Press Report July 16 2017

The men’s A Team played Knowle at home in the County Premier League and secured a narrow victory when rinks were 1-2 and the overall score 64 shots to 62.  Dave Nicholls’ men held a small lead throughout the first half, briefly lost it on end 14, built a lead of six shots but went into the last end with a lead of one.  Scoring three on that last end gave a win by four shots which was not massive but, given the close scoring in the other two rinks, was enough to secure a match victory.  Eddie Payne’s team led until end 16 when the other side scored a six to draw level.  At end 19 the scores were level again but Knowle won by a nose, 19-20.  Rogers Hughes’ boys were in choppy waters as the score changed hands five times but were looking good at 24-21 going into the last end only to concede four, so 24-25.

Rinks: D Collins, C Moss, R Barron, D Nicholls 21-17; A Birch, D Wederell, K Petit, E Payne 19-20; T Brown, I Gallop, K Burt, R Hughes 24-25; overall score 64-62.

In the Weston District Triples League, the men were away to Clarence Golds in Weston when the overall score was 108-77 and rinks 4-1 plus a tie making for 17 points to Wedmore and three to Clarence.  Clive Panchaud was well supported, building up a lead of nine points when the opposition scored for the first time on end eight culminating in a hefty 19 shots to six victory.  Keith Pettit’s rink was accelerated by a six score on end five but an eight point lead was whittled down to one at end 13.  A finishing burst of 11 shots over the last five ends put the game away 23-11. John Runciman led his fellows to a 21-3 lead on end ten when, remarkably, the tidal flow of scoring dried up to one shot in the last eight ends but they still won by 22 shots to 12.  Ron Barron and co. held a small lead when a five shot loss put the other side in front but Wedmore snatched it back on end 14 and may have hoped for plain sailing at 17-12 on end 16. Another five score for the opposition on the next end made for a sudden death finish which Wedmore tucked away by one shot to win 18-17.  Dennis Stansfield had to be patient with his rink as their opponents led throughout to end 17 and three points ahead.  Wedmore duly scored their biggest score of the day to tie the game at 13-13.  Roy Thurkettle’s side held a small lead from the beginning until end 15 and  a further four points on the last four ends gave them a 13-8 win.

Rinks: C Wheller, M Green, C Panchaud 19-6; V Matthews, I Gallop, J Runciman 22-1; T Collingwood, J Clark, R Barron 18-17; B Dearden, D Barnett, D Stansfield 13-13; M Batchelor, I Faulkner, R Thurkettle 13-18; overall score 108 shots to 77.

The Ladies did well in the Fear Cup away to Bridgwater winning by 66 shots to 51 overall and 2-1 on rinks.  On Shirley Wederell’s rink the score was still close on end ten, then Wedmore found a bit more, scoring 19 shots in the last 11 ends to triumph 28 shots to 13.  Elaine Deverell saw her opponents score five shots in the first end and her group’s recovery included a seven score and then on end 12 took the lead, lost it and punched in a five score on end 20 to secure a 23-18 win.  Shirley Deverell and friends saw the lead change four times to end ten when they took over and pushed on for a victory of 28 shots to 13. Pam Beard’s women saw some turbulence but it was still level at end 13.  Bridgwater had a surge of six points in six ends which was enough for them to go on to win 15-20.

Rinks: B Clark, M Fisher, M Trow, S Wederell  28-13. M Hordle, M Barron, C Pettit, E Deverell 23-18; J Collins, B Disbrey, T Newell, P Beard 15-20; overall score 66 shots to 51.

Unfortunately for Wedmore, the Ladies did not have such a rosy outcome in the next round of the Fear Cup against Victoria, with an overall score of 42 shots to 77 and 0-3 on rinks.  Skippers Pam Beard and Elaine Deverell did their best to hold the line with o down with a big score against.

The fourth round of the Turnbull Cup was also a losing experience with an overall score of 50 shots to to 70 and 1-3 on rinks.  Keith Burt was the only skipper to enjoy winning whilst Dennis Stansfield came close and Skippers Marie Trow and Don Trow suffered heavy losses.

The Ladies came close to a victory away to Wessex Ladies in the Weston Triples League, losing by a frustrating overall score of 44 shots to 48 and 1-2 on rinks.  Jean Wheller’s foursome set off at some pace, not allowing their opponents to score until the fourth end and compiling a lead of 12 shots towards the end which turned out to be a 20-12 victory.  Marie Trow’s bunch led for most of the first half but ran out of steam, losing 15 shots to 18.  Ann Hughes rink kept in touch with the leaders  until end 15 when a loss of five shots put their opponents in a strong position to win nine shots to 18.

Rinks:  J Collins, D Gallop, J Wheller, 20-12; M Hordle, A Birch, M Trow 15-18; M Green, J Hunt, A Hughes 9-18; overall 44 shots to 48.

Against Victoria Blue in the Triples League the Ladies lost 40-53 shots overall and one rink to two.  Pam Beard’s trio just kept knocking the shots in, shutting out the opposition for the first three and the last seven ends to win 19 – 10.  From end five on Margaret Barron’s rink could never get back on terms and lost 12-23. Marion Fisher’s Ladies started well, holding the lead for six ends but the game ran away from them subsequently, losing 9-20.

Rinks: J Collins, A Birch, P Beard 19-10; B Clark, D Gallop 12-23; P Jenkins, M Hordle, M Fisher 9-20; overall 43 shots to 53.


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