Weekly Report: w/e 26th June ’16


On Friday Wedmore hosted a Somerset Patrons match which was due to start at 2pm and this was how the green looked as the start time approached!  A cloudburst flooded the green with only a few green patches showing!  Half an hour later the green was brushed and play started ten minutes after that!!  Now that is a well-drained green!! The afternoon finished in bright sunshine!

Wedmore men had a good away win in the Clevedon & District Over 60s at Chew Stoke with a score of 121 shots to 81. Colin Moss and his team had the best win of the day with a 26-7 victory.  Rink scores:   T.Counsell, S.Fisher, R. Thurkettle 16-13, D.Barnett, M.Green, T.Brown 16-18,  R.Hunt, R. Norris, K.Pettit 20-10,  V.Matthews, D.Collins, C. Moss 26-7,  J.White, D.Trow, C.Panchaud 18-16,  J.Runciman, R.Bull, R.Barron 15-17.

Portishead RBL visited Wedmore for a Weston Dist. Over 60s and this time the home side had a tougher challenge losing 88 to 106.  Once again it was Colin Moss and his team who had the best of the day winning 23-12. Rink scores:  D.Trow, M.Green, D.Stansfield 8-20, J.White, I. Faulkner, R.Barron 12-18, C.Wheller, S.Fisher, K.Pettit 18-12, R.Bull, J.Harvey, R.Newelll 11-26, D.Barnett, T.Brown, C. Moss 23-12, V.Matthews, C.Panchaud, R.Thurkettle 16-18.

Wedmore ladies lost by just three shots in their away match against Congresbury in the WDL.  Marie Trow and her team almost rescued the match with a great 20-9 victory. Rink scores:  M.Barron, C. Pettit, G.Harvey 15-21, J. Collins, A. Birch, M. Hordle 12-20, A.Wilkinson, T. Newell, M.Trow 20-9.

The second round of Mark Moor Cup was held at Wedmore and the home mixed team managed a narrow win 123 shots to 117 and secured the cup for this year.  Both Roger Huges and Ron Barron had good wins which ensured victory! Rink scores:  J.Harvey, J.Gainey, M.Green,M.Trow 18-21, T.Hamblin, P.Beard, M. Hordle, I.Faulkner 22-14, A.Hughes, J.Runciman, K.Davey, G. Harvey 12-24, M.Barron, C.Wheller, M.Perry, D.Stansfield 17-25,  B.Disbrey, T.Simpson, L. Hamblin, R.Barron 27-12, J.Collins, M.Green, D.Trow, R.Hughes 27-11.