PRESS REPORT 19th February 2018

In a period of six friendlies, Wedmore lost only one.  The Ladies showed the way by winning two Ladies’ Friendlies, the first against St Andrews of Weston-super-Mare, winning on both rinks and overall by 43 shots to 29.  Julie Masters’ ladies took the lead from the start but the game was finely balanced when the opposition took the lead with a five score on end 11.  This provoked an immediate response  and Wedmore scored 13 shots on the next five ends for a twelve point lead and couldn’t be caught, winning 27 shots to 15.  Maureen Hordle’s  side held the lead for most of the first half but lost it on end 13 and at end 19 the scores were level.  Wedmore saw out the last two ends to win16-14.

It was one rink all against Victoria but Wedmore Ladies again squeezed out a victory overall with 36 shots to 35.  Julie Masters team took the lead on end six but the game was close and scores levelled at end 13.  Wedmore hung on to the lead and seized the game with a five score on the last end to win 20-14, a good foundation for the overall match.  Maureen Hordle’s group had a tougher time but overcame a deficit of eight shots to take the lead on end nine.  After much lead swapping, Victoria put their noses in front and defeated the home side 16-21.

Not to be outdone the men won a friendly against North Petherton, taking both rinks and an overall score of 40 shots to 24.  Ray Newell’s men were in a scrap early on but had a five score on end nine going on to win thirteen ends and by 21 shots to nine.  Dave Nicholls’ band never lost the lead although the score was tied on end 18 as Wedmore pushed on to win 19 shots to 15.

The Mixed Friendly squad won two out of three matches.  Against Congresbury it was 2-0  on rinks and  38-23 on overall shots.  Julie Masters’ bunch enjoyed their afternoon by retaining the lead for the whole game, winning twelve of eighteen ends, scoring 22 shots to 8.  It was the proverbial close run thing on the other rink where Richard McHale and co. were given a good game.  It was tied at end 17 and Wedmore took the last end by a single shot, winning by 16 shots to15.

The loss came against Bridgwater who took both rinks and won by 46 shots to 24 overall.  On Joe Harris’ rink they had the lead a couple of times and by scoring  five on end 16 came within three shots of their opponents who nonetheless won 21-14.  Richard McHale and support started well enough but dried up after end nine, scoring only one further shot to lose 10-25.

That loss was remedied by a narrow win against Avon and Somerset Police when it was one rink each and 38-34 overall to Wedmore.  Richard McHale’s rink had a good win, scoring a couple of fives and ran out 22 shots to 14.  Dennis Stansfield’s crew looked as if they might win when the match was level at half way and only one point in it at end 20 but the police won the last by three so Wedmore lost 16-20.

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