Weekly Report: w/e 31st July 16

The week started with the Wedmore men playing away at Clevedon Prom in the C & Dist. Over 60s and beating the home side by 100 shots to 76.  The best performance was by Dave Nicholls and his team who won their rink 24 to 5!   Both Roy Thurkettle’s and Ron Barron’s teams scored 4 on the final end to win their rinks!  Rink scores:  J. Harvey, S.Fisher, R.Thurkettle 14-11, A.Birch, D. Collins, C.Moss 19-10,  D.Barnett, J.Runciman, K.Pettit 13-18, T.Counsell, D.Stansfield, R.Barron 14-13,  D.Trow, J.Harris, D.Nicholls 24-5, G.Dodd, T.Brown, R.Hughes 16-19.

A Turnbull Cup match was played against North Petherton and Wedmore faced a tough challenge losing 68-82. Eddie Payne and his team had the only win of the day but this was not enough to save Wedmore from being knocked out of the competition.  Rink scores: B.Ashton, V.Matthews, R. Newell, R.Barron  16-19, A.Birch, G. Anniuk, K.Pettit, E.Payne 22-17,  D.Collins, K. Phillimore, K.Burt, D.Nicholls 14-25, T.Brown, C.Panchaud, R.Thurkettle, C.Moss 16-21.

On the same day a Wedmore men’s team played St.Andrews away in the Over 60s Knockout Cup and were also knocked out. Final score was 84 shots to 112.  Rink scores: T.Simpson, T.Bullock, R.Hughes 12-22 T.Collingwood, B. Dearden, M.Grosvenor 13-16, J.Clark, D.Skelton,. P.Smith 16-11,  S.Wilkinson, T.Counsell, S.Fisher 13-29,  R.Bull, D.Barnett, D.Stansfield 14-17,  J.White, P.Bean, M.Green 16-17.

Wedmore lost away to Winscombe by just one shot in the Weston & Dist. Over 60s. Keith Pettit and his team had the best win of the day 27 shots to 12.  Rink scores:  T.Counsell, J.Runciman, D.Stansfield 13-15,  V.Matthews, I.Faulkner, E.Payne 9-22, T.Simpson, S.Newdick, C.Moss 18-12,   J.White, D.Collins, K. Pettit 27-12,  T.Collingwood, M.Grosvenor, K.Burt 13-16,  A.Birch, C. Wheller, T. Brown 17-21,

The challenging week ended with  two good wins, both at home,  firstly against Portishead RBL in the Clevedon and Dist. Over 60s with Wedmore winning by 112 shots to 75, and five out of six rinks!  Ron Barron and his team had the best win with a 27-14 victory.  Rink scores:  J.Runciman, R.Norris, K.Pettit 17-10,  T.Brown, K. Burt, D.Nicholls 15-13,  R.Bull, R.Thurkettle, R.Barron 27-14 A.Birch, D.Trow, R.Hughes 12-13,  B.Aston, C.Panchaud, R.Newell 18-13, V.Matthews, D.Collins, C.Moss 23-12.

Secondly in the A team league match against Keynsham A with a 68-51 win.  In this match victory was assured by an outstanding performance from Eddie Payne and his team who won their rink 32-8!  Rink scores:  B. Aston, I.Gallop, R. Newell, R.Hughes 19-16, A.Birch, G.Annuik, K.Pettit, E.Payne 32-8,  D.Collins, K.Burt, R.Barron, D.Nicholls 17-27.

In the Wessex Ladies League Winscombe visited Wedmore and the home side had a convincing win 61 shots to 49 gaining eight points!   Marie Trow and her team ensured victory with a 26-14 win.  Rink scores:  M.Green,  A. Wilkinson, T. Newell, M.Trow 26-14,  J.Collins, B. Disbrey, J. Hunt, C. Pettit 16-20,  P. Jenkins, A. Birch, P. Beard, E. Deverill 19-15.

The ladies visited Clevedon Prom in the second WLL fixture of the week and won by 61 shots to 57.  Maureen Hordle and her team won the match with a 26 to 13 victory.Rink scores:  J. Collingwood, M. Barron, L. Hamblin, E.Deverill 17-20,  B. Clark, D. Gallop, A. Birch, M. Hordle 26-13 , A. Hughes, M. Fisher, P. Beard, G. Harvey 18-24,

A mixed Wedmore team travelled to North Petherton for a friendly match and lost by just one shot 72-73. Maureen Hordle’s team had the best differential with a 20-14 win.