PRESS REPORT 5th August 2017

The men’s A team went  to Wells in a County League match and enjoyed a resounding victory, winning by 66 shots to 41 overall and 3-0 on rinks.  Dave Nicholls’ gents swapped the lead five times to end 15 and then took a grip on the the game to win 25-14.  Roger Hughes’ men took the lead on end four and motored on uninterrupted to a 20-13 win.  Eddie Payne’s boys had ten shots on the board before Wells scored on end seven but the visitors did well to catch up and lead from end 15 before Wedmore came back to forge ahead to victory 21-14.

Rinks:D Collins, C Moss, R Barron, D Nicholls 25-14; T Brown,I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes 20-13; A Birch, P Smith, K Pettit, E Payne 21-14;  Overall 66 shots to 41.

The C team were away to Winscombe B in their County League match and won one rink against two, losing 43-82 overall.  Terry Simpson’s lads scored four on end 13 with the jack in the ditch, which proved to be the turning point as they stayed in front to win 21-17.    Jim White and Brendon Cottrell were unable stem the onslaught on their rinks, losing 8-28 and 14-37 respectively.

Rinks: M Batchelor, B Dearden, P D-Rees, T Simpson 21-17; S Wilkinson, M Davis, P Tincknell, J White, 8-28; T Shepherd, T Collingwood, D Luke, B Cottrell, 14-37; Overall 43 shots to 82.

At home to Portishead RBL in the Clevedon Triples League, the men won a close game by three rinks to two plus a tie and by 107 shots to 98 overall.  Eddie Payne and partners scored a six on end six to give them a good lead, which steadily grew to victory at 22-13.  Just after half way, Ron Barron’s band accelerated to a lead of 12 shots by end 15 which enabled them to fend off a ten shot challenge over the last three ends to win 18-16.  Keith Pettit’s fellows led all the way without pulling clear but did win 15-13.  Dave Nicholls’ group also led all the way, scoring a six early on and a five near the finish but went into the last end one shot down, scored a singleton to draw 24-24.  Colin Moss and mates led from end four  to 17 when they became two shots down, could only score one on the last end to lose 13-14.  Ray Newell’s crew didn’t score until end five and whilst they came close to their rivals, lost 15-18.

Rinks: A Birch, J Harris, E Payne 22-13; T Simpson, T Brown, R Barron, 18-16; D Trow, K Burt, K Pettit, 15-13; P Smith, C Panchaud, D Nicholls, 24-24, V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 13-14; J Runciman, I Gallop, R Newell, 15-18; Overall 107 shots to 98.

In another Clevedon District Triples League match, this time at home to Congresbury, the men notched up a memorable victory winning 130 shots to 68 overall and five to one on rinks.  Tony Brown’s team swapped the lead a couple of times, then a six on end seven put them properly in the lead and things just kept getting better as another six on end sixteen gave a 20 shot lead. The win ended 26-8 having won 12 of 18 ends.  Keith Pettit’s side went two better by winning 14 ends and scoring 30-10 in a victory where the excellent play of lead Don Trow was recognised.  Colin Moss and pals built a lead of eight shots as early as end five but this was eaten away and ends seven to 13 were very close.  Then Wedmore slammed the door on their opponents by scoring 12 shots over the last five ends to win 27-12.  Dave Nicholls and co. led all the way and began to pile on the pressure in the second half to win 20-7, having won 13 ends.  Ron Barron’s chaps also led from start to finish to put together an 18-12 victory.  Roger Hughes’ outfit were in close touch with the opposition up to end 11 when the other side gradually pulled away to win 9-19.

Scores: A Birch, I Gallop, T Brown, 26-8; D Trow, R Norris, K Pettit, 30-10; J Runciman, D Collins, C Moss, 27-12; D Barnett, D Wederell, D Nicholls, 20-7; J Clark, C Panchaud, R Barron, 18-12;  R Bull, D Stansfield, R Hughes, 9-19;  Overall 130 shots to 68.

In the Weston District Triples Cup the men played Victoria Saxons and whilst being even on rinks three all, lost 71-114 shots overall.  Brian Aston’s trio went to the front on end four and never looked back, winning handsomely 29-12.  Keith Burt’s crew were in a close encounter, with the lead switching and never more than two shots in it, which resulted in winning by 14 shots to 12.  Ron Barron’s buddies didn’t have a taste of the lead until end seven and carelessly lost it on end 17 to go two shots down.  Happiness was restored by scoring three on the last end to win 14-13.  Clive Panchaud and fellow skippers Keith Pettit and Dave Nicholls all had a match to forget, losing heavily.  

Rinks: A Birch, D Collins, B Aston, 24-12; R Bull, T Brown, K Burt, 14-12; D Skelton, T Simpson, R Barron, 14-13; V Matthews, M Green, C Panchaud, 8-26; D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit, 7-27; T Counsell, J Runciman, D Nicholls, 4-24; Overall 71 shots to 114.

The Ladies had a good match at home to Mark Moor in the Wessex Ladies League, winning on rinks by two to one and overall by 49 shots to 37.  Marie Trow’s foursome led all the way, had a lead of 12 shots at end 10 and ran out good winners at 17-10.  Liz Hamblin’s lasses trailed for a good while but came back and took the lead on end 12, winning most of the remaining ends for a 15-9 win.  Pam Beard and chums swapped the lead seven times but took it on end 16 which looked like good timing until Mark Moor scored two more to win 17-18.

Scores: M Hordle, A Wilkinson, C Pettit, M Trow, 17-10; P Jenkins, A Birch, J Collingwood, L Hamblin, 15-9; J Collins, D Gallop, M Perry, P Beard, 17-18. Overall 49 shots to 37.

In a remarkable match, the Ladies played Clevedon Prom away in the Wessex Ladies League which ended in a draw, 46 shots all and one to two on rinks.  Marion Fisher’s ladies seized the lead on end six and thereafter only lost one end  to give a resounding victory 24-6.  Pam Beard’s women were in the game until end 15 when Clevedon scored ten shots in the last four ends causing Wedmore to lose 12-21.  Marie Trow and friends started slowly and never really got into the game, so losing 10-19.

Rinks: P Jenkins, M Barron, M Perry, M Fisher, 24-6; B Clark, A Wilkinson, D Gallop, P Beard, 12-21; J Collins, M Hordle, A Birch, M Trow 10-19.  Overall 46 shots to 46.

At home to Clarence in the Weston District Triples there was another tie at 42 shots all but Wedmore lost on rinks one to two.  In a low scoring game, Marie Trow’s rink were playing a close game but pulled away in the second half to win 15-7.  Jenny Collingwood’s folk scored five at the halfway mark to go ahead for the first time but immediately lost it and a small gap  developed to allow Clarence to win 15-19.  Pam  Beard’s crowd held the lead for a long spell in the middle of the game but lost it on end 14, drew level on 16 but the game slipped away to 12-16.

Scores: C Vaney, M Barron, M Trow, 15-7; M Hordle, A Birch, J Collingwood, 15-19.  J Collins, D Gallop, P Beard, 12-16.  Overall 42 shots to 42.

The Ladies lost at home to West Blackwell in the Weston Triples League, losing by one rink to two and 44 shots to 54 overall.  A five score early on helped Marie Trow’s troupe come from behind and keep going to win 17-11.  Carole Pettit’s people were nine shots behind at half way and whilst they narrowed the gap they could not close it, losing 10-14.  Pam Beard’s bunch similarly were ten down early on which was a gap too wide, losing 17-29.

Rinks: M Hordle, M Stansfield, M Trow, 17-11; D Gallop, A Wilkinson, C Pettit 10-14; P Jenkins, A Birch, P Beard 17-29.  Overall 44 shots to 54.

On a positive note, Ann Hughes, Maureen Hordle and Pam Beard recently played at Watchet, in their Open Ladies Triples and came third out of 20 entries.

Two Mixed Friendlies produced a win and a loss.  At home to Burnham-on-Sea, Wedmore won overall by 103 shots to 86 but on rinks it was two to three plus a tie. Skippers Roger Hughes and Terry Simpson won handsomely, Don Trow’s rink didn’t score until end eight but forced a tie; skippers Dennis Stansfield and Marie Trow lost by small margins whilst Ron Barron’s rink was sunk with all hands.  Away to North Petherton, the Mixed Friendly squad struggled to little or no avail, losing overall by 49 shots to 75 and on all four rinks.


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