Weekly Report: w/e 21st August ’16

The men’s A Team in the county league continue to do well.  This week they played away against Knowle and won by 60 shots to 49.  They are currently in second position in the Premier 2 division.  This week Eddie Payne’s team had the best win scoring 24 shots to 12. Rink scores:  D.Collins, T.Brown, K.Burt, D.Nicholls 18-20,  A.Birch, G.Annuik, K.Pettit, E.Payne 24-12,  V.Matthews, I.Gallop, R.Newell, R.Barron 18-17.

The men’s B. Team continued to struggle losing at home to Nailsea A by 47 shots to 75.

A very strong performance by Wedmore men at home in a Clevedon & Dist. Over 60s, against Clevedon saw them win by 144 shots to 74!   In a high scoring match Colin Moss and his team had the best win of the day 29-7.  Rink scores:  J. Harvey, S.Fisher, R.Barron 31-11,  T.Hamblin, I.Gallop, D.Nicholls 7-15,  A.Birch, T.Brown, R.Thurkettle 27-10,  V.Matthews, D.Collins, C.Moss 29-7,  J.Runciman, D.Trow, K.Pettit 28-10,  B.Aston, M.Green, E.Payne 22-21.

In the Weston & Dist. Over 60s league Wedmore visited Portishead RBL and lost by just six shots,  87-93.  Mike Grosvenor and his team had the best of the day winning 21-8.  Rink scores:  A.Birch, I.Faulkner, K.Pettit  9-19,  V.Matthews, I.Gallop, C.Moss 19-17,  P.Smith, G.Dodd, M.Grosvenor 21-8,  T.Collingwood, M.Green, C.Panchaud 14-15,  R.Bull, J.Runciman, S.Fisher 14-18, B. Aston, D.Collins, R.Barron 10-16.

The ladies played visitors Portishead in the WDL league and won by three shots 46-43 even thought they won just one rink.  Overall victory was assured by Maureen Hordle and her team who won their rink by 21 shots to 8!  Rink scores:  M.Barron, J. Masters, M.Trow 15-17, M.Green, P.Beard, G.Harvey  10-18,  A.Birch, C.Pettit, M.Hordle 21-8.

Wedmore ladies played away at Winscombe in the WLL and lost 52 shots to 60. Shirley Wederell and her team had the only win of the day 19-17.  Rink scores: J.Collingwood, M.Fisher, C.Pettit, M. Hordle 15-21,  J.Collins, B.Disbrey, P.Beard, S. Wederell 19-17., B.Clark, A.Birch, L.Hamblin, J. Masters 18-22.

In the second WDL match of the week Wedmore ladies were at home to Wessex.  Even though Pan Beard led her team to a 23 – 13 win it was not sufficient to win the match and Wedmore lost overall 47-56. Rink scores:  M.Green, A.Birch, M. Hordle 12-24,  J.Collins, B. Disbrey, P. Beard 23-13,  P. Jenkins, M.Fisher, G. Harvey 12-19.

In the final WDL match played at home Wedmore ladies found visitors Congresbury tough opponents losing by 36 shots to 67, and losing all three rinks.

The week ended with a mixed friendly match played at home against Somerton and the visitors won by 91 shots to 60. Gill Harvey and her team had the only success of the day winning by 22 shots to 19.