PRESS REPORT 13th August 2017

As the season moves into the home straight the men are doing well and have experienced being at the top of both the County Premiership Division 2 and the Clevedon District Triples League.  Away to Portishead in the Clevedon league the men pulled off a magnificent victory when the score was 133 shots to 90 and 5-1 on rinks.  Keith Pettit’s people won 12 of 18 ends and consequently rattled up a big winning score – 27-8.  Roger Hughes’ guys set off on the wrong foot but soon sorted that out, taking the lead for the second time on end eight, never to let go and seized victory by 25 shots to 11.  Tony Brown’s bunch took a little while to settle down but a six score on end six saw them never look back with a win of 26-19.  Colin Moss’ lads swapped the lead eight times in a close tussle which they won 23-19.  David Wederell and friends established their grip on the game from the start, resulting in a lead of 11 shots on end 13.  A Portishead revival was resisted and Wedmore duly saw the game out 15-13.  Ron Barron’s group trailed but were never out of touch when a six score gave them a four shot lead.  This proved to be a false dawn as the other side struck back by enough to squeeze out a three shot win.

Scores: D Trow, D Stansfield, K Pettit, 27-8; A Birch, J Harris, R Hughes,25-11; B Dearden, I Gallop, T Brown, 26-19; T Collingwood, D Collins, C Moss, 23-19; V Matthews, B Aston, D Wederell,15-13; S Wilikinson, T Simpson, R Barron,17-20; overall 133 shots to 90.
The men visited Portishead again for a semi-final in the Clevedon Cup, winning  by the narrow margin of two shots, with rinks 3-3.  At the halfway stage Roger Hughes’ men men had not been behind but their lead was only four shots which proved to be a good enough platform to build on and won 22-14.  Eddie Payne’s boys also led throughout, scoring a six made for a good lead but that was cancelled by a six shot loss resulting in a 20-15 win.  Keith Pettit’s trio were in a tight match until end 11 when they pulled away and won 17-13.  Ron Barron’s gents didn’t take the lead until end 15 but were pipped at the post as Portishead scored four on the last end to win 15-16.  Colin Moss and co. were also in a close game with just one shot in it at end 16 but the other side scored five shots over the last two ends, winning 13-19.  Keith Burt’s crew struggled to get into the game and went down 16-24.

Scores: C Wheller, I Gallop, R Hughes, 22-14; A Birch, J Harris, E Payne, 20-15; D Trow, T Brown, K Pettit, 17-13; J Runciman, R Bull, R Barron, 15-16; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 13-19; B Aston, T Simpson, K Burt 16-24;  overall 103-101.
The men had a good victory in the Clevedon triples league, away to Ashcombe Knights when the score was  99 shots to 94 overall and 4-2 on rinks.  A reasonable start by Keith Pettit’s partners turned into a very good one with a seven shots score on end six and they maintained the momentum to claim a 25-16 victory.  Dennis Stansfield’s team had an eight shot lead on end 15 and it proved necessary to withstand a strong finish by the opposition giving a win of 18-15.  Brian Aston’s blokes were in a close contest where the lead changed six times before they were able to nail it down 15-13.  A five score on end eight helped Roy Thurkettle’s troops grab the lead for the first time but it stayed close with a deficit of just one shot going into the last end which happily added two more to win 13-12.  Jim White and support had their chances in another close fight but a stronger finish by Ashcombe inflicted a loss of 11-15.  Keith Burt and his crowd also had good chances in a game where the lead changed six times but again the other side finished stronger so it was 17-23.
Scores: D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit, 25-16; V Matthews, D Collins, D Stansfield, 18-15; R Norris, M Green, B Aston, 15-13; T Collingwood, D Barnett, R Thurkettle, 13-12; P D Rees, J Clark, J White, 11-15; B Dearden, I Faulkner, K Burt, 17-23; overall 99-94.
Away to Clarence B in the County League, the Wedmore B team did not fare so well, losing on all three rinks and by 46 shots to 69.  Roy Thurkettle’s rink were in it until end seven when Clarence pulled away for an eight shot lead.  Wedmore whittled this down to three shots by end 16 but that was as good as it got, losing 16-21.  In a ding-dong game Stuart Fisher’s fellows held the lead by as late as end 17 but Clarence put the game to bed by scoring nine shots over the last four ends, so 16-23.  Clive Wheller and pals were leading in the middle third of the game but from then on could not match the scoring rate of their opponents and went down 14-25.
Scores: D Trow, B Cottrell, D Barnett, R Thurkettle, 16-21; V Matthews, J Runciman, I Faulkner, S Fisher, 16-23; T Collingwood, T Simpson, M Green, C Wheller, 14-25; overall 46 shots to 69.
In the Weston Triples League at home to Victoria the Ladies won 3-0 on rinks and by 49 shots to 35 overall. Carole Pettit’s side just kept up their scoring rate and deserved to win 18-9.  Marie Trow’s lasses regained the lead at the right time, end 13, pressing on to win 14-10.  Pam Beard’s bevy had collected a 12 point lead by end 15  but it was a close finish as Victoria scored two, six, three over the last three ends, leaving Wedmore with the narrow margin of a one shot victory.
Scores: J Collins, B Disbrey, C Pettit, 18-9; M Hordle, A Hughes, M Trow, 14-10; A Wilkinson, T Collingwood, P Beard, 17-16.
The ladies hosted Nailsea in the Triples League and won narrowly by 49 shots to 46 and 2-1 on rinks.  Shirley Wederell’s Ladies didn’t score until end five by which time they had given Nailsea six shots start.  Undaunted they pressed on and, pinning their opponents to the same score of nine shots for seven ends, ran out very creditable winners 18-10.  Pam Beard’s women shifted around for a while but seized the day from end seven and, aided by two five scores, won 21-16.  At end six the score was six all but it was ten ends before Marie Trow’s troupe scored, couldn’t overcome their handicap and lost 10-20.
Scores:P Jenkins, J Collingwood, S Wederell 18-10; B Disbrey, C Pettit, P Beard, 21-16 J Collins. L Hamlin, M Trow, 10-20; overall, 49 shots to 46.
A Mixed Friendly at home to Wellington provided Wedmore with a victory 78-70 shots overall and 3-1 on rinks.  Mike Green’s foursome had a 12-0 lead by end seven and so cruised to victory at 22-15.  After end eight, Alan Birch’s band settled down and, helped by a six score en route, won 21-15.  Peter Tincknell’s folk put their noses in front at half way and held on for a 20-18 win.  Mike Batchelor’s crowd were in it until end 16 but then couldn’t match the opposition so lost 15-22.

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