PRESS REPORT 4th February 2018

The men put on a strong performance in the County League against North Petherton, winning by 82-66 on overall shots, with rinks two all, and scooping 12 of the 16 points available.  At home, Dave Nicholls and his men scored steadily throughout the game, including two five scores to triumph 29 shots to 10.  On the other home rink, Eddie Payne’s side stayed in touch with the opposition and were only three behind at half way but then North Petherton turned up the pressure slightly and slowly expanded their lead to win 16-25.

Colin Moss’ rink had a remarkable away win, limiting their opponents to winning only six ends and so claiming an emphatic win which, at 23 shots to 12, made a substantial contribution to the club’s victory.  Keith Pettit’s lads fought hard and were level after 11 ends, only two behind after 18 and whilst conceding the win, limited the damage to five shots.

Scores: J White, V Matthews, R Barron, D Nicholls, 29-10;  R Bull, R Thurkettle, D Stansfield, E Payne, 16-25; A Birch, J Runciman, R Newell, C Moss, 23-12, D Collins, D Brown, J Fear, K Pettit, 14-19;  overall 82 shots to 66.

The men also won a Friendly against North Petherton at home, with the overall score 50 shots to 41 with rinks one all.  Roy Thurkettle’s group laid down the foundation with a convincing victory, after retaking the lead on end four they never looked back.  A five score on end 11 gave a 12 point lead which was sustained for the rest of the game, helped by another five, winning 31 shots to 18.  Clive Panchaud’s bunch worked hard, winning more ends than their opponents but not by as much as them.  Conceding a seven score didn’t help but a spirited finish led to a close result at 19-23.

The Mixed Friendly squad won a close match at home against St Andrews of Weston-super-Mare, with one rink each and 33 shots to 29 overall.  Richard McHale’s outfit didn’t take the lead until end 12 but then made it pay by pulling away, with the help of two six scores, to a 21-14 victory.  Maureen Hordle’s rink prevented the opposition from scoring until end six but they took the lead on end ten and by dint of winning nine of the last eleven ends, took the match by three shots, 12-15.


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