Press Report 11th June 2017

In a triples match at home, Mark Moor were a man short and so forfeited two points for that rink and ten shots for the overall score which it turned out Wedmore did not need, winning 133 shots to 71 overall and five rinks to one. Skippers Clive Panchaud, Keith Pettit and Ray Newell all won comfortably on their rinks and David Wederell’s men chipped in another win after a tight match ended with their strong run at the end. Dave Collins’ crew had the lead on end 15 but couldn’t hang on.

In the county league the men had a full house against Yeovil at home, winning 74-43 overall and three nil on rinks.  Roger Hughes and co. led from the start and piled on a big lead, 35 shots to 10.  Dave Nichols’ troup were never behind and despite a late surge from the opposition won 23-17.   Eddie Payne’s group didn’t take the lead until end 12, lost it and went into the final end two down but smartly scored three shots to win.  This win put Wedmore on top of The County Premier League, Division 2.

Away to Congresbury in a triples league match Wedmore bagged some good points by winning 109 shots to 83 and three all on rinks.  Ron Barron’s boys were very consistent and won 26 to ten, largely due to a winning streak from seven shots to four on end seven to 26-4 on end 15.  Ray Newell’s band got off to a fast start, being 12-1 up on end eight and helped by a five score on end 17 ran on to win 20 shots to 9. Dave Nichols’ outfit started well but by the middle of the game it was very close, better consistency in the later stages held the opposition to low scoring to win 17 shots to 12.  Keith Pettit and crowd had a frustrating outing, losing a seven point lead at end 14 to go down 19 shots to 20.  Colin Moss and cast put up a good fight, leading by one shot three ends from home but lost 15-17.  All three lost rinks were closely contested but Roger Hughes people went behind on end 15 and couldn’t catch up, losing 12 shots to 15.

Portishead away to Wedmore pushed close in a County League match but the home side clinched the points, winning 58 to 54 shots overall, with rinks split one each plus a tie.  Dennis Stansfield and support had a tough start but pulled ahead from the half way stage and helped by a five score near the end won 22-15.   Roy Thurkettle and friends had an 11 shot lead by end 11 but the other side won eight of the remaining ends to earn a tie 16 shots all.  Keith Burt’s rink had a tough time with the lead changing hands, going behind on end 18 and losing 20 shots to 23.

The C Team are still finding their feet in the County League and had no joy away at Portishead.  Skippers Simpson, White and Cottrell fought on bravely but lost on all three rinks and overall the shots were a cricket score.

Earlier, the men whacked visitors Victoria Vikings 117 shots to 62 and five rinks to one in a triples league match.  Skippers Barron, Collins and Pettit had untroubled marches to victory whilst Newell and Stansfield also had good wins having come from behind.  John Runciman drew the short straw and looked to come from behind but lost narrowly by three shots.

Clevedon Prom were defeated at Wedmore in a triples league fixture by 110 shots to 85 overall and by four rinks to two.  Skippers Pettit and Moss lead their folk to substantial victories, Barron and Nichols by small winning margins whilst Messrs Hughes and Payne lost tight games.

In a champion of champions competition for men’s pairs Wedmore were well represented by Ron Barron and Steve Wilkinson when the Clevedon Prom pair conceded the match on the 16th end, being 26-9 shots down.

The Ladies had a splendid victory at home against Wessex Ladies in the Wessex League, 62 shots to 40 overall and two rinks to one.  Trish Newell’s Ladies confounded their opposition by winning 16 of 21 ends, always in front to finish 31shots to seven,  the foundation of the club victory.  Pam Beard’s team came from behind twice to win a tight rink 19 shots to 17.  Joan Hunt’s side found it hard to score and went down 12 shots to 26.

In triples league matches, the Ladies  endured three defeats. At home to Congresbury, it was a close match which ended 39 shots to 47 and one to two on rinks.  In a low scoring game, Trish Newell’s cast won eleven ends by a single shot and despite the lead switching a lot won by 14 shots to 13.  Carol Pettit’s partners had a reasonable start and a very strong finish scoring seven shots in four ends but it was not enough, they losing by 12 shots to 15.  Marie Trow’s fighters held the lead for six ends but gave away a five score which proved decisive in a 13-19 loss. Away to West Blackwell it was a similar tale with the score one rink to two and 39-57 shots overall.  Pam Beard’s set held the opposition at bay to triumph 18 shots to 14.  Trish Newell and Marie Trow both held the lead for a while on their rinks but were eventually overwhelmed 13 shots to 22 and eight shots to 21 respectively.  Away to Victoria, the Ladies lost on three rinks and overall by 20 shots despite the best efforts of skippers  Joan Hunt,Trish Newell and Jenny Collingwood.