County League Success at Clarrie Dunbar (6th December)

The men triumphed in a County League match in a 2 plus 2 home and away against Clarrie Dunbar.  At home Eddie Payne’s men took the lead from the beginning and were ahead 17 shots to 9 by end 12.  They then won every end  to take the game 37 shots to 9.  In the other home rink Dave Nicholls’ troup were never behind, taking 13 of 21 ends to win their game 24 shots to 16.  The away rinks also prospered with Colin Moss’ side running up a six shot lead but by end 10 the home link were only one shot behind.  Whilst Wedmore then built up a lead of seven shots this was nibbled away but they hung on to win 23 shots to 20 .  Steve Eastment’s group went 9 shots up by half way but then lost the lead on end  14 and went five behind.  Over the last five ends Wedmore rattled up nine shots answered by only two giving the visitors a 24 shots to22 victory.  With an overall shot score of 108 to 67 and winning 4 rinks to 0 Wedmore packed away maximum points.

Rink scores: A Brown, C Panchaud, R Thurkettle, E Payne 37-9;  V Mathews, J Harris, R Barron, D Nicholls 24-16; A Birch, J Runciman, R Newell, C Moss 23-20; D Collins, D Stansfield, K Pettit, S Eastment 24-22.  Overall score 108 shots to 67.

This took away the  bad taste of an earlier league match against Clevedon when Wedmore felt the cold wind of promotion to this top division, going down heavily losing all four rinks.  Skippers Stansfield, Moss, Payne and Nicholls could do little other than damage limitation as the club went down 48 shots to 95.

The Ladies played an away friendly on a single rink at Weston Victoria.  Marie Trow and colleagues took the lead from the start but by end ten  their opponents were in the lead.  A finishing flourish wasn’t quite enough and Wedmore lost by a single shot.

In a mixed friendly at home to Minehead, both clubs won a rink but Wedmore won by 39 shots to32 overall.  Maureen Hordle and her crew had a good time, being 11 shots up by half way. They pressed on to win 23 shots to 8, having won 14 of 21 ends.  Brian Aston’s team were still in touch with the leaders at end 11 but were defeated 24 shots to16.