fought back winning five of the remaining eight ends but it was not enough to prevent a winning score of 23-15.  Dave Nicholls’ team started well but it looked close at end ten with the score on 10-8.  Nailsea stuck on that eight and by end 15 it was 20-8.  Nailsea were tenacious enough to win the last three ends but the victory was Wedmore’s 20-13.  Eddie Payne and pals won 12 ends, were never behind and won 19-13. Greg Annuik’s group re-took the lead on end nine and stayed there, just surviving Nailsea taking the last end by three to win 19-18.

Scores: V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 37-4; J Runciman, D Stansfield, R Barron, 24-10; D Skelton, S Fisher, T Brown, 23-15; T Simpson, I Gallop, D Nicholls, 20-13; P Smith, D Barnett, E Payne, 19-13; T Collingwood, A Birch, G Annuik, 19-18; overall 142-73.

At home to Clarence Blue in the Weston Triples League the men lost in a nail biter, two to three plus a tie on rinks and 100-102 on overall shots.  Roy Thurkettle and co. edged into the lead on end nine and pressed on for a solid win 23-13.  Ron Barron’s rink were leading in a tight game until end 11 when they opened up a gap 15-9 and took that to a victory 19-12.  Roger Hughes’ guys looked in trouble at end seven, ten shots in arrears and even worse at end 12 with the score 6-17.  Something happened as a home five score sparked a run of twelve shots in five ends with the brief lead turning to an 18 all tie. Never give up!  On John Runciman’s rink they were in touch for the fist half then fell away to 9-17 at end 15.  Wedmore showed some grit to pull back some of the deficit but went down 14-20.  Dennis Stansfield’s lads did well at first but were overturned at end eight, struggling thereafter and lost 13-21 whilst Keith Pettit went down 13-18.

Scores: D Collins, M Green, R Thurkettle, 23-13; M Batchelor, I Gallop, R Barron, 19-12; A Birch, D Barnett, R Hughes, 18-18; V Matthews, P Smith, J Runciman, 14-20; B Aston, R Grant, D Stansfield, 13-21; B Devlin, D Trow, K Pettit, 13-18; overall 100-102.

In the Wedmore Plate the men won easily at home against Eastover Park, winning on all four rinks and 121-57 on overall shots.  Dave Nicholls’ troops were in fine fettle, scoring five on ends two and four gave them a good start, 13 shots up by half way, going on to win 14 ends with a big score of 42-11.  Keith Burt’s chaps sprung a lead of seven by end five, reduced to two at end 11, back up to ten at 16 and finished strongly for 28-11.  Ron Barron’s rink hit a purple passage between ends five and 15, only allowing the opposition to score one shot and so leading 16-6, which finished 22-12.  Roger Hughes’ men looked comfortable in the first half but then lost the lead on end 11.  The balance was restored by a five score although a late tremor from a five by Eastover on end 20 was resisted to win 29-23.

Scores: A Birch, D Collins, C Moss, D Nicholls, 42-11; J Runciman, V Matthews, G Annuik, K Burt, 28-11; P Smith, C Heller, K Pettit, R Barron, 22-12; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes, 29-23; overall 121-57.

The hard times returned in the County League Premier 1 as the A Team lost at home to Ilminster A on all three rinks and overall by 41-77 shots. Dave Nicholls’ rink had a drought of nine ends which put them 15 shots in arrears when a strong finish limited the damage to 16-22.  Ron Barron found it hard to make an impact, losing 13-28 whilst Roger Hughes was doing quite well in the first half but then a dry spell put their opponents 13 shots ahead and it ended 12-27.

Scores: D Collins, G Annuik, C Moss, D Nicholls, 16-22; A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, R Barron, 13-28; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes, 12-27; overall 41-77.

The Ladies had a sparkling narrow win in the Triples League away to Victoria Blue, taking rinks two to one and overall shots by 42-39.  Maureen Hordle’s ladies took the lead on end four after a slow start and pulled away steadily, resisting a come-back and finishing well to win 18-11.  Jenny Collingwood’s team traded the lead but slipped behind from end ten, turning a likely defeat into victory by scoring five on the last end to take the game 14-13.  Trish Newell’s side led at first but then got into difficulties losing 10-15.

Scores: B Disbrey, D Gallop, M Hordle, 18-11; AM Wilkinson, M Barron, J Collingwood, 14-13; P Jenkins, M Fisher, T Newell, 10-15; overall 42-39.

Away again in that league to Burnham-on-Sea the ladies lost on all three rinks and 31-53 overall.  Carole Pettit’s women trailed at first but then pulled up to one shot behind on the penultimate end which unfortunately went the wrong way, so 10-12.  Jenny Collingwood’s dry spell just after the start left her rink seven shots down, which proved hard to recover from and conceding a late five led to an 11-18 loss despite a good finish.  Marie Trow’s team scored a five on end five but otherwise it was thin pickings and a loss of 10-23.

Scores:  A Birch, M Barron, C Pettit, 10-12; B Disbrey, M Hordle, J Collingwood, 11-18; J Collins, D Gallop, M Trow, 10-23;  31-53 overall.


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