The men have three teams in different divisions of the County League and in four recent outings only won one.  This was the “A” team at home to Nailsea “A” and the winning margin was 69 shots to 53 overall and 2-1 on rinks.  Roger Hughes’ men led from start to finish for a win that was never in doubt, 29-15. Dave Nicholls’ side took the lead for the second time on end nine and steadily grew that two shot lead to a solid 11, winning 24-13.  On Eddie Payne’s rink the lead changed hands five times in six ends at the beginning but when Nailsea scored a five the excitement was over and Wedmore lost 16-25.

Rinks: T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes 29-15; D Collins, C Moss, R Barron, D Nicholls, 24-13; A Birch, D Wederell,K Pettit, E Payne 16-25; Overall score 69 shots to 53.

The “Bs” took on Ashcombe “A” at home and lost three nil on rinks and 48-66 on overall shots.  Dennis Stansfield and his lads ran Ashcombe close, being just one shot behind at end 19 but the game slipped away 16-20.  Roy Thurkettle’s boys also had their moments, holding the lead at half way  and still level at end 16 but the opposition won four of the last five ends to win 15-22.  Clive Panchaud’s group fought the good fight, only one shot in it at half way, but they could not sustain that, losing 17-24.

Rinks: D Trow, T Counsell, D Barnett, D Stansfield 16-20; C Wheller, R Bull, P Moxey, R Thurkettle, 15-22;V Matthews, J Runciman, T Walker, C Panchaud 17-24; Overall score 48 shots to 66.

The “C” Team received Ashcombe “C” and despite winning rinks 2-1 lost tantalisingly close on overall shots 57-58, with everyone thinking,”if only we’d kept their score down by two!”.  Brendon Cottrell’s troops were facing adversity, having yet to score after seven ends.  True grit came into play and they had caught their opponents by end 14, led at 16 and thanks to a six score romped home to 23-14.  Terry Simpson’s fellows clearly saw their game as a marathon, not a sprint and coming from an eight shot deficit their well timed finishing surge put them in front on end 19 to finish a satisfying 21-16.  After leading for the first seven ends, Jim White’s crew could have been forgiven for thinking this was their day – but it wasn’t.  The score was level at 12 ends but after that Ashcombe proved too strong and won 13-28.

Rinks: T Shepherd, T Bullock, D Trow, B Cottrell 23-14; M Batchelor, D Skelton, P Tincknell, T Simpson 21-16;  J Clark, T Collingwood, I Faulkner, J White 13-28; overall score 57 shots to 58.

In an earlier match the “C” Team met Chew Stoke “B” away, won two to one on rinks but still couldn’t clinch the victory with a nail biting 54-56 shots overall.  Jim White’s bunch started well, then lost the lead on end nine, regained it following a timely burst on end 17, kept the lid on it to win 22 shots to 15.  Brendon Cottrell and co. cruised to a 13 point lead at end 10 but it was not so comfortable as Chew fought back to within two shots at end 18 but Wedmore closed it down with a 21-19 victory. Terry Simpson’s quartet didn’t score until rink six and were never on terms as Chew ran out 11-22 winners.

Rinks: J Clark, I Faulkner, P Smith, J White 22-15; B Back, T Bullock, T Shepherd, B Cottrell 21-19; M Batchelor, D Skelton, P Tincknell, T Simpson 11-22; overall 54-56 shots.

Clevedon Prom were the men’s opponents twice in three days in two different triples leagues.  At home Wedmore won 109 shots to 88 and 4-2 on rinks.  Ron Barron’s pals led from start to finish, winning 13 of 18 ends, signing off with a second five score to triumph 29-6.  Clive Panchaud and friends also led from start to finish and won in an untroubled 19-13. In another lead from start to finish Brian Aston’s lot did have a scare at end 13 as Clevedon drew level but saw them off to win 18-14.  Ray Newell and supporters had a half way hiccup as they lost the lead but immediately reclaimed it, scored a five which sustained them as they held on to win 17-15.  Keith Pettit’s trio started well but lost the lead on end seven and when the other side scored ten shots in four ends that put them beyond reach and culminated in a 15-21 loss.  Eddie Payne’s rink were on the receiving end of a start to finish lead and went down 11-19.

Rinks: B Back, J Clark, R Barron, 29-6; A Birch, J Runciman, C Panchaud, 19-13; T Collingwood, I Gallop, B Aston, 18-14; T Shepherd, M Green, R Newell, 17-15; B Dearden, B Cottrell, K Pettit, 15-21; V Matthews, I Faulkner, E Payne, 11-19; Overall score 109-88 shots.

Next the men were in Clevedon and it was three all on rinks but 81 shots to 87 overall.  The key to Skipper Colin Moss’ game was, after a close chase, scoring eight shots in the last four ends to win 15-9.  Keith Pettit and hands started slowly but were ahead by end12 and stayed with it to record a 13-10 victory. Ron Barron’s side only won eight of 18 ends but their scores were of higher value to come out on top 16-13.  David Wederell’s outfit were in a very tight game and led for the first time at end 16 but two ends later it was 13-15.  Eddie Payne’s troup opened their account on end seven but were never really in contention, losing 14-20.  Ray Newell’s gents started well but mostly trailed thereafter, until springing back to 10-12 on end 15 but were defeated by their adversaries hitting eight shots on the last three ends – 10-20.

Rinks: T Collingwood , T Brown, C Moss, 15-19; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit, 13-10; I Falulkner, J Harris, R Barron, 16-13; B Aston, C Panchaud, D Wederell, 13-15; T Counsell, A Birch, E Payne, 14-20; V Matthews, M Green, R Newell, 10-20;  Overall 81 to 87 shots.

In the Weston District Triples the men had a fine victory at home against the Ashcombe Templars, scooping the points pool with rinks five to nil and overall shots 111- 62.  Clive Panchaud’s band maintained a steady pressure on their opponents  to triumph 25-9.  Keith Pettit’s pack were in close combat until end 12 when a score of eight put paid to the other side’s hopes and Wedmore clocked up 23-9.  Brian Aston and mates lost the lead on end 15 and that could have been that but for scoring 11 in the last three ends, including a six, leading to 22-13.  A five score on end 14 brought Ron Barron and followers from behind, going on to win 22-16.  The lead changed hands five times before Ray Newell’s crowd settled down to a 19-15 win.

Rinks: V Matthews, J Runciman, C Panchaud, 25-9; D Trow, T Counsell, K Pettit, 23-9; C Wheller, D Collins, B Aston, 22-13; T Collingwood R Thurkettle, R Barron, 22-16; M Batchelor, I Gallop, R Newell, 19-15; Overall 111-62.

In the Clevedon Triples League at home, the men put Nailsea to the sword with an overall score of 135 shots to 81, five to one on rinks.  Ron Barron’s platoon accelerated with a six score early on and were increasingly out of sight, winning 13 of 18 ends to celebrate a 26-7 victory.  Dave Nicholls’ chaps went to the front at half-way and just kept scoring to arrive at a healthy 20-8.  Roger Hughes and side-kicks changed the lead  six times before settling down to score 13 shots in five ends leading to a cheering 25-13 victory.  Keith Pettit’s people started as they meant to go on by scoring seven on the first end but to their credit Nailsea came back to snatch the lead on end 12.  Undaunted Wedmore put in an eight score and emerged clear winners on 26-16. Colin Moss’ mob joined in the fun by keeping their noses in front for the last six ends to win 18-16.  At one point, Eddie Payne’s folk were in front by nine shots but that evaporated to 20 all going into the last and then 20-21 down.

Rinks: C Wheller, T Brown, R Barron, 26-7; J Runciman, I Gallop, D Nicholls, 20-8; A Birch, R Newell, R Hughes 25-13; D Trow, C Panchaud, K Pettit, 26-16; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 18-16; R Bull, R Thurkettle, E Payne, 20-21; Overall 135 shots to 81.

The Ladies pulled off a comprehensive victory away to Burnham-on-Sea, winning by 57 to 38 shots overall and three rinks to nil.  Elaine Deverell and her ladies were unchallenged throughout the game and won 21-10.  Pam Beard’s team just kept on scoring and fished with 17 shots to 13.  Marie Trow’s women lost the lead a couple of times but buckled down to make it 19-15.

Rinks: A Hughes, C Pettit, E Deverell, 21-10; B Disbrey, M Perry, P Beard, 17-13; A Wilkinson, M Hordle, M Trow, 19-15; Overall 57 shots to 38.

The ladies had a couple of narrow losses in the triples league.  Away to Congresbury the result was 49 shots to 51 overall and one to two on rinks.  Trish Newell’s threesome remorselessly won 13 of 18 ends to win 22-10.  Marie Trow’s lasses took the lead with the end in sight but couldn’t hang on to it and lost 17-20.    Carole Pettit’s clan couldn’t get going and so trailed in 10-21.

Rinks: J Collins, P Jenkins, T Newell, 22-10; B Disbrey, M Fisher, M Trow 17-20; B Clark, D Gallop, C Pettit 10-21; Overall 49 shots to 51.

Away to Nailsea, the outcome was 42 shots to 45, one to two on rinks.  Pam Beard and buddies won thirteen ends, racking up 21 shots with nine in reply.  Marie Trow’s cast loss touch about halfway which became 11-18.  Carole Pettit’s people were leading on end 13 but then had a dry spell to lose 12-18.

Rinks: P Jenkins, A Birch, P Beard, 21-9; B Disbrey, M Barron, M Trow, 11-18; J Wheeler, J Hunt, C Pettit, 12-18.

An away Friendly to Yatton resulted in a 38-48 shots loss, with 1-2 on rinks.  Trish Newell’s foursome strutted their stuff to win by a six shot margin but skippers Marie Trow and Marion Fisher couldn’t hold back the tide on their rinks.  Beware tea breaks was the moral of the tale at an away Mixed Friendly to Paulton.  Wedmore had been holding their own up to the break but afterwards all fell apart to lose 66-96 shots overall and 0-4 on rinks. Skipper Clive Wheller was in a photo finish but messrs Panchaud, Green and Runciman less so.


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