PRESS REPORT 27th May 2018

Wedmore won through to the next round of the Tony Allcock national knockout mixed competition by beating Bristol away.  Whilst it was one rink each, the overall score was a fine win of 45 shots to 34.  Colin Moss’ side started slowly, eight shots down after three ends but fought back to lead by one shot at end ten.  Scoring solidly put the game beyond Bristol’s reach, ending a resounding 30 shots to 16.  Ron Barron’s team started well, lost the lead on end nine then fought back to a one shot lead with two ends to go but Bristol’s last gasp made it 15-18.

Scores: Au Birch, E Deverill, K Pettit, C Moss, 30-16; P Jenkins, M Barron, Al Birch, R Barron 15-18; overall 45-34.

The Southey is a Somerset County Ladies knockout competition. Against Bridgwater Wedmore won the pairs, the triples and the rinks but lost the singles thereby winning 3 rinks to 1.  In the next round Wedmore went out to Congresbury, winning on rinks but losing on the other elements.

The Ladies are enjoying a run of good form with some outstanding results.  At home to Wrington in the Triples League they won three rinks to nil and by a huge 77 shots to 27.  Skipper Maureen Holder’s ladies showed what could be done by steadily plugging away and racking up a big score, winning 13 of the 18 ends to deserve their 30-7 victory.  Jenny Collingwood’s side also had a good day, doubling their scoring rate in the second half after a modest start to triumph 25-10.  Carole Pettit’s rink also made a strong contribution when their six score on the second end boosted them to the front. They kept up the pace by winning their ends  well and restricting the opposition to singles when they took an end – result 22-10.

Scores: D Gallop, J Hunt, M Hordle 30-7; J Collins, L Hamblin, J Collingwood 25-10; A Hughes, M Barron, C Pettit 22-10; overall 77-27.

Away to Keynsham in the Triples League, the Ladies did it again, 3-0 on rinks and a crushing 83 shots to 24 overall to put another full pointer in the bag. Elaine Wederill led a strong group and made that pay by leading from beginning to end, denied Keynsham any scoring for 11 consecutive ends and won 14 ends for a pace setting victory 38-4.  Shirley Wederell’s cohort  didn’t really get going until half way and then won ten successive ends to come home 23-8.  Maureen Hordle and team-mates were never really threatened and a strong burst just after half way put them out of reach, sustaining that to finish 22-12.

Scores: M Barron, T Newell, E Wederill 38-4; P Jenkins, P Beard, S Wederell 23-8; J Collins, A Birch, M Hordle 22-12;  overall 83-4.

As the matches came thick and fast, two days later Wedmore were at home to Burnham-on-Sea in the Weston League, winning by two rinks to one and by 50 shots to 41 overall.  Pam Beard’s ladies were initially in a close game, with scores level at half way but a burst of seven shots over the next four ends provided a seven point lead which, together with a strong finish towards the end was enough to survive Burnham’s five score on the last end to win 20-15. In a low scoring game, Jenny Collingwood’s crew started well, were briefly overtaken on end eight but a five score on end 11 was enough to keep the opposition at bay and go on to a 16-11 victory.  On Marie Trow’s rink it was always tight and apart from a brief lead at end five they were always close but not in front with a 14-15 photo finish.

Scores:  A Hughes, T Newell, P Beard 20-15; J Collins, M Hordle, J Collingwood; 16-11; B Disbury, J Hunt, M Trow 14-15; overall 50-41.

The Ladies visited Fosseway in the Triples League for a low scoring but hotly contested match where it was one each and a tie on rinks with a remarkable 49-49 on overall shots.  The  lead changed hands five times on Julie Collins’ rink with scores level at end 16.  Fosseway took the next end with a single shot but Wedmore clinched the game by scoring three on the last end to win 17-15. Maureen Hordle’s folk trailed for most of the first half but caught up and passed their opponents on end 16.  In another nail biting finish each side scored two more shots to tie 17-17.  Shirley Wederell’s women did not score until end four and then took the lead on the next end, holding it for eight more ends but then giving way, losing narrowly 15-17.

Scores: J Weller, AM Wilkinson, J Collins 17-15; FD Rees, P Jenkins, M Hordle 17-17; A Birch, T Newell, S Wederell 15-17;  overall 49-49.

Wedmore men also had some glowing wins mixed in with a couple of losses. In the County League the B team played at home to Clevedon Prom C and won three rinks to none and 75 shots to 38 overall – a clean sweep of all the points on offer.  Roy Thurkettle’s men played a stormer winning the first six ends and building up a 17 point lead right to the end, 26-9.  2Kevin Phillimore and pals trailed most of the first half, then took the lead on end 11.  A remarkable sequence followed with Wedmore scoring 12 points over the last eight ends, winning 14 in total to decide an important victory 24-12.  Greg Annuik and co. took the lead on end five and stayed there despite a challenge on end nine which was resisted, prompting a surge to the end to prevail 25-17.

Scores: V Matthews, M Green, D Trow, R Thurkettle 26-9; PD Rees, J Runciman, S Fisher, K Phillimore 24-12; R Bull, C Heller, C Panchaud, G Annuik, 25-17; overall 75-38.

Two days later the men were at home again to Clevedon Prom in the Clevedon Triples League and won five to one on rinks and 128-83 overall.  Roger Hughes’ rink announced itself with a bang of a six score on end five and Clevedon only scored twice after, as Wedmore charged on to win 13 ends and an overwhelming winning score of 31-6.  Despite not taking the lead until end eight, Colin Moss’ men also took 13 ends and the game by 24-9.  In a remarkable turn around Ron Barron’s boys didn’t even score until end seven and then took the lead on end 14 as Clevedon ran out of steam and Wedmore won the last seven ends in succession for a 22-14 victory.  Eddie Payne’s side had a closely fought game in which they were mainly in the lead with their opponents snapping at their heels.  Scores were level at end 11 but Wedmore persisted and came out on top 15-13.  Dave Nicholls troupe kicked off with a six on end three and had a thirteen point lead by end 10 as Clevedon had a six end drought which was followed by a
dry patch from Wedmore who only scored one more shot to the end but it was enough to hang on for a 20-19 win.  Keith Pettit’s crew held the lead for one end but were mostly behind whilst keeping in touch but lost 16-22.

Scores: J Runciman, I Galopp, R Hughes, 31-6; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 24-9; I Faulkner, R Newell, R Barron, 22-14; A Birch, K Burt, E Payne, 15-13, D Barnett, S Fisher, D Nicholls, 20-19; D Trow, Stansfield, K Pettit, 16-22;  128-83 overall.

In the County League, Wedmore B beat Portishead RBL by 2-1 on rinks and 71-40 overall. Clive Panchaud and pals ensured a big victory by taking 16 of 21 ends to rack up 38 shots to 10.  Stuart Fisher and co. looked in command most of the way until a Portishead six score gave them a platform to counter-attack and took the lead on end 15.  Wedmore came back two ends later and finished well to win 21-15.  Roy Thurkettle’s group mostly trailed but were never out of it and after a  close finish it was 12-15.

Scores:C Weller, M Green, T Simpson, C Panchaud, 38-10; M Bachelor, J Runciman, D Stansfield, S Fisher, 21-15; V Matthews, D Barnett, R Grant, R Thurkettle, 12-15.

The C Team lost away to Yatton B, one to two on rinks and 52-64 overall.  Keith Burt’s rink had a good game, emerging in the second half to build a strong lead to win 26-9.  Terry Simpson’s side were in contention with the score level at end 12 but couldn’t hold on, losing 16-23, whilst Dennis Stansfield side couldn’t make much impact and lost 10-32.

Scores:S Wilkinson, M Batchelor, J White, K Burt, 26-9; D Skelton, S Young, T Walker, T Simpson, 16-23; T Collingwood, I Faulkner, T Shepherd, D Stansfield, 10-32; 52-64 overall.

Wedmore found Portishead RBL harder to handle, playing away in the Clevedon Triples League, losing on ends one to four plus a tie and 92-105 overall.  Roger Hughes’ bunch had a close game but pulled out a big enough lead towards the end to win 15-11.  Keith Pettit and co. were mostly behind but snatched the lead on end 16, Portishead took it back and a single shot from Wedmore made it a 13-13 tie.  Ron Barron’s boys experienced a lot of lead changes from the middle of the game onwards and the score was level on end 17 but Portishead stole the victory 14-16.  It was also a close thing on Eddie Payne’s rink but a strong finish from them was not quite enough so losing 17-19.  Colin Moss’ men were in a tight contest with level sores at end ten.  However they only scored four shots in the remaining eight ends and lost 16-22.  Dave Nicholls’ side were in the game, despite giving away a seven shot loss, and the score was level at end 11, one behind on end 16 but two threes from Portishead gave them a 17-24 win.

Scores: R Bull, A Birch, R Hughes, 15-11; P Smith, R Thurkettle, K Pettit 13-13; D Trow, R Newell, R Barron, 14-16, T Simpson, K Burt, E Payne, 17-19, C Weller, D Collins, C Moss, 16-22; J Runciman, T Brown, D Nicholls, 17-24;  92-105 overall.

The Mixed Friendly squad had two wins and a draw. Against Avon and Somerset Police it was two all on rinks but 88-70 overall with skippers Dennis Stansfield and Ron Barron leading their rinks to big wins.  At home to Wellington was three nil plus a tie on rinks and 73-61 overall when skippers Roger Hughes, Stuart Fisher and Keith Burt produced victories and Maureen Hordle had the tie. Hosting Wrington, it was two all on rinks and 68 all overall with Skippers Marie Trow and Clive Weller posting the wins.