PRESS REPORT 13th November

The men played away to N Wiltshire in the Denny Plate and did well to win 3-1 on rinks and overall by 79 shots to 63 when the away rinks did better than the homies.  Steve Heeley led his team to a 21-16 victory whilst Colin Moss’ men were in a very tight game which went down to the last bowl, which gave Wedmore a 16-15 win.  At home, Eddie Payne’s side were never led, winning 13 ends to score 28 shots to 12.  Dave Nichols and crew were briefly in the lead but mostly trailed, coming back to a two shot deficit on end 18 but N Wilts finished the stronger as Wedmore lost 14 shots to 21.

The men are active in the National Championships first round, where Dave Nichols and Dave Collins beat Steve Heeley and Keith Hall 23-8 in the men’s pairs.  Dave Nichols also featured in the Singles, beating Roy Orme 21-15.  A triples team has also been entered.

In the second round of the Yetton Cup, the Ladies met  St Andrews of Weston on a 2+2 basis and lost by 1-3 on rinks and 59 shots to 115 overall.  Marie Trow’s Ladies distinguished themselves away by winning their rink, coming back from seven shots down at end 17 with a storming finish of ten shots in the last four ends to win 21-18.  In the other away rink, Julie Masters and friends briefly led near the start and then faltered and had it not been for scoring two fives would have been left far behind but still lost 20-31.  At home, Maureen Hordle’s group could not get into the game, scoring five shots on the last end as consolation to lose 14-26.  Pam Beard and co. had a bad day, winning only two ends and going down 4 shots to 40.  

Three victories for the Mixed Friendly squad were very cheering.  At home to Burnham-on-Sea, Wedmore won on both rinks and by 71 shots to 25 overall.  Silvie Newbury led her rink to score on 12 ends of 18 and 29 shots to 19 despite conceding a seven score.  Brian Aston’s folk were leading by 17 shots at half way but the second half put even that in the shade by scoring 21 shots whilst winning the last seven ends.

Congresbury were another friendly Club without indoor rinks to visit and Wedmore won both rinks and by a large score overall as skippers Jenny Collingwood and Maureen Hordle showed the way home.

St Andrews away was a different proposition, playing on their rinks.  By half way Alan Birch’s outfit were down five shots but it felt like more. Something different happened as Wedmore won the majority of the remaining ends to take the game 18 shots to 11.  An even more dramatic swing happened on Richard McHale’s rink, down 12 shots at halfway and pulling up to 15-19 by the end. A two rink victory and 33-30 on overall shots were a good result against strong opposition.


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