PRESS REPORT 11 December 2017

The men have been disappointed twice recently. In the Denny Plate against Westlecot in Wiltshire the score was 0-4 on rinks and 54 shots to 95 overall.At home Colin Moss’ men were in front until the end when their opponents drew level and won the decider, result 17-19.  Ray Newell and co. struggled and had a dry patch at the end losing 13-25.  Away Ron Barron’s boys were slow to start and couldn’t catch up, losing 13-26. Eddie Payne’s people won ten ends but the winning margins were greater on the ends they lost, score 11-25.

In the County League match against Clarrie Dunbar the defeat was 1-3 on rinks and 61-96 shots overall.  At home Eddie Payne’s rink had the victory, taking the lead for the second time on end ten and then pulling away to win 24-13.  Ron Barron’s crew started with a six but the lead evaporated by end six and then it was downhill all the way to 12-34.  Away Keith Pettit’s lot had a six point lead at end 18 but gave away a six on the last end for a frustrating 18-19 defeat.  Colin Moss’ side couldn’t make much impact on the other side and lost 7-30.

The Mixed Friendly squad has been doing well with two victories at home.  Against Minehead it was one rink all but Wedmore won by 34-31 shots overall thanks to an impressive 22-7 victory by Brian Aston’s rink which more than made up for a 12-24 loss by Maureen Hordle’s side. Wedmore beat North Petherton on both rinks, never having been behind, with Maureen Hordle this time a winner by 23-9 shots whilst Richard McHale’s group came under pressure at the end but prevailed by 18 shots to 19, 41-25 overall.


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