Press Report

Wedmore Ladies entertained a team from the County under 25 squad and despite losing on one rink, claimed a good victory. After a slow start Julie Masters’ team caught up on end six, took the lead which was cemented in by a “hot shot” eight score, pushing on to a glorious 30 to eight victory. On the other rink Margaret Barron’s side lost the lead for the first time on end 14, re-took it on end 16, going into the last end with a lead of one when the opposition scored two. Wedmore nevertheless won by an overall score of 44 shots to 23.

The men went out in a home and away double rinker in a County knock out. Colin Moss and co. played well away to Ilminster, winning by two shots. Unfortunately for Wedmore, Eddie Payne’s group at home lost by double figures.

In a mixed friendly at home to Winscombe the outcome looked like a one rink each for most of the afternoon. Joe Harts’ bunch finished strongly but lost by three shots, as did Brendon Cottrell’s outfit after leading for much of the match.


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