Weekly Report: w/e 10 July ’16

Both the A and B teams had away wins in the Som. County Leagues this weeknd. The A team won by three shots at N. Petherton with Eddie Payne and his team clinching the victory by winning their rink 19-13.   Rink scores:  D.Collins, R. Barron, K. Burt, D.Nicholls 19-23, T.Brown, I. Gallop, R. Newell, R. Hughes 20-20,  A. Birch, D.Trow, K. Pettit, E. Payne 19-13.

The B team played at Ashcombe winning two out of three rinks.

Wedmore men played at home against Burnham in the Turnbull Cup and won by just five shots 79-74.   In a match with high differentials it was Colin Moss and his team who secured the win with a great 29-8 victory!  Rink scores:  J.Runciman, C.Panchaud, R.Thurkettle, C. Moss  29-8,  D.Collins, D.Stansfield, K. Phillimore,  D.Nicholls 15-25,  B.Aston, M. Green, I.Gallop, R.Newell 24-20,  A.Birch, V.Matthews, K.Pettit, E.Payne 11-21.

The men had a  second match away at  Burnham for a Weston & Dist. Over 60s fixture losing by 85 shots to 117.  Keith Pettit and his team were the only winners!  Rink scores: T.Counsell, G. Dodd, C.Panchaud 13-23,  A.Birch, I.Faulkner, J. Runciman 13-21,  B.Aston, I.Gallop, K.Burt 16-20,  D.Skelton, D.Barnett, R.Newell 12-30,  J.Clark, D.Trow, M.Grosvernor 13-14,  R.Hunt, R. Bull, K.Pettit 18-9.

Wedmore men visited West Backwell for a Clevedon & Dist. Over 60’s triples game and lost just one rink , the final score 99-84.  The match was closely fought on all rinks with Colin Moss and his team having the best win of the afternoon 18-10.  Rink scores: D.Skelton, J. Harris, K.Pettit 19-13,  V.Matthews, D.Collins, C. Moss 18-10, B.Aston, I.Gallop, D.Stansfield 16-13,  A.Birch, J.Runciman, R.Hughes 15-19,  B.Deardon, C.Panchaud, K.Burt 15-13, T.Hamblin, M.Green, R.Newell 16-16.

The ladies travelled to Wrington for a Mendip Ladies Triples match and won all three rinks with a final score of 56-36.  Elaine Deverill and her team had the best win of the day 22-7.Rink Scores:  B.Clark, T. Newell, E.Deverill 22-7,  J.Collins, A.Birch, M.Trow 14-10, M.Green, J. Hunt, C.Pettit 20-19,

Wedmore hosted Portishead for a WDL  league match and in a game of high scores lost by just three shots 60-63. E.Deverill and her team nearly saved the match with a terrific 31-9 victory!  Rink scores: J.Collins, D.Gallop, S.Wederell 16-23,   A.Hughes, J. Wheller, M. Hordle 13-31,  A.Birch, P. Beard, E.Deverill 31-9.

In the second WDL match of the week Wedmore were away to Wessex Ladies, and lost the match by just three shots 46-49. Marie Trow and her team had the only winning rink. Rinks scores:  A.Birch, M.Perry, T. Newell 13-17. M.Barron, J. Hunt, M. Trow 18-13, B.Clark, J. Wheller, M. Hordle 15-19.

The ladies lost their Fear Cup Match against Ashcombe by just three shots even though they won two out of three rinks. The final score was 55-58. Rink scores:   T.Newell, M.Perry, D.Gallop, G.Harvey 11-29, J.Collins, C.Pettit, M. Trow, S.Wederell 21-15,  A.Hughes, P. Beard, M.Hordle, E.Deverill 23-14.

Wedmore played three friendlies this week.  A mixed team played at Minehead and won convincingly by 94 shots to 55.  Alan Birch and his team had the best win 33-11. Another mixed friendly was played away at Queen Camel with the home team winning 77 to  Wedmore’s 58.  The final mixed friendly was played away at Wrington with Wedmore winning just one rink and losing overall 70-78.