PRESS REPORT w/e 15th July 2018


Despite recording an overall score of 89 shots to the home team’s 83 and winning 3 rinks, drawing one and losing one, Wedmore were forced to concede a penalty of 10 shots and 2 points when playing away to Clevedon in the Weston and District over 60’s Triples League, thus losing the match by 79 to 83 shots overall. Unusually for Wedmore, last minute drop outs were unable to be replaced with the club fielding only 5 rinks instead of the required six and suffering the penalty in consequence. Sterling efforts to boost the score were made by Keith Pettit’s rink with a score of 25 shots to 12 and Ian Faulkner’s rink with a 19 shots to 15 victory, but unfortunately not enough to restore the deficit.

Scores: Tony Collingwood, Dave Barnett, Dennis Stansfield, 11-23; Don Trow, Brendon Cottrell, Keith Pettit 25-11; Richard Grant, Terry Simpson, Ron Barron 17-17; Tony Counsell, Vic Matthews, David Wederell 17-16; Alan Birch, Dave Collins, Ian Faulkner 19-15.


Wedmore ladies were at home to Winscombe in the Wessex Ladies League on Wednesday 29th, scoring a narrow 46 shots to 42 victory and garnering a useful 8 league points.

Scores: Barbara Disbrey, Barbara Clark, Marion Fisher, Carole Pettit 17-13; Julie Collins, Margaret Barron, Jean Wheller, Jenny Collingwood 10-15; Doreen Gallop, Anne-Marie Wilkinson,

Marie Trow 18-12.


The Mixed Friendly match at home against Long Ashton on Sunday came to a very abrupt and unusual end, bearing in mind the current spell of wonderful weather, when a violent cloudburst cooled down the competitors and flooded the green, forcing the game to be abandoned after 9 ends. The bar did brisk business for the remainder of the afternoon with both home side and the visitors returning home in a happy and relaxed frame of mind.


Wedmore travelled to Queen Camel on Monday for a four rink triples Mixed Friendly match, winning three of the four rinks and recording an overall score of 79 shots to 61.

Scores: Bob Dearden, Fiona Duggan-Rees, Clive Wheller 12-15; Jean Wheller, Peter Duggan-Rees, Alan Birch 25-16; Doreen Gallop, Brendon Cottrell, David Wederell 21-15; Derek Skelton, Ian Gallop, Lynda Dearden 21-15.


A busy day for Wedmore men on Thursday 5th July with an away Clevedon and District 0ver 60’s fixture at West Backwell in the morning and Top Club away to Clevedon Prom in the evening.

The West Backwell game resulted in a 125  shots to 91 overall victory for Wedmore, losing only one rink in the process.

Scores: Don Trow, Roy Thurkettle, Keith Pettit 17-16; Brian Aston, Keith Burt, Greg Anniuk 17-10; Mike Batchelor, Joe Harris, Dave Nicholls 21-25; Tony Counsell, David Wederell, Ron Barron 18-16; Alan Birch, Ian Gallop, Roger Hughes 30-13; Mike Green, Dave Collins, Colin Moss 22-11.

In the Top Club Wedmore were unlucky to lose out to Clevedon Prom by 3 rinks to 2 with Roger Hughes losing the 4 Wood Singles by just 2 shots and Greg Anniuk going down in the 2 Wood Singles by only 5 shots. Eddie Payne’s rink lost by 20 shots to 28 after leading throughout but conceded 13 shots on the last 4 ends. Good wins for Keith Pettit, Ron Barron in the Pairs; Dave Collins, Colin Moss, Dave Nicholls in the Triples provided some consolation.

Scores: 2 Wood Singles – Greg Anniuk 13-18; 4 Wood Singles – Roger Hughes 19-21; Pairs – Keith Pettit, Ron Barron 30-6; Triples – Dave Collins, Colin Moss, Dave Nicholls 22-10; Rinks – Alan Birch, David Wederell, Ray Newell, Eddie Payne 20-28.


Wedmore ladies were away to Portishead on Thursday in the Weston and District Ladies League where they won overall, scoring 52 shots to the home team’s 44 and by 2 rinks to one.

Scores: Audrey Birch, Gill Harvey, Shirley Wederell 16-15; Julie Collins, Pam Beard, Elaine Deverill 22-12; Barbara Clark, Margaret Barron, Marie Trow 14-17.


A good 45 shots to 27 overall win for Wedmore ladies on Saturday morning when they met Wessex Ladies at Clarence in the Weston and District League. Wedmore won on all three rinks to take 10 league points.

Scores: Pat Jenkins, Trish Newell, Pam Beard 14-4; Julie Collins, Jean Wheller, Carole Pettit 16-12;

A-M Wilkinson, Maureen Hordle, Marie Trow 15-11.



Mike Green



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