PRESS REPORT 24th June 2018

The ladies hit a hot streak in form to win six league matches without loss. In the Wessex League, Clevedon suffered a whitewash as Wedmore triumphed three rinks to nil and by 69 shots to 46 overall.  Trish Newell started as she meant to go on as her team scored six on the first end which had become a lead of seven by half way and nine by the finish of 24-15.  Marie Trow’s rink had their share of the lead but then trailed in the second half, drew level at end 13 and again at 18 when a surge of eight shots to win the last four ends proved irresistible, 21-16.  Carole Pettit’s people retook the lead on end 13 and by dint of keeping on won 18-14.

Scores:  B Disbrey, FD Rees, P Jenkins, T Newell, 24-15;  AM Wilkinson, D Gallop, J Collins, M Trow, 21-16; B Clark, M Hordle, J Hunt, C Pettit, 18-14; 69-46 overall.

Away to Mark Moor in the Wessex League Wedmore won two rinks and tied the third, with overall shots 65-46.  Jenny Collingwood and friends had a good day, hitting the front from the start, never going behind and finishing with a flourish of seven shots over the last three ends to win 25-13.  Marie Trow’s ladies built a lead of eight shots by half way and whilst Mark Moor increased their strike rate that didn’t stop Wedmore winning 23-16.  Elaine Deverill’s rink were nine shots down after five ends, it took until end 18 to catch up at 14 all and a 17 all tie seemed a fair result.

Scores:  B Disbrey, M Barron, C Pettit, J Collingwood, 25-13; D Gallop, M Fisher, T Newell, M Trow, 25-16; B Clarl, J Wheller, M Hordle, E Deverill, 17-17; overall 65-46.
Another away win in the Wessex League came at North Petherton as Wedmore won maximum points with three-nil on rinks and 58-44 on overall shots.  Maureen Hordle’s women started well and then shut out N Petherton for nine ends by which time the score was 18-3, leading to a victory of 21-10.  Elaine Deverill’s rink led throughout and whilst the opposition scored ten shots over the last nine ends they could not stop Wedmore winning 18-16.  There were several lead changes earlier on for Pam Beard’s people who then trailed for a bit before rallying to 18 all on end 20 and scoring the required singleton to win 19-18.
Scores:  P Jenkins, FD Reed, J Wheller, M Hordle, 21-10;  J Collins, J Hunt, D Gallop, E Deverill,  18-16;B Disbrey, M Davies, A Birch, P Beard, 19-18; overall 58-44.
It was a much closer return match when North Petherton came to Wedmore, when the adverse rink score of one to two hid an overall slender shots lead of 65-58 for a fourth victory in the Wessex League.  Jenny Collingwood led her side to an 18 shot lead by half way which had stretched to 30-11 after  North Petherton’s score of 15 had to suffer a 25% reduction for an infraction.  Marie Trow’s team didn’t score until end five and they were behind by nine shots on the  twelfth.  A strong fightback thereafter saw them win 13 shots including a five for six ends which wasn’t quite enough to get into the points at 19-20.  Audrey Birch’s group were only five shots down at halfway but subsequently  endured a drought resulting in a  16-27 loss.
Scores: B Clark, D Gallop, M Barron, J Collingwood, 30-11; B Disbrey, AM Wilkinson, J Collins, M Trow, 19-20; P Jenkins, M Hordle, M Fisher, A Birch 16-27; overall 65-63, 65-58 after the reduction.
At home to Congresbury in the Weston League, it was another clean sweep as Wedmore took all three rinks and won overall by 75 shots to 45.  Elaine Deverill’s ladies were in prolific vein, recording three five scores in the first eight ends to give a lead of 23 shots at half way.  Congresbury had an exciting moment, scoring seven on end 13 but it was still an unprofitable morning for them as Wedmore stormed to a 34-15 victory.  Marie Trow’s troupe overcame a barren patch after the start and retook the lead on end ten and pushed on, scoring twelve shots thereafter to win 23-15.  Shirley Wederell’s women didn’t score on the first three ends and put it right by winning five of he next six end, scoring 12 shots and taking the lead.  There followed a very tight second half with Congresbury scoring three on ends 16 and 17, one shot ahead and poised for victory.  Wedmore had a different idea and scored four at the last to win 18-15.
Scores: J Wheller, T Newell, E Deverill, 34-15; A Hughes, M Hordle, M Trow, 23-15; J Collins, J Collingwood, S Wederill, 18-15; overall 75-45.
In the Triples League at home to Keynsham, the ladies kept up the good work, winning three rinks to nil and 77-36 on shots.  Jenny Collingwood’s crew won the first six ends and so were ahead 16 shots but then had a smaller drought of their own for four ends but then recovered to make it 21-5 on end 11.  Keynsham’s second dry spell did not help their cause and it was no surprise to see Wedmore run out victorious at 29-7.  Wedmore were looking comfortable on Marie Trow’s rink and then scored seven on end ten followed by a six in reply from Keynsham to make the score 16-11 on end 11.  Wedmore’s strength prevailed for a 25-14 win.  Pam Beard’s trio scored seven o end two for a fast start and looked good at halfway with the score at 18-7.  Whilst Keynsham improved their scoring rate in the second half the deficit was too large and Wedmore won 23-15.
Scores:A Hughes, M Barron, J Collingwood, 29-7; A Birch, M Hordle, M Trow, 25-14; J Collins, T Newell, P Beard, 23-15; overall77-36.
In a Ladies’ Friendly away to St. Andrews, Wedmore lost one rink to two and 40-51 on overall shots.  Audrey Birch’s team made a strong start but  faltered, lost the lead fighting back over seven ends to retake the lead.  On end 16 it was 15-14 and Wedmore kept their nerve, winning the last two ends and the game 17-14.  Lynda Dearden’s ladies lost the lead on end four and were in contention until in the second half their opponents drew away.  Wedmore won the last two ends, scoring five for a respectable score of 14-17.  Maureen Hordle’s rink started slowly, recovered and took the lead on end seven only to lose it two ends later.  It was seven all on end ten  and still only two points in it at end 13 but St. Andrews accelerated to a strong finish to win 9-20.
The men had a sparkling win away to Chew Stoke in the Clevedon Triples League,  winning four-two on rinks and 140 shots to 82.  Keith Pettit’s men started brightly but soon lost the lead, rebounding with fourteen shots, including two fives, over thre ends giving a score line of 21-7 on end eight, finishing handsomely with 35-11.  Dave Nicholls’ lads effectively gave themselves a start of nine shots, starting with a six, before Chew scored, confirming their superiority by winning 13 of the 18 ends to bring home their victory of 28-7.  Ron Barron’s boys took the lead for the first time on end eight and accelerated away to win seven of the remaining ten ends, including a six score, to win 28-10.      Colin Moss’ side trailed for the first half, taking the lead on end 11 and staying their despite a late flurry from the opposition to claim their win 20-17.  Eddie Payne’s rink saw a few lead changes but then lost touch with their opponents in the second half, although a late effort kept the sore down to 16-17.  Ray Newell’s lads were in a close fight for early on, then established a bit of a lead from end eight followed from end 12 by seven losing ends to allow Chew the win 15-20.
Scores: J Runciman, D Trow, K Pettit, 25-11;  A Birch, K Burt, D Nicholls, 28-7; D Skelton, S Fisher, R Barron, 28-10; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 20-17; T Shepherd, D Wederell, E Payne, 16-17; T Simpson, C Panchaud, R Newell, 15-20;  overall 140-82.
As the present cup holders, the men got off to a flying start in this year’s Clevedon Cup, winning at home against Clevedon Prom by five rinks to one and 111-85 on shots.  After nine ends, Roger Hughes’ team were up 15-1 but  Clevedon had a stronger second half to lose 19-9.  Colin Moss’ crew were 17-2 ahead at end 10, went on to win 12 ends including two five scores, for a 22-13  victory.  Ron Barron’s trio led 18-2 after eight ends but then lost seven in a row for 18-13.  Wedmore shook themselves out of it to win tow of the last three ends and win 20-14.  Eddie Payne’s rink led from start to finish and won 17-12.  Dave Nicholls’ lad started well enough but after losing the lead on end three were well down 6-16 at end 11.  Something clicked and Wedmore went on to score 14 shots from the last seven ends to win 20-18.  Keith Pettit and pals looked to be in close combat at first but a nine end losing streak left them on 5-17 at end 12.  Some hard work followed to reduce the deficit by half, losing 13-9.
Scores: A Birch, I Gallop, R Hughes, 19-9; C Wheller, D Collins, C Moss, 22-13;  V Matthews, D Trow, R Barron, 20-14;  J Runciman, R Newell, E Payne,17-12;T Brown, R Thurkettle, D Nicholls, 20-18; R Bull, D Stansfield, K Pettit, 13-19; overall111-85.
in the Norrh Somerset Bowling Association Cup, the men narrowly lost away to Banwell, winning three of five rinks but losing 89-92 on overall shots.  Initially Eddie Payne’s rink appeared have no answers to the opposition’s strong start, there being an eight shot deficit by end six.  By dint of winning six of the next seven ends Wedmore put that right, taking the lead on end 15 and going on to win 24-18.  Roger Hughes, men re-took the lead on end four and although it was alaways a tussle, kept it to the end, winning 20-17.  Dave Nicholls’ crew trailed throughout but, encouraged by an earlier five score, showed excellent timing by scoring three on the final end to win 19-18.  It was seven all at end ten on Roy Thurkettle’s rink but their opponents scored nine in three ends, including a five to establish a lead which Wedmore could not challenge, losing 13-21.  Keith Burt’s boys were in a din-dong cup match, with five lead changes to end 11 and the score 11 all on end 16.  Unfortunately for Wedmore they were outscored on the last six end to lose 13-18.

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