Weekly Report: w/e 6th August ’16

A great result for the Wedmore men in the Clevedon & Dist. Cup Semi-Final! Playing away at Long Ashton they won by a magnificent 131 shots to 76!   Roger Hughes and his team had a day to remember winning by 40 shots to 3!  The team is  now looking  forward to the final against Portishead RBL on the 16th of September!  Rink scores: M.Barron, J. Harris, R.Barron 21-10,  A.Birch, C.Panchaud, E. Payne 24-12,  D.Trow, D.Stansfield, K.Pettit 19-20, V.Matthew, D. Collins, C.Moss 6-13,  J. Runciman, I.Gallop, R.Hughes 40 – 3, T. Brown, K.Burt, D. Nicholls 21-8.

The men faced a tough challenge playing away against Ashcombe Crusaders losing the Weston & Dist. Over 60s by 83 shots to 107.  Clive Panchaud and his team had the only win of the day 25-16 scoring 11 shots on the last three ends to clinch the game.  Rink scores:  T.Collingwood, J. Runciman, K. Pettit 13-19,  A.Birch, I.Faulkner, K.Burt 9-19  C.Wheller, D.Collins, R.Barron 8-17,  P.Smith, S.Newdick, D.Stansfield 11-18,  D.Trow, T.Bullock, C.Moss 17-18,  V.Matthews, I.Gallop, C.Panchaud, 25-10.

In their second good win of the week in the Clevedon & Dist. Over 60s Wedmore played at home against Congresbury and won by 104 shots to 96.  Keith Pettit and his team had the best win of the day 28-14.   Rink scores:   T.Hamblin, I. Gallop, R.Hughes 11-17,  R.hunt, R.Norris, K.Pettit 28-14, A.Birch, I.Faulkner, K. Burt 14-15,  C.Wheller, M.Grosvenor, R.Barron 18-12,  D.Trow, C.Panchaud, T.Brown 10-25,  V.Matthews, D.Collins, J.Harris 23-13.

A mixed week for the Wedmore ladies with one good win and two losses.  In a WLL match played at home against Mark Moor Wedmore earned 10 points winning by 63 shots to 38. Elanine Deverill and her team had the best win of the day 23-10.  Rink scores:  B.Clark, J.Wheller, T.Newell , E.Deverill 23-10, J. Collins, D.Gallop, C.Pettit, G. Harvey 19-14,  J.Collingwood, J. Hunt, P. Beard, S. Wederall 21-14.

The ladies then played away at Wrington in a Mendip League Triples match and lost by 41 shots to 64 in very blustery conditions!  Pam Beard and her team had the only win of the day 21-10.  Rink scores:  J. Collins, A. Birch, P.Beard 21-10, P.Jenkins, M.Stansfield, E.Deverill 11-30,  B.Disbrey, M. Barron, M. Hordle 9-24.

Clarence visited Wedmore for a WDL match and the visitors won by 57 shots to 35. Marie Trow and her team had the only success of the day winning by 19 shots to 9.  Rink scores: B.Disbrey, J. Wheller, M.Trow 19-9,  M.Green, A.Birch, G. Harvey 11-19,  D.Gallop, M.Barron, C.Pettit 5-29.

In a mixed friendly played away at Chewstoke the Wedmore team won by a respectable 128 shots to 91. In a match of high scores Jean Wheller and her team had the best win 28-8.