PRESS REPORT 30 July 2017

In the men’s three County league games the wheels came off as all were losses.  The “A” Team visited Keynsham and came a cropper, losing on all three rinks and overall by 49 shots to 67.  Ron Barron’s chaps did well in the first half and went on to run up a comfortable 13 shot lead by end 15.  Then their scoring rate dried up and by end 20 it was 22-19 and the opponents signed off with a five score turning the game into a Wedmore loss 22-24; Dave Nicholls’ lads were on terms over the first six ends but the other side ran up 11 shots in the next five, which proved too much for the home side who lost 13-20.  Eddie Payne’s fellows found Keynsham’s scoring rate too hot to handle and whilst winning ten ends still lost 14-23.

Rinks: T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Barron, 22-24; D Collins, K Burt, C Moss, D Nicholls, 13-20; A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, E Payne 14-23; Overall score 49 shots to 67.

The men’s “B” Team played away against Bristol and fared no better, also losing on all three rinks albeit with small scores against them but an overall score of 50 shots to 61.  Roy Thurkettle’s men had their share of the scoring and the lead in a close contest but when Bristol took the lead for the third time on end 19 to go up 11-13 that looked ominous.  Wedmored countered with a three score to go into the last end level, only to lose by one shot – 14-15.  Clive Wheller’s boys started slowly but caught up on end 11 only to see the home side outscore them in the second half to lose 18-22.  Dennis Stansfield’s chaps were in a tight game, having started well but once Bristol caught them on end eight it was virtually game over as they kept the lead to the end, winning 18 shots to 24.

Rinks: T Collingwood, B Back, R Bull, R Thurkettle, 14-15; V Matthews, I Faulkner, J Runciman, C Wheller, 18-22; S Wilkinson, T Counsell, D Trow, D Stansfield, 18-24; Overall score 50 shots to 61.

The “C” team managed to pick up a couple of points but lost 1-2 on rinks and 41-57 overall at home to Clevedon Prom.  After taking the lead for a second time, Terry Simpson’s merry men seized a lead of 11 shots by end ten and, after a short comparatively dry spell, put on six shots over the last five ends for a joyous 24-11 victory.  Could that be the foundation for a match victory?  No, and a glance across at the other two score boards showed why.  Brendon Cottrell’s gents got stuck in second gear, costing a 13 shot deficit by end 12 but a sudden access of form had them score 13 shots in the second half, including a satisfying five at the last.  The apparent 15 shots score had to be adjusted downwards by 25% as Wedmore played with a man short so the official tally was 11-18.  Jim White’s rink opened the scoring at the first end but then had a barren period until end 13 by which time the score was 3-17.  Keynsham kept up the pressure to win 6-28.

Rinks: M Batchelor, T Bullock, D Skelton, T Simpson, 24-11; B Dearden, D Luke, B Cottrell, 11-18; T Shepherd, M Davis, R Norris, J White, 6-28; Overall score 41 shots to 57.

In a Weston District Triples League match at home to Portishead, the men had some joy by winning five rinks to one and 98-77 on overall shots.  After a bumpy opening period, Keith Burt’s crew got down to brass tacks from end five to the last and did very well with a 22-9 shots victory.  Ray Newell’s side changed the lead a couple of times but a strong finish gave a 19-12 win. Brian Aston’s group had a tussle in the opening exchanges but from end seven consistently built up their lead to win 16-10.  Ron Barron and co. led from the start, resisted a late surge and won 16-11.  Keith Pettit’s people looked comfortable with a lead of 11 shots by end seven but the other side came back to just one behind at end 13.  Wedmore narrowly outscored them over the last four ends to win by 17 shots to 15.  On David Wederell’s rink the home side lost touch with their opponents after the first few ends and lost 8-20.

Rinks:  V Matthews, I Faulkner, K Burt, 22-9; R Bull, J Runciman, R Newell, 19-12; A Birch, D Collins, B Aston 16-10; B Dearden, P Smith, R Barron 16-11; D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit, 17-15; T Shepherd, P Moxy, D Wederell, 8-20; overall 98 shots to 77.

North Petherton put paid to the men’s hopes in the Turnbull Cup when Wedmore only won of four rinks and lost 65 shots to 78 overall.  Eddie Payne and pals lost the lead on end nine, took it back three rinks later and motored on to win 25-16.  Dave Nicholls’ lot prevented North Petherton from scoring for the first seven ends by which time their lead was nine shots. That evaporated until the lead changed hands at end 16 to finish 16-19.  Colin Moss and side kicks were in contention for the first seven ends but then the opposition got the bit between the teeth and romped home 14-20.  Ron Barron’s foursome never recovered from a poor start  and lost 10-23.

Rinks: A Birch, D Stansfield, K Pettit, E Payne, 25-16; C Wheller, D Collins, D Wederell, D Nicholls, 16-19; V Matthews, J Runciman, K Burt, C Moss, 14-20; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Barron 10-23; overall 65 shots to 78.

The Ladies did well to win a match of small margins at home to Winscombe in the Wessex Ladies League, 67 shots to 64 and 2-1 on rinks.  Pam Beard’s Ladies were in a close contest and scoring five on end nine became a good platform to build on, although they probably would have preferred not to give away four shots on the last end but nonetheless gained a 25-23 win.  Carole Pettit and friends gave Winscombe a six shot start, had caught up by end seven, briefly leading as the opposition led for most of the second half but a well timed five score on end 20 was enough to win the game 21-19.  At end 12, Marie Trow’s team were eight shots behind but stuck to the job and were level on end 18.  Unhappily for them, they were outscored by one shot on the last three ends to lose 21-22.

Rinks: J Collins, J Hunt, M Fisher, P Beard, 25-23; P Jenkins, D Gallop, B Disbrey, C Pettit, 21-19; M Green, A Birch, J Collingwood, M Trow, 21-22; overall score 67 shots to 64.


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